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    Nobody asked for your approval, Mikan, honestly get a life 
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    Oops I usually do, forgot sorry 
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    Just updating this thread 
    1-Apparently she now wants to become a streamer
    2- It seems the pedo pandering days are back
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    Gotta agree, that face is not for "lolis" anymore.
    Also >"original character" 
    Definitely a weird flex considering she ended up looking like this 
    bitch be looking like Eugenia Cooney with D's HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
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    Oh I've seen I've seen these two on Twitter. Bunnie mommy also started as a cutesy instagrammer and by Rocksy's influence also got into nude selling. Her Twitter account is the cringiest thing in the world not only because she only sells her fatness and fat breasts to fetishists (by the way she poses) but because her posing and the way she acts on videos and how she high speeds them to look like jelly or something, it doesn't look sexy it looks... awkward and kind if sad. And her "wife" (I doubt it because they're Russian) also sells nudes but ain't very successful because she's the most plain and boring woman in the market 
    But if she doesn't curl herself like that she won't have curves 
    She either got the fillers back or is editing her cheeks to look fuller and counteract her new prominent cheekbones (which she had before but got them fixed and never told her followers) 
    I'm more confused by the pose than bu the face... wth is that? 
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  9. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Pft just like Tsuruko 
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    Dude this is 100% Piper. 
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  11. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Oh but it'd be hilarious to see her try LMAOOOO I'd pay to see her attempting to eat a dead mouse at least. 
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    I'll get the photos for tomorrow, they must be somewhere very deep in my computer lol it's already very late over here and I don't want to spend my night looking for this woman's pussy
    And she said she got the hair transplant because she didn't like the heart shape of it, but i think it's very clear she wanted to fix her receding hair line. Her hair has always been really thin but it got worse after she got hair extensions, which looked very heavy  long and heavy extensions are definitely not for such thin fragile hair. I think the extra weight and pressure made things worse. 
      poor scalp...
    In the second one you can see her natural hair and the extensions.
    I'm not very sure why her hair was so ridiculously uneven but if my hair would be so extremely damaged I would've cut all of it off.  so yeah, I guess the extensions made things worse. 
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  13. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Right? I also thought he was very ugly
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  14. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    She never mentioned anything about this before someone asked, I thought it was obvious

    "A bit" 

    Before surgery:

    "A bit" lol
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  15. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    Ah yes she mentioned it before on Instagram: 

    And Twitter:
    But it didn't really work
    It's not only the hairline she couldn't fix

    And about the labiaplasty  I'm not sure I'm allowed to discuss the details here with pictures. Let's say one night I was really bored and ventured into a certain dark forum where I found some information about it. It was too hard to translate so I didn't read much 
    Ignoring the "first hand testimony" of some people (which I don't trust) I think the fact that she never posted genitalia before flying to Korea to get the other surgeries done  is already very suggesting. In some full nude photos she literally deleted her sex with photoshop and those were for the highest tiers. Only after the time she got the breast implants started showing her sex on photos.
    Also she has not been 100% honest about her procedures. She never talked about the jaw line surgery and the cheekbones reduction. (Check her old photos). Or the very suspicious way her hips became wider out of thin air. I'm still not sure if that last one was a surgery or she's just shopping them. 
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  16. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    Rocksy just doesn't understand that each imperfection is what makes a person unique, themselves. She spent all the money she could to get rid of everything that made her special. There was nothing wrong with her body to begin with she was just malnourished by choice, the implants were totally unnecessary. Her jaw was fine, her cheekbones, her nose, her hair line, her teeth, dang she even got a labiaplasty. She was just fine to begin with, people followed her because of what she was not for what she could look like if she gained a lot of money and got all the surgery in the world. This is truly sad, I can't even make fun of her rn. 
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    These past few days that I've been not going to university I feel so happy. Finally I feel like I have time to exist and be myself. I hate the fact that I must have a higher education to be a worthy woman of color, I just want to be myself and live my life how I want without people thinking I'm worthless because I didn't try and be "better" than my peers. I want to be more than just my gender and I want to be more than my skin color. I hate this. 
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  18. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Did she have a full mental breakdown and chopped all of her hair or what the hell is going on with it? 
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  19. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    This shit was soooooo unnecessary and now he looks even more plastic oh gawd why  
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  20. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    As you can see, she chose aesthetic treatment over the actual treatment because she was scared of her face changing. This is why she's so upset and even suicidal (LMAO) over her face shape changing still. This is why it's such a huge deal for her, this is why she NEEDS her followers to approve because she literally chose "beauty" over health. Yet she's telling everyone this was a treatment she HAD to do, talking as if she had no choice and they're cruel for pointing out she looked better with the teeth she couldn't take care of. And now there's no going back. 
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  21. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    OT: Sorry but this isn't "unlucky genetics" this is bad habits and straight up lack of hygiene . Yes its not her fault having that tooth in the middle of her mouth, but the appearance of the rest of her mouth is totally on her. Bitch I can smell it from here, LMAO 

    Still her natural teeth matched her face better zshe could've just whitened them, removed the weird tooth in the middle of her mouth and fixed the bite occlusion instead of removing her teeth to replace them with this weird looking thing. It just looks so bad you can tell at first glance those are veneers, it makes her look so much older because it's something you'd naturally associate with old people. And she just did all of this because she was too lazy to take care of her mouth? 
    Now, if you want to take the time to read this you'll find that she actually didn't choose the treatment she needed, she chose the aesthetic treatment because she wanted "a beautiful smile" right away and the right treatment for her was scary because... she'd be "less beautiful"? I can tell she's totally lying about a couple of things here. I'll spoiler it because it's long. So the original tweet is here, but I'm pretty sure she'll delete it because she exposes how shallow she is and how she values her appearance over her actual health and then uses her "health" as a scapegoat to try and justify what she did. Also there's a bunch of inconsistencies in here. 
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  22. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    They have no choice but to tolerate her obnoxious ass at school, but I don't think anyone would enjoy to hang out with her when they're not forced to lol
    Besides, Japanese people don't do sarcasm. Imagine being around someone who's whole personality is all about "British humor" and being an ass for no reason 
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  23. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    I find it very interesting how you only come to PULL to defend Piper on this thread and Mikan's, @mokujumbi 
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  24. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    How does Tsuruko feel about you coming here and offering to give information about her? If any you only made things worse for her with that screenshot, gj. 
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  25. CutieInWhite added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    This is straight up insulting 
    So uh she's now shaming them publicly and exposing them to the hate of her fans...  May I remind you this woman is almost 30 years old?! 
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