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  1. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    blinks can say whatever they want about how she embodies Chanel so gloriously, but the fact that her makeup makes her appear as if she looks sleepy at best, and swollen from an allergic reaction at worst  cannot be erased from my mind 
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  2. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I don’t know whether it is the eye-makeup wearing Jennie down, or the excessive blush and poorly dyed hairstyle, but Jennie looks sleepy in the teaser. The styling seems to have failed her. Wearing trendy makeup and clothes simply because they are trendy doesn’t mean it would look good on all people. BP’s stylists should seriously attempt to find trendy styles that actually suite Jennie.
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  3. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    these two seem to overlap to me for whatever reason, when I think of “church girl”, the image of “cutesy shy girl” also comes to mind. I didn’t know there was such a differentiation lmao. Every time BLINKs bring up, “church girl”, “cutesy shy girl” just comes to mind immediately to the point where I do not know the difference anymore. 
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  4. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Rosé’s teaser actually pushes quite a bit of boundaries considering how she was constantly given the plainer outfits or blander styles to support her “church/indie-girl” image that never really benefited her potential. Her posing confidently with a number of changes to the way she’s styled and a nice addition of interesting eyeshadow definitely gets us to see a different side of hers either than the generic “church-girl” image YG wants her to portray. A refreshing sight to observe as a decent contrast towards Jennie’s static image. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why Rosé’s teaser managed to surpass Jennie’s in terms of likes and views on certain platforms.
    On the other hand, Jennie was one of the better ones at showcasing some variety of facials in BP’s music videos. Her ability to emote was quite remarkable during her parts in KTL (especially in the mv and Coachella) despite her laziness/lack of work ethic gradually finding itself within her after one important occasion to the next. Seeing her being reduced to a model, with little to emote but a few bland poses and a predictable expressions speaks of her trajectory from someone whose initial job was to be committed to becoming an idol to (almost) a full-time model/CF-star. 
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  5. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Lisa pulls off short hairstyles quite dynamically. She fits into the aesthetic quite effortlessly and gave us a great picture. I appreciate her confidence in pulling off a concept less traditionally feminine from what most people have seen in Kpop.  

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  6. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    The teasers are too formulaic and predictable. As per usual, Jennie would be the recipient of some latest fashion trend representative of her position as BlackPink’s “fashionista”, while Jisoo would be given the most minimalistic designs in which she pulls off quite well. Lisa, on the other hand, would receive the more extravagant and “out-there” designs. This time with a “Nana Komatsu/Choi Sora-esque” design rarely seen in the realm of girl group styling. 
    Rosé, on this particular occasion, while offered a chance to showcase a different side of hers with blue hair and better makeup still appears to be very stiff. I wonder whether posing in the most generic styles and makeup has hindered her versatility. The opportunities she has received very recently only highlights her stiffness in photoshoots. Her poses are becoming quite repetitive, resembling Jennie’s lack of versatility. Her teasers lack the memorability of KTL, which is a shame as it was a considerable indicator as to how she could have done better. 
    Jennie’s teaser seems to have gone too far with the accessories. At first glance, her teaser still appears to be visually appealing, however, it’s a shame how YG’s stylists have and will continuously drown her presence in all sorts of trendy styles and designs, such as the headpiece (that seems to belong on a bag?) and excessive accessories that only serves to overwhelm her, rather than elevate the artistic direction they are going for. 
    Honestly, the most desirable outcome would be the fact that all four of the girls are kind, or at least appreciative to their stylists. While most idols are often praised for their looks, the individuals who have worked diligently behind the scenes in helping those idols achieve their appeal should receive some credit as well. without those stylists, we wouldn’t observe the glamour that is Kpop, especially BlackPink in general. Rosé wardrobe and makeup is certainly a shame, there was certainly a noticeable period where her stage-outfits just never lived up to expectations, and were just too bland compared to the outfits her members were receiving in comparison. 
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  7. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    That’s the thing that baffles me about Angelika. One of the premises of her channel was calling out content creators for basing their actions out of greed and holding them accountable by bringing forth their problematic behaviours to the public. But the moment her channel receives traction, more than five ads are seen on her videos, including a Cartier bracelet brand deal out of all fashion related labels could be observed on her channel, alongside Angelika slowly abandoning the initial premises as to why she became a commentary youtuber in the first place.
    She seems to be more concerned with vanity and a quick buck than truth or integrity, which seems to resemble content creators such as Zoella and Gabbie Hanna, the female content creators she seems to have criticised the most. Her fans have never reacted negatively to her, and also encouraged her to get the coin, which is so strange since they are always on the same page with Angelika when it comes to calling out those who lack integrity but perpetuate vanity and greed. Slightly OT, but I am glad that readytoglare covers both Male and female abusers on her channel, making her channel much more comprehensive and well-rounded compared to Angelika’s exaggerated prejudices against men. 
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  8. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    I do not know whether Angelika’s content creating trajectory resembles the quote “you either die a hero, live long enough to see yourself become the villain”, but I am constantly speculating as to whether or not her intentions had slowly been tainted over the years, from someone who genuinely wanted to hold other content creators accountable for their actions, to the person Angelika is today whose behaviour somewhat resembles the youtubers she had criticised in the past due to her personal issues such as greed and jealousy towards a few particular content creators, severely affecting her credibility. 
    When she started receiving Cartier bracelet brand deals and filled her videos with tons of ads, her intentions gradually became questionable while I was still a subscriber. The “mini-tea” videos soon followed, which was a disappointment, and one of the reasons why I unsubscribed. Her videos are always presented with interesting thumbnails and titles which are soon proceeded by a ton of time wasting “mini-teas” before she gets down to businesses, diminishing her appeal as a drama channel. I would rather a drama channel cover a few topics in a deep dive rather than Angelika’s current method of including too many topics in one video.
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  9. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    could be a bunch of gangnam unnie fetishists, who actually find the botched aesthetic alluring and attractive, an actual guilty pleasure considering how the botched surgery and highly edited look has its own identity because it is so distinctive 
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  10. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Addressing the same fanatics who propped her up for success somehow makes her utterly miserable now. 
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  11. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    fortunately the tower was removed for going against health codes. 
    the article also has graphic pictures of freshly removed jaw bone. plastic surgery truly is a horror show tbh
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  12. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Plastic Surgery in Kpop   

    yes! Finally someone covered Soojin here! Apart from the double eyelid surgeries, she also looks suspiciously different during Latata compared to Hann and most of G-idle’s recent comebacks. I wonder whether it was merely a change in makeup and hair, or another round of plastic surgery which enhanced her features. The main ones I think she could have done are her eyes and nose. 
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  13. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Lisa out of everyone has the privilege to get away with the bare minimum, even as a dance trainer. I don’t know how putting such minimal effort into the choreography can be praised by BLINKs, the contestants take at least a week to learn the dance.
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  14. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    one thing I never noticed as an important element on  stage is honestly spacing and equal effort between the members. I never knew how one member putting less effort than the other three could cause so much issues with the overall appearance of the choreography until Jennie started to slack off big time on stage. What could have been a great performance on stage has turned out to be much worse than it was choreographed to be because one member decided to affect the other three. Other members people consider to be filler in their groups actually play a larger role than we have given them credit for as they help with the choreography and have never slacked off, making sure their respective performances actually turn out to be decent enough to be presented to the crowd. Everyone essentially has to carry their own weight, and Jennie is the same. 
    spacing is something new to me as I always took it for granted when it comes to watching most idol groups. But BlackPink’s performances can be so disorganised to the point where their spacing is atrocious. When they are supposed to stand in a straight line with equal spacing between the members it sometimes appears that one girl is standing too close to another while the other one is standing too far lol. Kpop group dances usually require quite a number of precise formations to make it work, BlackPink is no exception.
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  15. jinyeonnie added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    it’s quite funny how the most energetic part of the song “girls wanna have some fun, we go dumb dumb dumb” is always performed in the sloppiest way possible lol. Can’t even get synchronised with the dance break considered to be one of BP’s least challenging choreographies. If the girls actually performed it properly none of their weaknesses would really show through, but they always choose to screw it over during major concerts. 
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