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  1. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    I mean, this is a tricky one. I wouldn't want people to post about the death of one of my loved ones online, so if Kenna is not going to mention it, I don't think that would inherently mean she doesn't care or something like that. Besides, Kenna also makes all the birthday posts for her friends just about herself, so I think it would always be more tasteful to not post about the death of her best friend's dad than posting another ME-ME-ME-post. 
    I also checked, with the same result of Grace not following her anymore. But yeah, Insta is often acting up weirdly, so I think this is something to be seen in a couple of days or a week if Grace really unfollowed Kenna or it is just a hick up from Insta. I wouldn't be surprised if Kenna was immensely  insensitive towards Grace und her family and that she wasn't there for Grace when she needed her and made it about herself. After all, Kenna wants everybody to see her as their number one friend and priority, but she never treats others the same way. I also wouldn't be surprised if we get another wave of passive aggressive insta stories from Kenna, as well as some super sad/angry poems about how alone she is in the world blabla bla. 
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  2. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    In the end we don't know their exact relationship without both of them confirming the same thing, but from her posting in February on Twitter around the time Ryan was visiting about entering a long distant relationship, him coming to NYC for Valentine's Day, her visiting him im March and him again visiting her in the end of March during a pandemic does seem more like a romantic relationship than "just" friends with benefits. 
    I mean it's not my thing personally, but tbh I don't think it is pathetic if Ashley makes a playlist for her partner, it has 1 follower which would presumably be Ryan himself. And even if they would be just fwb if it's something they enjoy, why not make playlists? I know people with long term fwb that share family accounts on head space or spotify with those fwb lol
    True, good point. I think it speaks volumes tho that it seems very believable that she made another trip during the pandemic.
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  3. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    It is 1000% per private profile. 
    Another playlist is called "cheesy songs for ryan":

    And there are also playlist called "summer in nyc", "los angeles", "angsty teen rock", "crying in the shower alone" and "sexy times". Pretty much sounds like Ashley.
    There is also a playlist called " a rough history of my life in songs" I don't know many of these songs, but maybe someone can chip in what Ashley feels her life is like according to those song? There are some heart break songs from what I read from the titles, so I wonder if it just meant generally or if her thing with Ryan is done?
    Just too funny: One song in her "history of my life"-playlist ist literally a song named "sleep on the floor". Ashley wants to be oppressed and struggling soooo bad, yeeesh. I think she really slept on the floor in her new apartment just so she could tell the story and fit it to her narrative of this struggling young woman trying to make it in NYC and beating the odds. 
    But of course the biggest thing: WTF, so she went to Philadelphia in April????? WOW. Just wow. That's why she was so quiet. I assume from the dates she put the playlist together, she spend her birthday there too. Songs were added around end of April and her birthday is in the begin of May. Wow and I actually felt bad for her for having to spend her birthday alone and also stated that here. Ashley is just so selfish. Let Ryan visit her during the pandemic just days before the lockdown in Cali went down and then went to Philadelphia to spend time there. Bonus: There are nearly no direct flights to Philadelphia from NYC (at least during the pandemic), so chances are that Ashley went on multiple flights and passing trough multiple airports to get there. What a sustainable quarantine queen!
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  4. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    So basically it will not happen, right?
    What is early autumn anyways? Early autumn according to Kenna's weird conception of time and seasons or regular early autumn? I guess according to Kenna early autumn means August and for the rest of the world September. Both August and September seem not really to be  publishing dates she can actually meet if she is still busy with illustrations. 
    Also she aims to "publish" in a couple of months and seems to be super ill-informed of the overall process and doesn't even seem to be settled on a specific self-publisher yet???? I mean it is kinda not surprising considering she is doing youtube for years and still only asks permission for using certain music the evening before her video release and then delays the release for a couple of days anyways. 
    My bet is on either no poetry book in 2020 or an extremely late, but still rushed release with not great quality and a hefty price Kenna will blame on "the costs of self-publishing~" and maybe even throw in that it is more expensive but it is suuuuch great quality (it will be not) and that self-publishing also means more money will end up with her, so with the higher price tag people will support an autistic artist-business woman, which is in its self VERY feminist and empowering! 
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  5. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Oh wow, finally came around to watch the new video...I only watched it due to your comments here on PULL and tbh, I had to stop every couple of minutes because it was just so bad and SO uncomfortable. It took quite some time to get through the whole video. If I had clicked because I thought it looked like a fun video, I would have stopped like 3 minutes in. 
    Also all these "inserts while editing" are clearly scripted and not just an afterthought, while going through the footage. Wow. She ist so, so clearly struggling, Ashley is truly unhinged. Why is she telling all these stories regarding her family? 
    On another note...other people already complained about Ashley revealing so much about her family and her outing her sister's ED years ago in a video and now people are also posting screenshots and links to her families FULL LEGAL NAMES??? WTF? I don't know if this breaks any rules, but I would kindly ask people to not post the names of Ashley's family on this thread. We already concluded that it is unfair of Ashley to drag her family into her "influencer life" without their consent and without them taking any part in it. So I find it unfair to post their full names here, too. You can find her parents home address and even landline with those names, by revealing her family's names on PULL we give potential stalkers more opportunities to harass either Ashley or her family. 
    As of now I only shared the names of her parents via private messages to people who post regularly for some time. Please don't post or link to online sources with their names and other details. 
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  6. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Girl is laying low for sure lol
    She thought she would get applause for "speaking out" on BLM and the protests going on, people would celebrate her and everybody would forget about all those videos about her being problematic, but instead she just dug her grave deeper. 
    I think on one hand she realised that every bid she is saying right now will just hurt her brand, so she stopped that, but on the other hand I can imagine she is lying bed most of the day, crying, because we know she can't handle criticism and her lackluster attempts to make people see her as a aware and political person backfired big time. Her mental health wasn't so hot to begin with when she came to NYC, the pandemic and lockdown made it worse (understandably) and videos about her being problematic, as well as the recent backlash must just add to that. Maybe her manager adviced her to lay low, but I can also see that she finally made the decision to take a break from social media and her "influencer job" because mentally she is fucking done. 
    She posted her last video 3 weeks ago, let's see if she will go for a month without a video. I think from an ego-perspective she wouldn't want to go a whole month without a video, so I think she will post her thrift flip she was working on or she will just sit it out for a bit and say "Oh, I had to take a break for myself, but I also didn't want to distract from what's happening right now in the world!". 
    My guess is she will sit it out with instagram for a little longer, maybe because she is indeed mentally super unwell, but at least to not do or say dumb shit anymore. At some point she will post a story that her new video is out and gradually increase her presence, but just with super safe content.
    Today I stumbled over a screenshot from her bullet journal video with her personal goals for 2020, I feel like instead of working on those goals the total opposite happened. 

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  7. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Yeah, I agree.
    When being questioned if she is a trust fund baby she gave this very vague answer and implied she wasn't well off, because her parents were first-gen immigrants, but she just could have said: "No, I don't have a trust fund. My parents are both professors working at universities, so I grew up financially secure and with some opportunities other people don't have, but I don't have a trust fund and even though my parents saved up some money for my college education it is not enough for a out of state university, so I started to work some part time jobs in high school, so I could save up some money for college, too."
    See? It is really not that hard and it is honest. Somebody cited her whole answer at some point in this thread, sadly I can't find it right now, but it is this really long and very vague answer with hinting at coming from a struggling immigrant background. She could have given an honest answer in 1-2 sentences without misleading her audience. 
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  8. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    See, this is way I don't believe when she said her parents didn't know about her youtube channel or that it became her main income. She founded her own company in 2018 at age 20, I can't see how she did that all by herself while having no credit score or guarantee on her side. Even if she did all that without her parents' knowledge, isn't that super weird to hide all of this from them?
    I also want to add to the fabulous post from @whateverman that part of her "5 jobs in highschool!!!" was an internship at her mother's very own non-profit. Her big sister did also intern for the same organisation, so this was not really a job, but something to pad out their CVs. And sorry, there is a big, big difference between hustling multiple jobs to help out your family and interning at your mother's non-profit-organisation to put something on your CV, so yeah Ashley, extracurriculars for your CV are not multiple jobs in high school. 
    I also want to remind that she was a private tutor after graduating high school and when she had to take a later flight back from vacation she had to cancel tutoring appointments for 2-3 days and according to her she was missing out on a couple hundred dollars from that. So she must have gotten quite some money from tutoring other rich kids in her area. 
    I can imagine that Ashley was under impression of growing up less wealthy and hustling, because other rich kids at her school and neighbourhood might have had higher allowances, might also had trust funds and got all their college tuition payed for by their parents. But at some point you go out into the "real world" and have to realise that you are actually not struggling and that you hold a lot of privilege. Ashley, it is super normal to have a job to have some more money to buy nicer clothes. Ashley, it is normal to have a job during high school to save up money for college, you are not special or struggling because of this. 
    The thing is with Ashley that she is telling a lot of white lies, half truths, dodging questions and assumptions and leaving out details or spins them to her liking. She's purposefully constructing a certain narrative to fit her brand and what makes her well liked. Sometimes a bit less obvious and sometimes very obvious as for example with her latest "I didn't know about racism because of my school and I might also hint at the fact that my family is anti-black and I was raised that way"-spiel. 
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  9. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Watch her donating 500$ and that's it.
    The thing is, Ashley could match donations in some way, but then she would have to give up her branding of being the broke girl next door. It is kinda baffling how she still feeding into this image while she promotes outfits on insta that add up to more than 1000$. I bet she pumps most of her money in expensive clothes and her retirement fund due to her FIRE-plans (I also feel like she is rather chasing FIRE-milestones or the idea of an FIRE lifestyle, she said herself, that she has no idea what to do when she would retire early) and might go cheap on things like food and also depending on getting some nice pr gifts. 
    If Ashley is such a rebel as she likes to proclaim she should fuck over her retirement fund for the time being and use that money to bail out some people. She definitely makes 5 digits from her brand deals and partnerships alone, all without youtube. 
    btw, what makes her "I didn't know about racism until just now, whoops, it's my school's and parent's fault"-spiel also not believable is the fact that she claims to be that well read feminist and addressed asian women missing in media in her acceptance speech, but I can't see how she read about the intersectionality of being an asian woman in the US without EVER reading or hearing anything about the struggles of being a black woman in the US. I also wouldn't be surprised if some of the books she claimed to have read have content on the intersection of race, gender and class. 
    It is just so vile that she worked on a university project about slavery and black bodies and now claims her blatant ignorance is because she wasn't educated by her school and family. 
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  10. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    To me it feels like she is scapegoating again. Of course she doesn't say that she is uneducated about black history and racial injustice because of her "asian family", but she is hinting at it with this story. Way to throw your family under the bus, Ashley. 
    Btw her sister was in university in a student group called "students confronting racism and white privilege", of course that doesn't need to mean anything, but at least it seems her big sister did engage with anti-racism group and educated herself, whereas Ashley....
    Also, how outrageous that Ashley was involved in this film project and now proceeds to play dumb??? Just wow.
    Is there any possibility to "leak" this information to some bigger channels or make people aware of Ashley's twisted game of trying to gain sympathy? Maybe it is also time to give Ashley a summary in the beginning of a new thread, so we can collect all this stuff?
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  11. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Even though her parents make good money I don't think they pay for her apartment. They didn't want to pay for UCLA and wanted her to go to a cheaper university or her father's so she could study tuition-free. In the beginning she slept in a shared dorm room and later off campus with 2-3 other girls in one room, then upgraded to her own room in a shared apartment, after that the studio apartment on her own and now her shoe box in Manhattan. Her parents seem to not just throw money anywhere they can (and I can see her mother growing up poor as a first generation immigrant could be still very money conscious) and why would they now throw money at a tiny apartment in Manhattan for Ashley, but made Ashley stay in a shared room with multiple other girls when she was a student? With her parents being academics I would understand if they would rather spend money on getting Ashley her own room while going to university, so she would have a more quiet room to focus on her studies. Ashley also upgraded her living situation around the same time she quit her editing job with the sorry girls, because she was able to just live off her youtube money. Her net worth is estimated to be  around 500k or more and just taking her youtube earnings into account, so with adding the income from all her ads and partnerships off of youtube, her net worth is most definitely way higher. With such an income she can comfortably rent the apartment in Manhattan just by herself. Her parents may have money, but it doesn't seem they are spending it on Ashley living out her romcom dream, that's all Ashley by herself. It is definitely Ashley aggressively spending money for a certain life style, I can imagine her parents actually being horrified by the fact that she spends 2k just in rent for a literal shoe box. 
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  12. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Her estimated net worth just from her youtube earnings is around $500.000 or more and on top of that she is earning some decent coin from fashion ads and partnerships. She really could set an example, donate and put her wallet where her mouth is. I bet if she gets asked why she doesn't donate she will say that she in fact did donate, but kept silent because she has suuuch a young audience and she doesn't want them to feel the pressure to donate their pocket money or something like that.
    Also notice, how she now more than once used her audience as an excuse for staying silent on certain topics, either they are too young or already so well educated and well informed. She make it seem like she is thoughtful of her audience, but can't quit on oversharing her sex life and thoughts on sex related kinks, even when younger subscribers already mentioned that they feel uncomfortable with it. 
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  13. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I hear you and I agree with you, I don't really see how our points are different, maybe a bit more of miscommunication. From your prior post it seemed like her world view and opinions are unchangeable, but views and opinions have the potential to change and my point was that Ashley doesn't put in the effort and very likely is very sheltered and as you said lives in her own bubble. I do think Ashley is not as smart as she thinks she is and definitely is a people pleaser and picks up what will make her look good, but she does show strategic thinking in how to grow her channel, she founded her own company the second her channel gained traction and even though a big part is overthinking, she seems to plan and strategise a lot for her channel/career and as you said herself, she sticks to a formula that makes her stay positive in the public eye. These kind of things need some level of intelligence, so even if we assume she is just good at repeating what teachers told her, she is not potato-level dumb. She may be super unaware and full of herself, but generally she could work on herself, like, the potential is there, but she doesn't care. I get your point and agree, I think were I differ is that Ashley could change how and who she is, but it will take a lot of work. Might be that this is part of her total denial of seeking professional help, therapy definitely could help her getting more level headed. But wether she could change or she couldn't, she certainly should be held accountable for her behaviour. 
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  14. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Yes, that's is definitely true, I have such parents myself. I think it can led to having this understanding just for yourself, i.e. "it's fine if others don't have a degree, but I'm worthless if I don't have one" or if it's your whole worldview "everyone without a degree is worthless and people with one are superior". Of course our own thinking is shaped by the believes and values of our parents, so yeah I can see where it is coming from, but Ashley is 22, lived already in 2 of the biggest cities in the US, is well educated and still makes snide comments about younger girls or other influencers in general dropping out of high school or college, people she calls her friends on social media. My parents for example also made very foul comments about people, who are unemployed, may it be between jobs or because of other reasons all throughout my childhood and teen years, heck, my father is super racist and sexist, but just because I grew up with those believes, doesn't mean I have to think the same way. I think 22 is definitely an age to form one's own opinion and to reflect on how my parents see the world and how I see it. Ashley choose the arts instead of stem and also finished up after her undergraduate and isn't planing on doing a master's or phd, so I would assume that she is not blindly relying on her parents wishes and values, so she is more than able to not put other people down for not having a degree or making herself out as better for having one. 
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  15. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I watched the the video about Ashley being privileged and not being a feminist from Sankavi someone linked to a couple of pages back - and it is such a good video! I really recommend watching it, because the woman in the vid, Sankavi, is very articulate, makes a lot of good points AND she is very good at reflecting about being a woman of color and having her own struggles, but also acknowledging privileges she has and how Ashley, who is way more privileged than her, doesn't acknowledges any of hers and even spins her racks-to-riches-story. Also, Sankavi dropped out of college and talks about Ashley's elitism and I find it so ironic, how Ashley feels so important and superior to others for going to UCLA and having a college degree, whereas other women, who have dropped out are so much more articulate, mature and able to have a distinct conversation about privilege and politics. I mean, we all know, that a degree doesn't make you a fucking better, superior and smarter person by default, but that's what Ashley thinks and it is so funny to see how she mentioned in her e-girl vid some super basic feminist stuff and proudly proclaimed that she learned that in film school and other women of color make nuanced vids and are relatable, all without a 100k-degree.
    I'll link Sankavi's vid in the spoiler, so anybody interested can have a look without going a couple pages back:
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  16. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Wooooooow, I did't check on pull or general social media for like 24h due to busy work days and there are like 10 pages and another Ashley-controversy. Feels like:

    I agree with all of you, Ashley, sit down. 
    I also think her suddenly talking about "value signaling" aka virtue signaling just after someone made a whole video about criticising her for virtue signaling shows that she most likely watches all these controversy/Ashley-is-problematic-vids. Also what the fuck means "not wanting to virtue signal for virtue signaling"??? You do virtue signaling for exactly that. You also can't say you don't want to gossip for the sake of gossiping. 
    Because I had to catch up on 10 pages I may have overlooked it, but did Ashley apologise for being tone-deaf? Or did she really just post this picture of her having a look at african-american studies from ~yale~? This post shows just soooo much how privileged and out of touch she is. Being "woke", political and a feminist my ass.
    It is also laughable that she says that she doesn't post about political stuff because she assumes that her audience is already educated in that. Her main audience are fucking teens and she knows it. Why is she reciting feminist hot takes from the 90s in her video like they will blow her audiences' mind if they are already sooo well educated on political issues? I bet her teen audience will take this excuse not as a blanket statement, but will feel flattered that Ashley thinks that only woke and well educated people watch her. 
    Kinda ironic, considering she most likely started posting about all this to fight against the criticism vids and to appear more like this political aware and feminist person she says she is, but actually just showed how privileged she is and that she is NOT the person she tries to portray. I wonder if this actually will loose her some followers.
    Ps: I don't know if this thought is ridiculous, but I wouldn't put it past Ashley if she will post in the next days or next week some photos hanging out with friends in the past, one of which will be black and caption it with "oh, I miss the days of 20XX when I hung out carefree with my friends and not sitting alone at home during a pandemic~" or something like that, but actually just wants to show, that she, Ashley, has black friends, too! Because she really shows that white suburban mentality to race issues and thinks she is so sneaky with her postings with Ryan, etc. 
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  17. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I'm in the process of making a bestdressed-bingo if any of you have some suggestions for content, write away!
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  18. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Let me help you all out with that, I raise additional drinking rules:
    Take a sip anytime Ashley mentions some mental health issues she is struggling with in a joking way that clearly indicates a need for professional helpTake a sip anytime she either says "Neeew Yoooork, beeeebii!" or she mentions something very basic that makes her feel like "a real New Yorker already!"Finish your drink every time she says "my unhealthy obsession with X" 
    I find it super interesting how many videos about Ashley pop up right now. I guess some just try to catch the wave, but it also feels like a lot of people were sitting on some opinions and realised they were not the only one having them. I find it also interesting that a good part of the vids are made by Asian women. So my guess would be that there are quite some people rather critical of Ashley and she is mostly adored by her young fan base. 
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  19. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I would also like to add why it is just such a bad move for Ashley to sell pr: She sold or at least try to sell multiple items from Marc Jacobs that were clearly gifts. Like this watch that costs over 400$ or the very perfume Ashley is advertising for MJ. She is literally one of the faces for this perfume  campaign and has a ongoing partnership with MJ for over a year, this brand got her into Fashion Week. In this case it is not simply selling some extra clothing from UO or another brand that was sent to her, selling expensive pr gifts from biggest and most influential brand partner.
    As we are making predictions for her thrift flip video, here are mine:
    she will have a segment where she speaks with her "serious Ashley voice" educating her audience about how female influencers are treated differently than male influencers and vaguely hints at criticism at her as being misogynistic, because clearly all criticism towards women must be pure misogyny and not, like, women are human and normal people and make mistakes too, have room to grow and can also be shit heads. Bonus: Cue some side comment putting other women down or making Ashley better than others just minutes after she gave her feminism/double standards speechWhile she's sitting on the floor of her apartment, sewing,  she will tell again some story on how she started out with thrifting because she didn't have enough money for nice clothes and how she worked multiple jobs to save up money for college and generally laying it very heavy on being relatable Ashley-next-door and with such humble beginnings. super toned down on everything, but will very heavily speak about her mental health struggles while sitting on the floor or bed, sewing.third prediction is that Ashley will maybe do none of the things we predicted before and will just avoid anything regarding the building criticism and just do a straight forward fashion video 
    Btw, in her London vlog from 4 years ago, when she lost her passport she had to stay like 3 days longer in England as originally planed and she said that she was tutoring high schoolers for some exam and by coming back 3 days later she was missing out on a couple of hundred dollars in tutoring money. What recent high school graduate makes multiple hundred dollars in 2-3 days of tutoring? This would mean that she would have taken like 50$/h, but I guess living in one of the richest counties of the US pays you decent money, even as a recent high school graduate. Sharing this not to bash or to suggest tutors should not make good money, if you are a good tutor you should get decently paid, just want to point out that even as a high schooler Ashley wasn't hurting for money and was already making more than double the money an hour than some people working minimum wage make.
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  20. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    As someone already stated, Ashley is definitely not the only influencer selling pr, generally I find it immoral to sell stuff you get free to advertise and being paid for to do so, but I can at least understand if smaller influencers do it if they are in a financially though spot. It is not the most awesome thing, but if you struggle to pay rent one month for whatever reason, yeah go and sell that extra make up and stuff. But Ashley is not in a financially though spot. 
    And the other thing is, if you are an influencer and sell your pr gift, ffs don't do it in a way that can be traced effortless back to you. The whole thing with influencers is, that they are the person next door, the friend that is recommending something to you. A person you can relate to and who's opinion is honest and believable. If it comes to light that you proudly pose with a big smile on your face with certain items on your social media to advertise them and a month or two later you sell these exact items, it is not a good look and your whole influencer persona seems dishonest. If people catch on that you are actually not that fond or proud for owning item X, you loose integrity. And if you loose integrity as an influencer you are fucked. You can be the smartest and most beautiful person ever, but it doesn't matter if people think you can't be trusted and you are fake. That's why it is not worth to sell pr for $30 bucks, damaging your image and integrity isn't worth the $30. And yeah, IF you sell stuff, be smart about it and don't get caught.
    I wouldn't be surprised if all former listed clothing items that can be identified as pr gifts in Ashley's store and depop can be found as ads in her instagram postings. Wonder how much pr gifts she sold when she went to this flea market in LA to sell her clothes before the move?
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  21. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Yeah, I agree, she definitely didn't ask for permission. I don't even think it is a general thing to ask or inform a brand of the intention to resell their pr gifts. After all, you are the advertiser, your job is to get people to buy a certain item, if you get rid of the item yourself it doesn't really bring the message across that it is something worth buying if you don't want to keep it. And yeah, ultimately as an influencer you can't keep all the stuff you are gifted, but it is your job to influence and to advertise, it is part of your person online, so linking yourself/your persona to selling the exact things you advertised not to long ago is just being bad at your job in the end. 
    As Momobee said, her deleting her Depop and never acknowleding it shows that she feels like she did something wrong and got caught. Otherwise she could have just replied to the person from pull/gg messaging her on depop with "oh, it's cool, I have permission to sell it!".
    And as I said before, it would have been so much better for her to donate these things to a good cause, giving charities a platform by talking about them, inspire other people to also donate something and getting good pr in the end, that's also a way to "invest" the money she would have made otherwise by selling the pr gifts.
    She also said in her apartment hunting in NYC vid, that she spend roughly 10k for her move, accounting for the moving company, apartment hunting and her apartment deposit, someone being able to shell out 10k for a just for fun move and exclusively focusing on living in Manhattan is not someone struggling for money. She mentioned before how she spend 600$ for a pair of shoes and in her bullet journal video she had a video idea written down, reading "how I spend 400$ just on plants" (which she btw had to leave in LA) and yeah, I also noticed that she is wearing more and more expensive clothes. This is not someone, who is in need of a free hundred bucks from selling pr gifts. 
    I mean, I can understand wanting to hustle and I still tend to buy groceries that are cheap and on sale instead of nicer brands, even though I could probably afford them, because I lived for years with very little money. But Ashley was never broke-broke, Ashley comes from a family that is actually so proud of being financially stable and comfortable that her mother writes articles about it. And it is totally normal to have less money as a university student and being on a budget. All her spendings indicate that she isn't on a budget for some time now and there is and was no reason for her to sell pr gifts to help her out with her budget.
    Not to mention that it is not the smartest idea to sell pr gifts on a profil and on your personal web shop, which are linked to your online persona. She could have sold stuff under "A. Rous" and with a picture that wasn't showing her face or with an entire different name, so that her real name just comes up in the shipping information for the buyer.
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    I had a look at her therapist. She did study Clinical Psychology, but so did I and I know, that this alone doesn't make me a therapist. I don't know how it exactly works in the US. But after studying Psychology one normally has to have years of specific training/an apprenticeship and/or have a PhD in Clinical Psychology. The therapist Kenna went to got her Master's and then went pretty much straight to Japan. Like, I can't super confidently speak for the US, but in Europe you are only allowed to do general counseling, that is specifically NOT therapy and you may supervise clients taking assessments and other tests, but with a master degree alone you are not allowed to diagnose or offer therapy. Maybe the US is less strict and so is Japan, but the woman Kenna went to seems wildly unexperienced and it really seems like Kenna only got an assessment, not a real diagnosis. Heck, my therapist, who is a specialist in adhd in adults with decades of experience was pretty sure I had adhd after our first consultation (but didn't tell me this of course until the final diagnosis to prevent possible bias), but we still did all required sessions and tests.
    I wonder if she went for counseling either because she was so unhappy and anxious with her stay in Japan or if she wanted some kind of diagnosis to aid her in language school/student visa or any other job or visa related thing. Something like "Oh, you have to lower the requirements for me, because I have X and here is a piece of paper from a professional to prove it". This could also explain why Kenna insisted first on being "level 2", because it requires assistent in daily life, proving that she might not be able to fulfill certain requirements for school/visa so she can get special treatment. 
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    I think Ashley overall as a HUGE "not like others~" syndrome. See, she is not like other academics, because she has ~real life experience~ and is an influencer - a hip person, BUT on the other hand she is not like those other influencers, she has a degree! And influencer events are shallow anyways and the fashion world is elitist - but it's okay if she can collect a pay check. 
    It feels like she is a toddler with a temper tantrum but with her perception of her own needs, desires and career choices. Ashley mentioned multiple times that she is a "rebellious" person, which I find a laughable statement considering how much of a people pleaser she is and how needy she is with and around guys. But according to her she is a rebel in her family's eyes, because she was doing an arts degree and not a stem degree, for choosing UCLA and not having an academic career. Among the influencer crowd she sees herself as a rebel because she has this impressive academic family background and her own academic achievements. 
    Ashley wants to be like nothing like her parents, but she grew up with an emphasis on how important an academic career is and its norms and values. So she still longs for an academic career and feels superior because of academic accomplishments. 
    It is kinda wild how Ashley is such an immensely insecure and self deprecating person, but at the same time harbours some kind of superiority complex and feels like she is totally not like other people and also way better than them. Therapy would be such a good thing for her, she could lear to normalise her perception of herself and others. 
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    I think the whole lockdown situation and its restrictions could actually help to put out some creative fashion vids. Making some alterations or whole new pieces out of existing clothes. I think a fun idea and video could be that Ashley makes a piece of clothing from scratch and let's her viewers decide what she should make. She could put up some polls on her Insta stories and let them decide what piece of clothing, what color, what style, etc. and work something out with the results. By having polls she can give options she fells comfortable with, but it still would feel for her viewers like they decide the whole thing and she can order fabrics and any other material easily online, without leaving her apartment. That could actually be a nice project to engage with her audience, make a fun video and and keeping herself busy with a sewing project.
    But yeah, I think she will only post fashion related content if it is a sponsorship or her own clothes line (she already revealed that one is in the works since last year) and generally move away from fashion content.
    Maybe this is a tinfoil hat theory but I also feel like that Ashley did the thrifting and thrift flips in the beginning for herself to safe money, then blasted it on Youtube because it got a lot of views and was/is popular content from fashion youtubers and selling her thrifts made her some more moeny. But it is also very noticeable that Ashley wears mostly expensive outfits now since she makes big bucks and cheaper stuff she owns is either "old" stuff or PR gifts. So Ashley doesn't really got a reason to continue with thrifting clothes, she makes enough money to make her thrifted clothes shop obsolete and she will definitely not alter or experiment any of her expensive pieces. 
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    I can see how she will make a video about it, even apologising if the selling PR gifts thing will go big, but I can also see how she will play victim, saying things like "needing the money" and "that she didn't know better". But the thing is, she's humble bragging about her accomplishments, her grades and her intelligence, saying she didn't knew better seems kinda off in that context. I can see that a couple extra hundred bucks for a cross country move is nice, BUT this move was a vanity project. She didn't had a certain job position or study program waiting for her in NYC, she just moved because she felt like it, so she can't really excuse it with "needing the money" because then she shouldn't have moved to NYC, let alone Manhattan. If she says she had to move due to her mental health...well, it is not like NYC/Manhattan where the only places in the world that could improve her mental health?
    I'm curious what she will eventually do or say about the whole thing if she ever gets cornered enough to actually address it. 
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