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  1. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    who was saying stuff about her body and honestly you sound like you are a white knight possibly eveeven the girl in the photo.
    Yea i believe you that she 100% looks like these shitty uncanny valley photoshops on real life "rolls eyes" .
    Yall are so transparent when yall come on here trying to defend your friends lmaoo
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  2. Cosergod added a post in a topic Riss / A_Smile_And_A_Song / Minteaprince   

    Lol I'm reading the first post now as soon as I read your description of this cosplayer I knew they was going to be cringey worthy.
    They look like ever other unattractive nonbinary afab at birth on tumblr.
    um you can still be feminine and be a trans boy so I'm not understanding their logic. I do have issue with the transtrenders. It seems this describes alot of the fake bois in the cosplay community like knitemaya.  I dont get how cis women find these fake bois attractive between their shitty chin edits and actual face they look nothing even close to biological males .
    my problem with this stuff an is it all extends from weird ass teenage girls who are way to much into yaoi and gay fanfiction. It comes off as very fetishy. My first interaction with trans tenders was large groups of cis white girls on tumblr who seem to actively be searching for some type of oppressed identity claim.  They treat oppression like its sn identity itself. The whole tumblr culture is weird and problematic as hell.
    its funny trans women get accused but with at least 50% of the nonbinary /transwoman community I've come across on tumblr who are bio women yet dress as men its very clearly a fetish for them. Virtually almost all of them got into dressing as boys through yaoi anime and they write two fanfiction and fetishize real life gay couples.
    tumblr use to have a tag called men loving men and it was hilarious it was all tteenage white gifls dressed as their favorite Male characters (often shit tier cosplay) and they would have all these sexually suggestive photos.
    it was odd bdcause dressed up like men 90% of them looked like 12 year old boys and sexy is the last term I would used to describe a 12 year old boy. Also alot of themhad that same   shitty bieber style haircut and were mostly unattractive.
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  3. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    it looks like she is wearing a mask and this is apparent if u look at her neck. Her head look like it was copied and pasted on her body. Her photoshop skills are shit tier and so awful.
    I give her an F.  It be better if she attempted photoshopping actual professional photos instead of selfies taken with a cellphone. 
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  4. Cosergod added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    honestly I highly doubt bts would be attracted to these girls anyway from the way I've seen alot if die hard fangirls look most of them aren't what I would see most men describing as hot.
    there is a reason they get so caught up in vicariously living through pop stars they dont got much going on in their own lives.
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  5. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    vicki edited orr not isnt really attractive at all in my opinion. Her face always looks like she went and decided to get plastic surgery yet said fuck it and stopped in the middle of the surgery .
    her chin photoshops are so awful and just make it look worse  Also I'm tired of cosplayers wearing drag queen boobs ourside of cosplay it looks super odd and is not attractive. 
    she claims to be only like 21 but she looks to be st least 30. On lolcow they exposed she was lying about her age
    her pictures look so odd the chip photoshop and her over all look scream drag queen in the last two pictures.
    i think this chick is st least 31 trying to pose as 21 year old yet she looks like a worn out porn star. If she really was in her early 20s her entire look is sad and the surgery has done her no favors.
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  6. Cosergod added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    I some what agree with you on the misogyny but pretending like kpop, bieber stans and one direction stans dont spam their shit every where even in spaces that have absolutely nothing to do with kpop or said pop artists is laughable. 
    I dont even listen or watch kpop bit know of them because the fanbase literally sspms the comment section of every other artist on youtube with their bullshit. 
    dont get me started on how fand harass ppl for not liking kpop, send death threats to journalists who have unfavorable views of their favorite artists, harass and threaten girlfriends of their favorite artists .
    when beiber mania was at its peak I had a friend who was attached to bieber by the media and got hounded by his bat shit crazy fan girls me and her wonder why this shot is so normalized no body questions teenage girls writing threats of murder and ra ok e over someone dating their favorite pop artist. Its fucking insanity
    or the unhealthy gay speculation whhere these girls write long ass essays often using problematic trooes treprove they are gay. I'm sorry I find the whole fan girl culture gross.
    I dont build an entire identity around pop culture and I think ppl who do are basic as hell and lead very empty ass lives.
    there is nothing wrong with liking kpop but I will be samn if I ever had a kid and she is having streaming parties so her favorite artist videos can get views, if she buting views for her favorite artists, if she has ten different fan accounts for the same goddamn artist it's a bit much and isn't normal or healthy behaviour 
    tthese extreme fan girls are awkward as hell and deserve to be made fun of shit it is mad weird.
    I be damned if I'm doing all that for some one who doesnt even know I exist lmaoooo. 
    i never was the type to fangirl and being black fangirls are often very racist towards black women I see this intense fan girl shit as something weird ass white and Asian girls do. Lol I dont know to many black girls who like kpop and the ones who do often get made fun for being weird by other black ppl.
    Im not listening to a music genre where a bunch of koreans  swagger Jack african american culture and do it badly everything from the dances to shitty ass vocals why would I watch copycats when I can get the original thing.
    Kpop would be way more interesting if it was more than just american pop music with korean lyrics and those lyrics are often basic and dumb as hell if you actually understand the language. 
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  7. Cosergod added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    holy shit she remade her whole face basically an average looking white girl now she looks like a drag queen. 
    is funny I know it is not the aim for most women when getting surgery but at a certain point with all the surgeries the girls end up looking like men trying to impersonate women. Like extreme over exaggerations of femininity. 
    The first time I remember seeing "women" who looked like this was when I discovered the drag ball room scene. It's funny how that look has fine mainstream in instagram.
    The trans girls/drag queens who had this over surged look often were not seen as beautiful ppl usually made fun of them. So it's interesting it's now seen as beautiful by cis women.
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  8. Cosergod added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I'm curious did she have a nose job something about her nose looks off to me. Also it's hilarious how she has no ass in some of those pics.
    I actually saw her pictured post on r/instagramreality she had forgot to photoshop one of her breasts to make it look as big as the other one so it look deflated lol
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  9. Cosergod added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    lol message from their music  is laughable honestly kpop would not get so much hate if it's over obsessive creepy ass teeny bopper fanbase didnt spam the shit everywhere. 
    kpop fans and pop music fans in particularly alot of the female ones come as very vapid. These teenage girls will literally do dumb shit like buy video views on youtube for their favorite artists, hold youtube streaming parties that artificially inflate the views of the artists, have ten plus fan accounts on instagram alone dedicated to bts including role play accounts. 
    No one talks about  young women operate 100% as unpaid promoters and pr for these kpop groups and dont get compensated for it. The record labels exploit the hell out of these naive ass teenagers. 
    I find the way kpop exploits this over obsessive behavior disgusting and its the exact reason why ppl criticize pop music.
    I notice pop music attracts alot of these crazy lonely ass deranged stans who have no lives of their own and decide to live vicariously through pop music. Its almost always young gsy men or young women and they always over obbess over the artist to unhealthy degrees .
    Fans of these artists will literally buy 100 albums just to get a chance to meet them at some shitty ass over priced meet and greet. 
    Honestly I find alot of bts stand to be creepy as Holland I wonder why women rarely get called out for this over obsessive behavior when it comes to Male celebrities that often is very inappropriate. 
    The fanfiction is gross and skeevy as hell. Also the stalking that  goes in korea is just ughhh.
    Why can't these girls just act like normal ppl. If you like something cool no need to dedicate your whole life to kpop. A vapid factory produced genre where m majority of the singers cant sing or dance very well despite supposedly training for years lol.
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  10. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I thought Hana Buny was the chest piece queen she seems to wear hers 24/7  like a drag queen and it's so odd. I can understand for specific cosplays but I dont understand wearing it for random modeling photos of course the guys who jack off to it dont care despite how odd it looks.
    why does the anime community find this style of photo shop attractive? Her face falls into the uncanny valley and the photoshop is so shitty.
    in some of her pics her head looks like it's literally been pasted on her body. It reminds me of the shitty photoshop you see from alot of asian cosplayers .
    do ppl rreally think this is attractive in real llife?? Also I suspect some of her followers are fake alot of these girls are not above paying for massive amounts of fake followers to artificially boost their online popularity. 
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  11. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    its not really surprising its funny how in the american cosplay scene it seems girls who couldnt make it as porn stars, glamour models or web cam girls have basically taken over the scene. 
    Liz rage use to be a porn star and lookin at her cosplay pics it shows her stuff is always so sleazy looking and she also looks 100% plastic .
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  12. Cosergod added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    all him and the lady who name starts with g designs look the same (i think her name us gladyz kei ). He is good but i get tired of every semi famous cosplayer doin that same design
    he also is silly with this expectation of asking ppl to credit jessica. I swear ppl in the cosplay community take ass kissing way to far he might just end up turning off people with that expectation.
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  13. Cosergod added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    lol i see why he deleted them. Honestly if he is struggling with sexuality than alot of his behavior makes sense. For a thirty year old man he seems very list and confused about his place in the world. Nothin exactly wrong with that except he broadcasts all this to strangers on the internet.
    this dude is awkward as hell
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  14. Cosergod added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    not really but i am weirded out as how low effort all her shoots are yet she us still successful. Alot of cosplayers put out much more work than jessica especially some of the over seas asian cosplayers on patreon yet they don't even have 100 patreons. Those ones are the ones i think is weird. All this effort and money goin down the drain and you dont even make $1,000 on patreon. Mean while jessica and momokun can send photos that are one step above a selfie and make over $5,000 a month
    its funny how the girls with actual nudes are no where near as successful as jessica. Look at jannetincosplay work , lada lyumos and others the level of photography, the locations, the posing etc shits on any jessica has ever done but it seems like ppl love these low effort barely one step above bedroom selfies on patreon.
    She needs to stop being a cheap ass and hire a pro photographer. She has the money so i dont see why she refuses to do it.
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  15. Cosergod added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    lol the fact that this is possible just amazes me lol. You got people on social media whose own family wouldnt recognize them in these badly photoshopped pics they post.
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