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  1. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Yeah, I agree with all of this. I'm having ADHD myself so I know that being inattentive is not a choice or something you really can control. If that would be the case with Kenna we would have seen it waaaay back in other videos, but this behaviour just started with her diagnostic video. 
    I'm sorry if she feels like she has to act a certain way to be/seem "autistic enough", but I feel very uncomfortable with it as it ,again, just seems like an aesthetic.
    Regarding the earring thing:
    1. Did the shop owner let Kenna just go wild with build-your-own-earring? Was there never a discussion regarding weight and wearing comfort for this earrings? There is only one other long and chunky pair of earrings on the side, all others that are on the longer side have rather delicate parts so it would seem that the shop owner has experience and knows what she's doing?
    2. Is the collap already breaking apart? Kenna's earrings are not listed under any category on the website, I could only find it via the search bar. As you see below it is listed under "unknown type", so you can only find it if you specifically search for it. 
    Is this a technical error or do I see the smoke of burning bridges...?

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  2. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    The thing is also...I completely understand that autistic people can have great difficulties making or holding eye contact and that it is really uncomfortable. But why is Kenna struggling to look into the camera? I could understand if someone else is filming as in the Ohayo video, because it's kinda like looking into someone's face, but Kenna started out looking away from the camera when she was filming all alone in her room. I googled a bit around, but couldn't find something on autistic people also avoiding looking at a camera. And just looking at a fixed point shouldn't be that much of a problem. 
    It's kinda bothering that she's now looking away from the camera as if she really had to make eye contact, while this is not what's happening at all. It makes no sense.
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  3. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    As far as I understood she has a 80k trust fund. So even if she paid her Japan trip from that she has plenty left and thought she wanted to use the trust fund for a down payment for the house. Down payments are like 5% of the actual price and she might get a better down payment deal through her mother, so she definitely has enough for a down payment as long as she doesn't want to buy a multi million dollar villa lol
    If she's smart she invested or will invest the trust fund so she lets the 80k work for herself and with 80k you can get some sweet money over the years. Might be how she wants to pay the mortgage for the house, because girl can definitely not pay a mortgage on her current youtube money and sponsorship. 
    But I guess a fuckton of money will go to all the furniture and decoration she will be buying to fill that house. Maybe her future aesthetic will be "home-owner Kenna" and she will vlog the whole house ordeal. Might be interesting if she would gain views and subs because there is a big home decorations/home renovations community on youtube. 
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  4. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I also guess her next big thing will be the house, she wanted one by age 25, so better get going, time is ticking! And having a house makes you automatically having your life to together and being grown up, right???
    This would be something where I would predict that Kenna is not following through because during the process she would realise that this is a long, exhausting process and quit, but with her mom being a real estate agent I bet her mother puts in all the work or hooks Kenna up with other people doing the work for her. So she will shop for aesthetic and maybe also go over budget but pleads with her parents that she really neeeeeeds this house and they help her get a real expensive one. 
    And at some point Kenna will be hit with the facts that having a house is not solving your personal problems nor lack of ambition and that a house is a fuckload of work. 
    Also note that people have soooo many motivations and reasons to own a house as a (life) goal and for Kenna it seems...she just wants one? 
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  5. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Yeah, she definitely doing some vlog or even "my last week in Japan"-video just to show that she is totally not miserable and indeed has the most fun in Japan and is also actually totally not just hanging in her apartment all the time, but spends so much fun time with friends!! Did I mention she has friends and has fun and is also going outside? 
    Totally seems like it is exactly like we thought, so now she has to prove everybody wrong, maybe it actually motivated her in an honest way to use her remaining time in Japan to actually do something. 
    I can already see how she's posting a super low effort vlog so she can show that she has the time of her life and listened to her viewers on what content they want. 
    Kenna: Look at me! I'm interesting and special! My work is getting money from people finding me interesting and watching my videos!
    Viewers: Hey, I find you interesting and would love to see more! Also I would find it interesting to see XY from you!
    Kenna: No! Not like that! Only find me interesting! 

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  6. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think it is just being insecure and growing up in a culture and society that on one hand slut shames girls and women for having sex, but also teaches them that their value lies in being sexy, getting attention from men and having sex with them. All her sex jokes and little comments about sex show a) she is super proud to have sex and get that attention from men and b) she wants validation for that.
    I mean with 21 you are also still very impressionable and there is a lot to figure out about both sex and self worth. She thinks she's so feminist, but in reality she still needs to unlearn, that her worth isn't tied to the attention and sex she gets from guys. In a way I can understand because I when I was younger I got put down a lot, was a bit nerdy and thought nobody would every like me, so when I started with university I was amazed by the "attention" I got and I also wore very short dresses in the beginning, which also got me attention and 20-me was veeery proud of getting so much attention from guys for that. But then I figured out that I don't need the validation of men to feel good and to feel worth something and felt very embarrassed how I was grabbing for attention and validation. So I hope Ashley can also leave it behind rather sooner than later because oh boy, she will be very embarrassed by all her bad, oversharing sex jokes in videos she will not take down because of the views. 
    I found it also noticeable how she always dumbs herself down when she's being with guys, maybe she doesn't notice herself, but yeah if you feel like you have to be another person to be with someone, dumb his/her/their ass. I guess being an influencer/youtuber in fucking LA doesn't really help with self worth and realising that one doesn't need any attention or validation from anybody to be happy.
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  7. sipi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    A while back I looked at her older videos and she tried to make the same awkward-relatable jokes back then but her timing and wording was so much worse, it was just a cringe fest to hear her make all these weird comments trying to be funny/cool. Like, if you have to put sooo much work into seeming like an awkward-relatable person, maybe that's just not you? 
    Or is this an art performance and she is indeed relatable and awkward in trying to be relatable and awkward so she in the end she is not faking it and it is an all over social commentary lol? 
    Maybe it is more noticeable for people older than her, but her tooth grinding effort to appear as this normal, relatable girl is just exhausting and cringy. 
    Also again, she's making jokes about needing therapy and I just feel like this exhausted-Ben-Affleck-meme, because Girl, go get that therapy, you are in a way more privileged position to have access to therapy and I know it's hard, but you are also not dumb and you can takle it in small steps. Making again and again jokes about having mental health problems and needing help is just sad to see. Have to think back at when she graduated this year and she posted a picture with the caption "paid 100k for 2.5 years of depression".
    As someone with a professional background in mental health, but also having struggled myself with problems for a long time in the past I know people can tend to joke about their problems, because they can't convey it in another way or are scared how people might react so posing it as a joke feels safer an then there is also the "joking about problems is actually a cry for help!"-angle. But Ashley is doing it all the fucking time and it feels like this is actually normalising talking about mental health problems as a joke to a young and impressionable audience. Ashley it sucks that you are struggling, but memeing mental health problems doesn't help you and it certainly doesn't help young viewers, who are struggling too and looking up to you. I get that this is also pressure, making a good impression to young viewers and you are responsible for their mental health, but I think it is better for yourself to not joke about your problems and struggles and treat them seriously, you deserve that and you are worth it to be taken seriously. And when you take your own struggles seriously and stop joking about it your viewers will no longer get the impression that mental health problems are not just relatable jokes and memes. 
    Tbh, I started writing the post thinking "haha awww, Ashley being cringy again" and took a look at the new video and now it just saddens me.
    I hope she takes the things about growth in the new video really to her heart and work on that. Girl, getting into therapy and working on meaningful friendships is already more than enough for a whole year, you don't need to have 10 different growth goals. Personal growth and well being isn't a race, handle one thing at a time. 
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  8. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Haven't you heard? She is B U D G E T I N G ! But also living pay check to pay check. But also saving 90% of her income.
    Because she's a natural gifted accountant she has the ability to save up for a trip to Japan in April 2018, then in December 2018 having saved up for a whole year in Japan and then a couple of months later having saved up enough again for a month long trip to Europe. She's so amazing with money, she should teach accounting at Harvard or Yale <3 
    Jokes aside, yeah I would like to see how much she has really spend and how much her parent's allowance is. She said she didn't touch the trust fund, but we know she's a liar, so maybe she did indeed took some money from that. 
    I would have loved to have seen an honest "Day in My Life in Tokyo" from her, because it would have been both super expensive and boring lol
    I guess this whole ordeal was easily 40k and more, considering flights, rent, school fees, general fees for paper work, her big day to day spending and we don't know how much money she spend on "getting her modelling career started". Guess, Kenna is "living the life" in her parents eyes and maybe they think of her as very brave, getting out there into the world and moving around the globe, but in the end they just enable her entitlement and warped concept of spending and money.
    My average life for a year amounts to a quarter or less of what she may have spend for this year and yeah as a student I have to budget a lot (like real budgeting, not kenna-style budgeting lol), but hey, I'm actually happy and content with my life and on my way getting that ~dark academia diploma~ very soon, so I don't envy Kenna in the slightest for all her money, lifestyle and entitlement.
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  9. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I find it interesting tat she was stating in her "starting anew" video, that she kept her move to Japan a secret (I mean not really, pull knew it right away), because she wanted to be 100% that everything would work out. In spring/early summer she made some semi announcement that she had exciting things to share and she said she applied for a new visa. At some point she also said she got the entertainment visa? Does anybody remember what she said back then? Because after being so precautious with announcing her move, why did she act like she was getting that entertainment visa? I don't think it was even a close call really, because her channel is lacking Japan-specific content, she put no work into her language school/learning the language, had no experience with modelling and of course doesn't have higher education (that is Japan-related). But she seemed kinda sure she would get that visa? Was she just SO full of herself or why did she suddenly teaser jobs and a visa she wasn't approved for yet? 
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  10. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Yeees, I love the idea for a pancake series! There was also a Kingdom Hearts Café in two locations from February to April in Tokyo, which she could have visited. And Japan/Tokyo is very well known for having these heavily themed pop up Cafés for Disney, Pokemon and more. They are super expensive but it's not as if that would be a problem for Kenna. 
    I find it hilarious how she proclaims that she did Japan just for herself, but ended up spending so much time inside her apartment anyways. She posted so much and made so many "relatable" jokes about being a homebody in Tokyo. Staying inside - but in Japan! as a form of self care. lol
    My guess of why she refuses to share anything of her experience in Japan is that she had this plan of reviving her channel and content as others already stated and she herself talked about her "fresh start" in Japan. She wanted to make new content, wanted to start her modelling career and just had her weeabo dream of her life in Japan. She didn't get an entertainment visa and career started, but she also obviously didn't enjoy her time in Tokyo/Japan. So she's super bitter on a "professional"/career level, but also on a personal level, she resents her choice of moving and spending all this time and money on it. People asking for content just reminds and confronts her again and again with her resentment, so she lashes out and is just being (even more so than usual) a rude bitch. Funny, how she acts as if she's being the victim of the unreasonable "demands" and requests of her viewers. Girl, you want people to watch you so you get your yt money and sponsorships, plus you love the attention, so lashing out when people ask you for specific content and act like you are being harassed and getting unreasonable demands is just too funny. 
    As someone said some pages ago, yeah she makes money from doing nothing and I would love to get like 800$ a month for doing nothing, so fair point, but her subscribers and view count dwindle more and more, she's rude and alienates her viewers, at some point there will not be enough money for her to stay a self employed youtuber. I can see her being even more rude and self important because of her Japan fail, so even more people will wave goodbye. 
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  11. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I had a look at her announcement video for her move to Japan because I wanted to see what she was promising back then. First off, she explained how she's going to sell ALL of her belongings before moving to Japan, which seemed so off to me. Nothing wrong with decluttering, especially before a move, but if she really planed on going away for a single year, why getting rid of all belongings? 
    Well let's get to the part of the video, where she's talking about what to expect:

    Girl promising a set upload schedule after being settled in with school. Well, we know how that turned out. Not like it got really better after she quit language school.

    She actually encourages her viewers to tell her what they want to see and what her videos should be about while she's in Japan. She never did any of those and bitches about her viewers asking about it??? She asked for it!! Let alone that Youtube is her job and paying her bills, so much for "not owing anything to anyone". Without her viewers she wouldn't have her "job" and make money off of youtube, but she also literally ASKED VIEWERS FOR IDEAS AND WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE. 
    Bonus points and shout out to the comment from December 2018:

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  12. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Seems like it. The only game she ever mentions and according to her the perfect game to her interest. Super worth it to buy a new PS4 just for that one game.
    Btw, just out of curiosity I looked up if one could use an US PS4 in Japan and also access the Playstation Network and buy US games, and the answer is YES. 
    This girls is so dense. She could have brought her PS4 from the US to Japan in her luggage and just buy Kingdom Hearts 3 online. There was no need to buy a whole new PS4 and let her sister ship the game from the US to her. I understand people want a physical copy of a game, but she was bitching so much about having to wait for the shipped game to arrive, if she was so in need of KH3, she could have bought it online. 
    Again and again I'm still just so amazed by people (Kenna), who don't have to save money and just spend, spend, spend. 
    Moving to a new country just for fun? Sure.
    Renting an expensive apartment just for the aesthetic? Sure.
    Buying new furniture for less than 10 months of stay? Sure. 
    Buying a new PS4 and TV just for one single game? Sure. 
    Taking a month long vacation from your year long vacation? SURE. 
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  13. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Thing is, she deleted so many of her old videos for her "fresh start", so there aren't just that many past videos that still get views. Also since she moved Japan, she only lost subscribers till August. Then she gained subscribers again, but it's not much. She actually lost 2k subscribers alone on Tuesday. Also shows that quite some people are not into her content anymore. 
    She gets like 200k views per month, which is for her subscriber count and in general rather low. There are people with less than half her subscriber count, who make twice or trice her view count. She has 25k views on her newest video, that's 2% of her subscribers. 
    Well established Youtubers with an engaged audience make like 5k per sponsorship, but that are people way more successful than Kenna. So I would assume she makes like half per sponsorship. With yesstyle the deal also seems to be to get free clothes, so she might be "paid" in part with that.
    Kenna might still make money, but her view count gets lower and lower and she looses more subscriber than she gains. Her more viewed videos that are a bit older have been viewed by 11% of her subscribers. 
    Another point is, that Kenna has not really ambition or strife to grow her YT channel and engage her audience. And with her nice money pillow from her family she doesn't have the need to do so. So her channel slumps around, she makes bad managing decision (i.e. deleting all the older videos and I think like 50Mil views) and with lesser views and subscribers it will be less money for ads. Also, as a self employed person she has to pay thick taxes. Maybe she's still on the insurance of her parents, but if not, that also would cost again a lot of money. 
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  14. sipi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    As far as I remember she wants to use he trust fund to make the down payment for the house, but I guess as she doesn't make that much money and blows it all on buying unnecessary things and traveling her parents will have to help her out with paying. 
    Also I love love love love how she wrote "buy a house at 25 and then chill a bit". Like, isn't she chilling THE WHOLE TIME SINCE GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL??? Tbh, she's chilling her whole life?? 
    She can't support herself on her own now, never had to and makes like 10k per year from youtube. Of course she also gets money from sponsored content, but let's not forget, that youtubers are self-employed and have to pay taxes, so even with sponsoring she can't have THAT much money after taxes. How will any adoption agency see her financial situation as stable and as anywhere enough to fully support a child?? The agency must be certain, that the person, who wants to adopt is financially stable for the next 10+ years, Kenna doesn't seem financially stable now, let alone the next years. Let alone that single people have it way harder to adopt a kid than couples. 
    Well Kenna, if you really want to adopt, better start NOW to get financially stable and independent. Get a job, get an education. Your future child can't live from artsy DIYs and Squarespace ads.
    And neither can you in a couple of years anyways.
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