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  1. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Sykkuno   

    I get chills from listening to him speak, I tried to watch Lily's minecraft video with and some Valorant but he just is cringy. Oof
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  2. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    General rant I guess, anyone find it annoying that all the girls on Twitch on Fortnite, like Loserfruit (who I don't think deserved a skin,) and many others call for postive vibes and then are toxic af when you watch them play. I was watching a girl named Sommer or that may of been her name. She had to get her guy friends to carry her because she was doing bad and having a fit. Like wtf, is there any girls that are good and don't rely on simps and or others to play the fucking game. Grrr  
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  3. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    About Hachubby, I find her act to be really annoying and her really just being a waste on the platform, I have the one friend who whiteknights for her uwu bullshit. I don't see her as a threat but just a lazy person using that for a cash grab. That's my opinion though.
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  4. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    And Eugenia's comment on Twitter seemed like it was written from a robot. Poor girl trusts someone who can give less of a fuck about her wellbeing, like wtf. 

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  5. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Sykkuno   

    I would of called him out and have been honest. I've had a past with an abusive father so I get defensive when guys like that exist, especially if Lily had been my friend and I found out about him making her cry. Maybe it's better if he's not in the group. 
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  6. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Michael something, he was friends with Shane. I remember some of the movie but I'd watch it again for laughs. I can't believe I was 12-14 years old watching that, omg. Anyone remember the BlackBoxTV days? 
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  7. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Sykkuno   

    Thank god the thead got approved, I thought he was creepy. I watched one of Lily’s VODS with him in it and he gives off creepy vibes. Does no one see how creepy and disrespectful he is? I would of kicked his ass out already. 
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  8. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Yeah, it's yellow fever creeps I'm assuming. She's the one who got stalked or something at the store she works at. And she's also friends with Hachubby. 
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  9. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Alright, real question? Why is Jinnytty so special and why do guys simp for her? Just curious, I got in a fight with a friend who simps hard for her just because I joked around when he called her cute and whatever. 
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  10. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

     It came on TV once, I was surprised. I had to explain to my dad that a YouTuber made it. What year was it made 2009-2011? It's been awhile. I saw it once.
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  11. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    He seems like the only likable one of the bunch. 
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  12. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    Yes, he was getting defensive because I didn't see her as how he saw her. Because I said I only liked Michael and showed no interest towards his uwu asian princess. I've noticed they all have some strange asian fetish, he follows all the asian girls on Twitch. He likes Scarra too, who idk much about. As a bisexual girl I don't like fake girls, guys like my friend think with what's between their legs and girls like Lily, etc profit from it. Even if she is with Michael, her whiteknights are always there.
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  13. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    He'd do it with with his then girlfriend at the time too, and also I remember his with the toy videos and stuff like to the a bit newer stuff. Also with his skits too.
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  14. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    I know someone that was watching Lily and Michael's stream and he tried to get a reason to me not liking Lily, saying that she was "sweet," I don't understand anyone who follows that house. He didn't like that I thought that she was fake. It's like you can't have any opinion with them or they'll attack you. Not everyone in that house is as innocent as Pokimane (A joke xD). I more of a follower of Michael and find it hard to like any of the house members. I know he has a thirst for asian girls as he follows them all including Valkyrae and the others. 
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  15. PeachyGloss added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    If I were asked to the name the worst of Shane's friends it would be between Jake, Tana, and Jeffree Starr. I remember seeing my friend's friend's retweet about his break up with Nate, does anyone have any integrity or sense of privacy anymore? He's juiced it so much it's as dry as Egypt. That's what I don't understand about online personalities, putting it all online. I understand yeah I want tod share my life with my audience, but what if it's not a good idea. Also the whole makeup with Shane situation that I don't understand nor want to understand. Tana and Jake are young and very stupid. I'm almost as old as Jake, very disappointing. 
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