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  1. rosesinspring added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Someone who is no bullshit doesn't stay with someone who is full of it and they also have no problem dumping those people. what's the point of asking someone you can't stand to marry you? to make a band and book an RL Stine movie? he's still the owner of his actions, and making faces behind someone talking about their dead parent is way past the line for me. at least don't do it in front of a camera for everyone to see.
    (also i'm still trying to work this site so i hit the down arrow at first but i didn't mean to, i promise )
    (idk how to quote two people but about that Thomas article): 
    She did an interview recently where she talked about how they had already been dating Halloween of that year. She said that creepy story about them looking into each other's eyes happened two weeks after meeting him and accounting for rehearsals and all that, I think Descendants 2 started filming in September from sources online, so I think they've potentially been together way longer than October. I don't trust him either, tbh, and won't be surprised if he comes out of a set with a new girlfriend soon.
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  2. rosesinspring added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    there’s a clip there from the video I’m talking about but it’s not the whole moment. that’s edited a little much. 
    https://youtu.be/T_0EKLoW6BQ 22:30. I used to be a huge fan of both of them and remember thinking she’d have to be lying (I was kind of fed up with her antics to get attention at that point, it was sometime after she tried to get people to think she and Kiersey were together) but then I started looking back at those little moments between them in interviews. if he’s ridiculing her in public and disguising it as jokes then i can’t imagine how he treated her in private especially after they said they fought every week because it was “healthy.” I think she should’ve taken the high road here but either way he sucks. There are more moments but I’d have to watch too much footage to get them
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  3. rosesinspring added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    there’s literally a video of him acting over the top annoyed and making faces behind her as she talks about her father dying. she may be a liar, but he’s a piece of shit and I believe her 100% whether or not they were both the issue or he was
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