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  1. ewe added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    I found her new instaaa - https://www.instagram.com/cremijeur/ (sorry if someone's already posted this) 
    but she seems to not be photoshopping anymore, or at least not obviously like in the past. I think the look she's going for right now is honestly her prettiest.  It does suck that she's still pretending to be Sasha from Russia. 

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  2. ewe added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh
    Lia Shelesh / SSSniperwolf
    Youtube // Makeup Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Merch Store // Facebook // Mixer

    Alia Shelesh (SSSniperwolf) is a 24 year old Youtuber who initially became famous for her Call of Duty gameplays, but currently mainly does reaction videos and vlog-type videos. Before becoming a Youtuber, she went to school for pharmaceuticals and then switched to nursing, but later dropped out. She dated a fellow Call of Duty Youtuber named Evan John Young, also known as "Sausage." He used to go by xremembrance on Youtube. She is also known for doing cosplay of various video game characters.
    Makes false DMCA take-downs about anyone who tries to expose herUsed to have a channel called SexySexySniperInterestingly, the SexySexySniper Youtube channel has been excluded from archive sites like WayBackMachine, but some pages for her videos have still been archived where people in the comments call her Lia.Pastebin about SexySexySniperGoogle Drive with all of her old videosChannel that reuploaded videos from SexySexySniperSent nudes to guys on MGO to get what she wanted, and when she got nudes back she would blackmail them with themPost on PULL that details thisFollowing screenshots are of her posts on the forum (rem/xrem/xremembrance is Sausage)Is suspected to have faked her CoD gameplay by having her boyfriend play it for herMost of her cosplays are sexy/boudoir cosplayClaims that all of her money came from her ebay clothes resale business and that Youtube didn't make her any money, despite having millions of subscribers.Lies about being a pro gamer (Sausage plays Overwatch for her so she can maintain being in the top 500)Informative video on her boosting here:Has accused her ex-boyfriend Sausage of abuse, and there are many documented cases with proof of her trying to cheat on himFlirted with FaZe Banks and FaZe Censor while dating SausageWhen FaZe Censor revealed this, she threatened to sue himWas possibly actually married to Sausage, but didn't tell anyone that they were dating/married until 2013 as appearing single would be more attractive to her audiencePicture of document for the deed on their house, stating that Lia and Evan/Sausage are married:Generally has a negative attitude towards other famous girlsAccused Alissa Violet (FaZe Bank's current gf, Jake Paul's ex) of just "fucking everyone" to get a free room and get famousStates that this is why she hates girls since "they're all hoes"On Sommer Ray, an Instagram model: "If she's a model, my left toe could be a model."Calls other girls "hoes" and accuses them of sleeping their way to the top, but she herself has used her boyfriend for gameplays and has had nudes releasedClaims that she's all natural, but has had a nose job, lip fillers, and other surgeriesPossibly shoops her body to look skinnierHas blocked Youtube drama channels like KeemStar and Scarce since they have said negative things about her (and pretty much everyone else who has said bad things/tried to expose her)Accused Youtuber "Enigmahood" of being a sex offender, and was later sued for slander for $300,000Her father apparently has a restraining order on her for taking her mom on a surprise vacation. Lia has also stated that he has disowned herLink to video of her discussing thisPosted nudes/provocative images of herself, but pretended that it wasn't actually her. Was later exposed by DaisyMichelle as it actually being her, since Lia wore the same necklace in a more recent video. (spoiler is nsfw)Uses her 12 year-old army to dislike bomb videos against her Her and Sausage were arrested over apparently committing armed robberyScreenshot of Sausage being arrested for Domestic Violence (From Drama Alert)
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  3. ewe added a post in a topic Johanna Comparison Photos   

    To be honest she looks beyond beautiful in both before and after edits. She already looks stunning before, I wonder why she felt the need to make adjustments. but it's her choice. 
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  4. ewe added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    does she also shoop her legs? cause i thought she was around 5"3 
    she looks hellaa tall in her recent instagram photos lately 

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