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  1. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

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  2. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    Its really dumb because not everyone is gonna like her. That just inevitable. Also wouldn't she be more cautious since she had an online presents before ? Some people can see through whatever persona she is trying to front to the internet. I seriously don't know her from tumblr, but just the current group of people she associates herself with are super controversial. for her to get so butt hurt over one persons mean tweet truly shows how much she is dependent on only praise. Annie Please have some self respect. I couldn't understand having a fan base of Horny edgy-joke incels. Don't people want to interact with people who have common interest? What does having a say in that community give you other than being lusted over?
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  3. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    This shit is so fucking ironic because she dogpiles on other women. I don't understand how not aware of her hypocrisy. Its truly worm brains. she bashes on other women based off of her own personal grievances. I feel like shes changing her tune because she doesn't want something like that to happen to her. no one is safe from criticism and that's just not in anyone's control.  
    also i wonder if shes still using that private 26$ to access twitter account. she probably talking mad shit about shatski or however its spelled in addition to her angry tweets about this thread of hers.
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  4. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

  5. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    yea idk she looks so much better with dark hair so I think she looks good. Also the turtle neck and all black looks real slimming. The location she took the pics is pretty tho 
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  6. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    In the old tumblr photos she looks so much more human lol. I think she’s just over all pretty average looking and she’s striving for this type of look that’s kinda unattainable like beautiful innocent Japanese girl but the disconnect is so big irl that it’s such a shock. These are some more recent pics and it’s like more strategic and more effort in general but to me it just looks uncanny valley esk because of said dissonance. Also the pic with the white girl she filtered the comments on it so I wonder if people were coming for her lack of shade match lol

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  7. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    its still up on her twitter. 
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  8. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    lmaoooooo she does not need bangs. she looks good with her dark hair and looked best when she was a bit more normal and had her ombre. i don't know what is going on in her head that tells her that having the fried orange thick disheveled hair reads as cute-sexy Japanese jav model. remember how they said she has a green undertone ??? why does she do her self so god dam dirty? frankly its self sabotage to give yourself bad poorly colored hair when you're whole reason of being online is for attention. 
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  9. pickledheart added a post in a topic Miles Jai   

    Ive been watching miles since his scene high school days. i LOVE miles. 
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  10. pickledheart added a post in a topic melovemealot   

    i dont know about the tic tock boy but its crazy how shes like 30 ! i thought she was way younger and its no surprise to me that its is through the aid of plastic surgery is the reason why. i dont follow her but i really like her pic edits and it kinda sucks to see she isnt as original as she makes herself out to be. she still to me is a artistic person i think it probably is true that she loves herself a lot lol. i dont think shes completely devoid of originality but i would say that she probably follows trends very closely. i think that its weird that shes trying to hang w the "young" crowd. it makes me feel wayyyy better (abt my own looks) tho to see the before pics. she had a good surgeon because i couldn't tell and she rlly does look good. 
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  11. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    If that other ~copycat~ is lurking and privated because of the fact that they were mentioned then i feel like without a doubt she is somewhat inspired by annie. i feel like there is definitely more ppl who have the same vibe or whatever word we use to describe a similarity.  
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  12. pickledheart added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    mei's hair looks so good so does her bfs. did he dye his hair before or is this a recent thing for him? both of their hairs seem perfectly quaffed and styled. im slightly envious lol. shes lucky shes able to get her hair done so often. hair appointments are definitely not cheap especially when it comes to color. she probably came from a well off family but also built her online profile. i mean i don't think she would have been able to do the modeling shes done if it had not been for Instagram and YouTube. 
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  13. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    this girl is throwing me way the hell off now. I mean at least annie was the first of i guess this new type of personality. i don't like seeing just a refurbished different-aesthetic yet same girl hating other girls for no reason but for cool w the guys points. its like dainty wanna be high fashion mixed w weeb anime school girl. i really hope this doesn't come a bigger more adopted persona. i mean at least annie can have some sort of relevancy for i guess being the head of this type look or at least to my knowledge the first two make it their own thing. either way the jokes aren't funny and its very gross to see men go absolutely bonkers for it. but i guess props to her for achieving what i think she was going for ? she wanted internet attention and i think its been very much validated. unless my take is wrong. that's okay too. that girl is getting into the game and i dont see why she cant profit as well? even if it is p cringy and kinda deplorable.
    the only thing is i despise how she co-opted bunnies as a symbol of herself. shes not a cute fuzzy innocent animal. shes a human regular average looks person.
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  14. pickledheart added a post in a topic Annie Z   


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  15. pickledheart added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Hi i'm kinda new to this site so i don't really know how to use it fully but I've followed April for quite some time. I can 100% say without a doubt that her new boyfriend is so much more suited to her. Hes definitely more handsome and well built than Christian. They're an attractive couple. Christian to me looks like he has a man baby face w a receding hairline and April is just an overall cute and attractive gal. the fact that the new boyfriend likes to exercise and go out a lot is really good for April especially since she has dealt with depression. i didn't even realize for a while that they had broken up considering that i don't follow christian and he is more overt about them not being together (to an extent, more just showing whats her face off). Its also good that her new man isn't about hamming it up for social media considering her always being on it. I know i sound really positive but i really think shes leveling up. her style is even maturing although maintaing a cute vibe. And like people have stated she seems a lot more calm. though i haven't been following her so long that i knew of any past relationships but her and Christian. But to me it didn't feel like it would last. 
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