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  1. Heartless added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I'm laughing so hard at how she thinks she is poor with all her nice clothes, wigs, shoes, hair-dye, phone, camera, contacts, make-up, con trips, a car, starbucks etcetc...
    Lon, what you experience is not poverty. It is just poor money management. 
    (I'm sorry, this got under my skin for private reasons.)
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  2. Heartless added a post in a topic ....   

    Since this self-post is from a german I can at least properly express my feelings regarding this thread: Ich fremdschäme mich jedesmal so sehr. Dass dir das nicht peinlich ist?? 
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  3. Heartless added a post in a topic Linzor   

    I think it is normal for Japanese classes to ask for their students to memorize Hiragana and Katakana at least within the first week. Iirc on my first day my class was told to learn both and it was expected from day two that we all knew them, because it is kinda the base for everything else. 
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  4. Heartless added a post in a topic Lisa Ring   

    "Race transitoning" 
    This girl needs help...
    (I feel the need to apologize on behalf of all Germans for her behavior)
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  5. Heartless added a post in a topic Aly Art   

    I love her!!! She really shows some unique tips and tricks in her videos (like her contouring and body type series). I feel like she really sticks out of the crowd of make up and fashion tutorials who always just copy each other. 
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  6. Heartless added a post in a topic Itsbabydash / Dash / Cyr's girlfriend   

    Isn't that the most common strategy to gain followers among snowflakes?
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  7. Heartless added a post in a topic biticonjustine/justine   

    I feel so stupid, I've seen memes of her floating around but I never paid close attetion, so I always read her nickname as "bitcoinjustine" 
    On topic, I think she's gorgeous!!
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  8. Heartless added a post in a topic Bad art thread   

    Thank you, I'll take a look!
    Edit: I get it now, this thread is indeed enjoyable.
    A thing I personally agree on being ridiculous is one of the often mentioned points there, l the tumblr "correcting" of characters, when the original artists put much love and effort into the design. 
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  9. Heartless added a post in a topic Bad art thread   

    Hmm... How do you define "bad art"?
    Because you don't like it? Isn't art always a matter of taste? There are so many artists out there who don't speak to me at all, yet they have a huge following because others enjoy their works. 
    Because the technique needs improving? I think it's not right to label something "bad art" just because the artist is still learning. We all start somewhere...
    The only reason I can think of that would justilfy "bad art" would be if it is stolen art (traced or heavily 'inspired' without credit), and even then I'd rather call it a "scamming artist" than "bad art".
    Maybe that's just me though. 
    @cratordest, can you give examples of what gets postet on the other threads on this topic you saw? Maybe then I'll uderstand better! 
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  10. Heartless added a post in a topic Adora Batbrat   

    All power to her, but how can she ever seriously expect those pics to not get published???
    Is she too naive or am I too bitter here? 
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  11. Heartless added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia & Kristan van den Berg   

    How desperate must one be to come here to have conversations with oneself about some boring online couple 
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  12. Heartless added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Just wanted to add this: I follow another girl on Instagram who is recovering from an ED (I edited out her name, but she was mentioned on the venus threads before) and a big fan of Venus, and I think the comment venus made on her recent post is really cute. 

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  13. Heartless added a post in a topic Age Appropiate Fashion   

    No offense to people who love to wear those, but I personally cringe at mentioned pants no matter who wears them
    Back to topic, I agree with most of you. You shuld never try to actively change your style if you don't have to. It will happen naturally over time. 
    It could be that you have to adjust due to other cirumstancs, eg work. I used to wear gotic clothes for years during school and university, but now that I'm working ful time, I needed to tone it down a little. I still wear mostly black, but classic cuts instead of extavagant ones. In the beginning I used to swap back to my old style at the weekends, but overtime I realized I feel comfortable enough in my work outfits, also keeping up two "different" wardrobes was exhausting and expensive 
    So even though I've been 'forced' to tone down, I meanwhile prefer this style and wouldn't go back~
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  14. Heartless added a post in a topic How to make your face slimmer?   

    If you're already considering PS you're probably through that already, but changing your hair can do a lot, too! If you wear your hair straight, long and without bangs, preferrably middle part,  it instantly makes your face longer and slimer (if you wear it besides your face, and don't tuck in behind your ears).
    It worked wonders for me, although I have the opposite problem: my face is very long and slim (some would call it "horse face"), so I wear bangs and short fluffy hair to make it rounder.
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  15. Heartless added a post in a topic Margot Robbie "look-alike" Eva Autumn   

    even the littlte bit of German she used here is so full of mistakes lmao
    1)it's "frohes Oktoberfest" (with an S at the end and no Ö), and if she ever lived in Munich, she wouldn't call it Oktoberfest anyway, we call it "Wiesn"
    2)The common term for someone from Munich is "Münchner" not "Münchener".Though Münchener is grammatically correct (I think?) it is not used at all, at least not in Munich or Bavaria in general.
    3)Is it me or does her nickname Eva Baum resemble Eva Braun (Hitler's lover) a little too much?
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