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  1. ventini added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Idk if you guys have checked her youtube recently, but it seems really likely that she has gotten some psychiatric help. she's been posting videos about her personal life and her mental and physical health. i find it quite refreshing that she is coming out into the public like this so forum websites like these wont be able to parade on her for much longer. also, venus is still very young. she just got out of her teenage years and is still in her very early twenties. I think its rather acceptable that she dresses like a child or doll like. she really missed out on her childhood with her mom and all that. shes growing as a person and its really nice to see that. i really hate to find people on the internet and especially on this website still talking trash about her. also, can we really blame her for acting out after all the trauma shes been through? people act like they know what theyre talking about when they talk about how 'you should go to therapy instead of developing a eating disorder or cutting yourself!' its really not that easy. therapy is a hard thing to do and its difficult not to just lash out at yourself and do things to push down your past and feelings. you dont know what abuse and trauma can do to someones mental health. so can you people please stop saying things like 'she needs therapy' 'she shouldnt have to develop a eating disorder, shes already skinny' because its easier said than done. emotional scars are the worst ones and you never know what effect it may take on someone.
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  2. ventini added a post in a topic How to bleach my skin?   

    NEVER use skin lightening creams no matter how desperate you get. A lot of the creams have mercury in them and it would be very common for you to get mercury poisoning. Just wear a little foundation to even out your skin tone and wear sunscreen!
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  3. ventini added a post in a topic Rowan Blanchard   

    She now doesn't id as an activist anymore apparently, but it was all for clout anyway, right? Rowan is honestly just corrupt now. Hard to think she's only 18. 
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