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  1. jaybird added a post in a topic Taylor Swift   

    but both of those things did happen. Kanye didn’t call to ask for approval he called to ask for taylor to launch/promote the song. He said there would be a line about how he made her famous, and that’s it. He didn’t let her listen to a snippet, only have a vague idea of what the line was gonna be, so even if he asked for “permission” (which he didn’t) it still wasn’t clear. the lines before it and the line itself is made even worse by calling her a bitch. I’ve listened to famous to times last night, and it still sounds so aggressively misogynistic with adding bitch in it. Sounds so dismissive. 
    A) why did you choose all alternative people?
    B) Lana’s songwriting isn’t that good either, at least before NFR. 
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  2. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   

    it’s so weird considering Rihanna is the world’s most beloved women (under Beyonce) so how is he even still thriving?
    that being said, if ppl still care a lot about Rihanna, yet still excuse Chris, G Eazy definitely ain’t goin down bcus of a B list singer lol.
    a week or two ago, a man with corona spit at a random man he saw. so yeah, this is surprisingly not shocking to me. I give up on humanity.
    when trash can’t even take out another bag of trash
    this is such peak delusion I can’t even. Don’t like the guy, but Eminem is basically a living legend and his new albums STILL chart high. and..you know what I don’t even have to explain the nonsense I just saw. this is like if bebe rhexha tried to flex on jennifer lopez.
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  3. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   

    yeah....bcus of his narcissism. I hate Halsey, but it’s not cool or funny for him to have no emotions like that. They both fucking suck
    most likely g eazy is more emotional abuse. I definitely can picture him gaslighting a girl until she can’t even think anymore. and he just radiates douche energy. 
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  4. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   

    it’s ok. I just remember someone else using that same word to describe him earlier on in this thread so seeing it again....it’s just like why?
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  5. jaybird added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    even Megan Fox has good energy. If you’ve seen Jennifer’s Bod, other stuff besides Transformers, and her interviews. 
    I feel like she’s only gonna be casted in those youtuber films
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  6. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   

    what "beta male shit"? not being dominant and being quieter? i stg yall wouldn't say such shit like this if evan was a girl and halsey a boy. disgusting. cut it out.
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  7. jaybird added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    thats why i like cardi's vid about corona better. tmz when talking about it tried to shine away from the point she was trying to make by talking about her long ass nails sigh. i changed my mind about that whole situation with ariana saying those kids sound "privileged" bcus why in the hell is SHE telling them out of all people? i always had a gripe against ariana not even recognizing her privilege, so...yeah. rubs me the wrong way. 
    but i don't think the quote is up there with the imagine vid.....that whole thing was an absolute mess. 
    well i never thought it was applause worthy to do smth as basic as that, but i also don't think its worth overwhelming criticism? it just was made worse when she addressed those kids like that, otherwise, the quote is a complete afterthought. but i will say, its much easier to be positive when somethings not affecting you at all. HELL, my mom loves corny ass pinterest quotes to the T, yet i doubt she would be trying to post a positive quote or two about corona virus when she has to deal with being a nurse and going to a hospital that is dripping with corona, seeing people die of it constantly in front of her (and I'm talking people just falling face flat to the ground...dead), and dealing with a work system that doesn't give a shit about its employers. but i digress. 
    the worse thing that the virus is doing to her is preventing from making mediocre music. which btw did y'all see her recent insta post?? lol her talking about "this pussy was designed for you" when talking about a boy that looks like a corny 19 year old cashier at best buy. I'm HOLLERING lmao
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  8. jaybird added a post in a topic Taylor Swift   

    did she tho? kanye was already going to release the song anyway, he didn't call for approval
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  9. jaybird added a post in a topic Taylor Swift   

    i felt stupid to be not believe her. 
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  10. jaybird added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I can’t believe a quote would cause this much discussion. A quote THATS NOT EVEN HERS. Y’all acting like she wrote a whole post giving instructions on how to create art during corona
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  11. jaybird added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    for the part about “why would I have to tell someone you love them”
    bcus we are now alone and isolated, and being so, we reflect on the people we haven’t reached out to and/or haven’t spoken to in awhile. Those people are most likely family members or friends, so of course poppin in to remind them you love them is a good idea. whether you do it or not is up to you and it doesn’t mean if you don’t, it would be bad. It’s just a suggestion
    and lady gaga’s message is very well written, and not most people can create amazing messages like that
    last thing, but Ariana didn’t call them stupid and privileged, she they SOUND that way. important distinctions and they aren’t interchangeable.
    oh my god y’all......
    why the fuck does anybody have to have every scenario imaginable in their mind before liking a fucking quote. ITS A FUCKING QUOTE!!!!
    god forbid someone can’t send some positivity towards someone’s way that could apply to any person, rich or not. even if a person who is battling with financial concerns, guess what? They’re still gonna be more inside than not, and that can drive a person crazy, so what’s the harm of not starting a lil hobby that’s not expensive???? 
    it’s still a very harmful message to send. Not all coping mechanisms are healthy??? And someone can be called out for it. for fucks sakes, there’s groups of teenagers that are still having their spring break, and using the “it’s not that serious” excuse that are probably gonna come home to their families spreading around that virus.
    and what the honest fuck is even the second paragraph??? comforting yourself with delusion isn’t good period. honestly, you could just accept the reality of it, understand that there are people who have survived it, and try to be as cautious as possible. but acting like it’s not a big deal is not only harming yourself, it’s gonna harming others, so yeah, maybe don’t do that. and when did she say if they’re not creating art that they are “stupid and privileged”? first of all, like I have said, SHE DIDNT CALL THEM STUPID AND PRIVILEGED she said they SOUNDED that way, which they did. but I guess you love to pick out things, mash them together, and then complain about it 
    I don’t even like the girl at all, but god yalls comments are reaching and SOUND dense. And don’t come at me for saying that you ARE dense bcus I didn’t say that. Just making that clear since you already didn’t process that the first time. 
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  12. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   

    it’s....not slut-shamey. She wore the A on her chest which stood for “adulterer”. Of course, back then adultery involved anything scandalous revolving sex, but nowadays, especially religious wise, adultery is infidelity. And she also wore the A on her chest bcus of guilt. She’s just saying that the girl is now wearing guilt after hooking with her guy. And the whole song guessing by the lyrics is about finding out that you probably could’ve been the “other girl”. I think it’s a bit of a reach to say it’s slut shamey and I don’t think that line was trying to be a “serve”. Basically saying, whose the one carrying the shame; me or her?
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  13. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   


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  14. jaybird added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I guess you didn’t read the article, cuz she didn’t dismiss him as a simple distraction. This thread defends him like he’s an innocent puppy when he’s the total opposite. I don’t feel bad for him in the slightest. and even besides that article, she never talked badly of him. Like I said, I can see how they attracted each other, bcus they both aint shit
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  15. jaybird added a post in a topic Halsey   

    this could’ve been valid if Selena wasn’t mentioned. Taylor can’t sing that well, but she’s definitely improved, and she’s always consistently been a great performer, and very dedicated. Selena can’t sing at all and can perform....I guess good sometimes  
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