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  1. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    I know she likes to say people are posting old pics at weird angles or her smiling weird to compare... However You can easily watch old videos of her on youtube and see the difference (her lips) of how she looked vs now. Its absolutely crazy to see. 
    I even saw these fan gifs  (they are not the greatest quality but you can definitely see the lip difference).  I seriously wonder if she's having the botox lip flip procedure so she can claim "no filler" but I'm not sure the lip flip can make her top lip look so huge.

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  2. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    To be honest, I don't really follow Madison and don't know much of her drama but I think its quite obvious that she's gotten something done to her face.  I think she's just misleading people on purpose. She may have not gotten surgery but she may have gotten fillers (your nose can actually look way smaller with filler injected) or had the botox lip flip procedure (and that way she can still say "I dont have lip filler injected".)  Its ridiculous but Ive seen it time and time again on this forum with the girls mentioned here.
    Its like they believe "I'm telling the truth!" but they aren't telling the whole story and misleading people on purpose.
    I remember a fitness instagram girl having big hips/butt and saying "I dont have butt implants" but she didn't mention she got hip/butt fillers instead.  Or a cosplay girl with obvious huge lip injections saying "I'm all natural" and then once she was caught she said "Well fillers are natural substances so Im not lying." lol  

    I think Madison got work done but she's never gonna say exactly what work she has had done
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  3. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    oh good. i hope they do something. the 2 times i pledged (just so i could complain and do a charge back with my bank...lol) patreon said they were just a "payment processor" so they couldnt do anything about scams and the second time they said they were aware of Belle not being active. 
    How much you want to make a bet that Belle will pop up once her patreon scam is shut down?
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  4. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Towards the later pics she starts to look more botched.  She looks best in the first pictures.... not as much lip filler and a bit more natural. 
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  5. Jolirjono added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Nah! She just wants more promotion. She and Ryan are married. He's fine with being a simp and letting her pretend she's single to get more money
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  6. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Someone posted this on 4chan. A foreign bot company (where you buy youtube views, instagram followers, etc) advertise that Jenna uses them. We all knew she purchased her shit but didnt know what company.  The person on 4chan posted all these:

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  7. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    People are posting on Jenna's subreddit about her head looking too small. Someone said that Jenna mentioned it was because her thighs are so thicc that it makes the rest of her body look small....lol
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  8. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Erin Nicole aka pink.fox   

    when you're so desperate you photoshop nipples and a camel toe lol

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  9. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    And its really sad because she tries soooo hard to be sexy and it just comes across as desperate.  Like in the Mizkif footage..... She was trying so hard to be sexy that even he (and his friend) mention how sad it was that she's trying too hard. 
    I dont understand. I wonder if she dealt with being the ugly duckling eariler in life and thats why she's like always trying to prove she's sexy?  She even tries so hard to flirt with men (often the most desperate man in the group) so she can be like "Look! He has a crush on me too!" Im pretty sure these type of men she does this to would have a crush on a frog if it threw themselves at them too. Its not impressive. Its more sad than anything
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  10. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I also think she's making her head smaller too. lol Her neck looks huge
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  11. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    She still scams her "fans" on patreon though.  She's still an awful person.
    She could easily shut it down or edit the tiers to being a backlog of past posts but she still doesn't.
    I joined her $1 tier a few times just to report her and I sent a message to her asking for a refund. All I got back was a message that said "haha"  I got my money back though from doing a back charge from my bank (I aint letting this scamming bitch get my $1) lol   But either her (or someone that works with her) is replying to messages saying haha.
    No good person would scam people that way. She deserves to be called out and talked about.
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  12. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I just don't get why she does such shitty photoshop. Whhhhhhhhy Jenna Whhhhy? Stop photoshopping huge thighs on yourself.

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  13. Jolirjono added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She needs to stop with the stupid "quirky" faces. 
    If she wants to.........She can start up with them again when she turns 70 years old and then she can be the weird old lady that makes scary faces but for a 30 year old woman to do it....ugh! Its soo cringy! 
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  14. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    Marzia didn't need to do much to her face. A nose job only would have fixed most of the symmetry.  Other than that, her face is fine.  Not many faces are perfectly symmetrical. Its not worth it obsessing all the time over your own face.  
    I'm really shocked how insecure and weird she is about things. Pewdiepie seems like the most confident person on earth. Does he find it weird that Marzia is so obsessed with her own appearance?  She really needs to stop the obsession and focus on other things. She has a husband who seems to love her and find her beautiful, she's rich, etc...  
    And I feel bad saying this but I was scrolling through tiktok and I thought I honestly saw Marzia but it ended up being Caitlyn Jenner.  lol She had major filters on so I had to do a major double take. I swear it was Marzia!  
    And If Marzia continues with the unneeded plastic surgery/fillers/etc then she's gonna look more like her

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  15. Jolirjono added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Does Sabrina Nichole have lipo scars? I see indents on her lower stomach area in pics and videos. I know she hung out with the botched lipo crew (Momo & others) for awhile

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