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  1. pumpkin-chan added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I actually saw a theory on FB about her popularity as it relates to alt-right culture spread, it's super long but I will copy-paste it
    My whole theory is centered around the alt-right internet culture and it's place in the radicalization of certain communities. I think that she is seen as the "community accepted" sex worker because she shares in their culture and inside jokes. She references the memes and reinforces their idea of what a sex worker is by making jokes about having daddy issues and no self-respect. She's the accessible girl that is attractive but also "gets them". She knows what gamer culture is like and doesn't hate it, she plays along and calls herself an object. She knows what hentai is and thinks it's cool, that you're a cool dude for watching it.

    This community has this phenomenon where they pretend to hold a viewpoint in order to mock it or exaggerate it, to provide a direction for their hatred of that viewpoint. It's why you constantly see the "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" type jokes. It's why you see references to that same one woman with the red hair as the "crazy feminist." They think that anyone holding a viewpoint is doing so to communicate something else. That's why they tend to accuse people of "virtue signalling" so often. They think that you don't really believe the things you say, they think you're doing what they do. You're expressing it to communicate something about yourself or about the viewpoint. They tend to identify their racism/misogyny/homophobia as personal things, that are just jokes but they identify your rebuttal of those things as political, meant to gain points in your community and get on the good side of culture at large.

    All that adds up to mean: She's what they think most sex workers are and they "value" that she's at least "honest" about those facts. They think that sex workers who rail against immoral practices are virtue signalling. That they're just making shit up to get a bigger share of the business that exists. They don't really believe that sex workers are capable of being ethical people, only that they pretend to be to score social justice points for one reason or another. She says she has daddy issues and no self-esteem and they think "Haha! Man at least she doesn't pretend to be something she isn't, she really tells it how it is. I know she's just using me for cash but they all do, at least she tells me about it"
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  2. pumpkin-chan added a post in a topic Your makeup routine   

    Most days I go lighter but assuming I'm doing a full face...
    - Skincare routine with cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Sometimes i'll gently exfoliate while cleansing too. People say chemical exfoliation is better but I have dry, flaky skin, so I'll do it a few times a week very gently, and my skin looks amazing! I'm definitely a physical exfoliation gal, lol. Anyway I'll wait 10 minutes after the last step for it all to settle in.
    - Primer! I like Milk Makeup's Hydro Grip primer. It really makes my skin look so nice and lasts all day. But I wear makeup all day at work and that shit's $30 a bottle lol. It lasts a long time but I prefer to wear it for work since I have to wear it all day and I'm not cheaping out on my face. So if I'm not planning on working or just wanna throw makeup on, i'll use elf primer. The Poreless Putty one is SO good. Or any primers I get from my Sephora points or whatever
    - While my primer's setting in (which is So important let it set in. Just like lotion, it needs time to settle into your skin) I do my brows. 
    - Then concealer on my lids (which also cleans up underneath the brow) which helps my eyeshadow show up and last a long time. I'll also dot concealer on my blemishes (I like to put it on under my foundation)
    - Eyeshadow, then inner corner and brow highlight
    - Eyeliner
    - Lashes go on first, (I wait 20 seconds or so for the glue to get tacky) then when the glue is completely dry, I'll use an eyelash curler and this helps them look more natural. Then mascara (my favorite is Milk Makeup Kush Mascara). I love lashes when I feel like doing them because if my liner looks wonky it really helps hide it lol
    - Solid stick eyeliner on the waterline (black, white, red, brown, or whatever color matches my shadow)
    - Foundation. I like to use a mix of my beauty sponge (prepped with water ofc) and fingers to help blend it. Fingers are so underrated for blending makeup honestly, the warmth of them helps blend so well. I also prefer to use a little at a time and blend it out before adding more, this helps it look more natural and flawless (same with eyeshadow)
    - I don't contour much nowadays but I do like to contour my nose I just get a cool brown eyeshadow shade (I'm cool toned) and follow two even lines then blend out with my finger, then highlighter down my nose very lightly. I'll also contour just the corners of my mouth
    - Blush and highlight
    - Lips are last always. If i'm grabbing food though I'll just bring it with me and wait to put it on until afterwards. Otherwise every bite I take has to look like this =O
    - Before bed I carefully peel off my lashes to reuse them later (I'm getting my $2 worth lmao), remove most of my makeup with makeup wipes and then do my skincare routine as normal.
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  3. pumpkin-chan added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    This is the reality for most sex workers, or even any woman who doesn't dress/act modestly because then she's just "asking for it" ... hell even any famous woman. Look at Marilyn Monroe who was loved but still heavily shamed & controversial in her time, look at Christina Grimmie who was a YouTube singer & murdered by an obsessed fan. I won't derail this thread too much but, sadly this isn't a strong argument as sex workers especially don't have respect in society, we take that risk when we sign up for the job, even if we genuinely do enjoy the work it comes with any sex industry/public figure work. Shame because most people watch porn or consume sex worker's content in some way shape or form. It's not a job for everyone absolutely but we all have our own reasons for doing it.
    My issue isn't with her hustle, most sex workers actually respect her hustle in itself, it's the cheating, scamming, lying & controversial shit (pedobaiting, enacting r*pe fantasies, stealing content from small content creators to resell including that of minors, etc) we have a problem with. 
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  4. pumpkin-chan added a post in a topic Glasses   

    Agree with Zenni Optical! A lot of their styles are under $20 shipped with lenses. I got clear frames so when I wear makeup it doesn't distract from it much.
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  5. pumpkin-chan added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Found on Facebook. Guess old habits die hard...
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