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  1. Cosergod added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    all him and the lady who name starts with g designs look the same (i think her name us gladyz kei ). He is good but i get tired of every semi famous cosplayer doin that same design
    he also is silly with this expectation of asking ppl to credit jessica. I swear ppl in the cosplay community take ass kissing way to far he might just end up turning off people with that expectation.
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  2. Cosergod added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    lol i see why he deleted them. Honestly if he is struggling with sexuality than alot of his behavior makes sense. For a thirty year old man he seems very list and confused about his place in the world. Nothin exactly wrong with that except he broadcasts all this to strangers on the internet.
    this dude is awkward as hell
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  3. Cosergod added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    not really but i am weirded out as how low effort all her shoots are yet she us still successful. Alot of cosplayers put out much more work than jessica especially some of the over seas asian cosplayers on patreon yet they don't even have 100 patreons. Those ones are the ones i think is weird. All this effort and money goin down the drain and you dont even make $1,000 on patreon. Mean while jessica and momokun can send photos that are one step above a selfie and make over $5,000 a month
    its funny how the girls with actual nudes are no where near as successful as jessica. Look at jannetincosplay work , lada lyumos and others the level of photography, the locations, the posing etc shits on any jessica has ever done but it seems like ppl love these low effort barely one step above bedroom selfies on patreon.
    She needs to stop being a cheap ass and hire a pro photographer. She has the money so i dont see why she refuses to do it.
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  4. Cosergod added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    lol the fact that this is possible just amazes me lol. You got people on social media whose own family wouldnt recognize them in these badly photoshopped pics they post.
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  5. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    i swear i thought there was didnt swimsuit do a lewd version of kana and then momo or someone went off in her mentions about lewding child characters
    anyways i want to know is swimsuit succubus as curvy in real life as her cosplay pics. For a small girl she has very curvy body .
    her girlfriend bunny is busted and not attractive at all imo. Swim suit is also very average looking but her body is crazy . which is why dudes like her. I still dont understand paying for her cheap soft core porn photo sets.
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  6. Cosergod added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    i think it was swimsuit succubus she also got attacked by momokun and called a pedo i think for doing a lewd of a underage character. Her and momokun had beef 2017 -18
    lol momokun called her out like in 2017 or 18 they had an argument about it on twitter this was before the momokun molestation scandal.
    i notice all the lewd cosplayers have had beef with each other at some point usually over dumb shit.
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  7. Cosergod added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    her proportions are off thats why it looks funny.  It feels like her head was photoshopped on her body badly.
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  8. Cosergod added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    knite matya is not trans nor identifies as a guy i dont understand why yall keep saying him or ignoring that knite maya is a fake boi who uses yaoi to fetishize homosexuality. Like alot of these gender non binary and even a few of trans men are often just women who fetishize male homosexuality yet never get called out for it since its cool for girls to fetishize gay men.
    Like honestly if knite maya was a male ppl would bern pointed out how creepy her behavior is lol. I dont get this whole women dressin up as male characters doin yaoi shoots its weird as hell , creepy and just seems like a sexual fetish that never seems to get called out in my opinion. Knite maya is fine with her boobs even has half naked pics showing them off and people online are refering to her as a he lmaoo. Lol im almost certain at one point she had a crush on the dude she use to cosplay with all the time and he is a cis straight dude. I dont know if they ever dated because if they did it would 100% confirm she is not trans and destroy her fanbase. 
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  9. Cosergod added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    oh well majority of the koreans posted in the thread still look just as bizaree as him and that may be an insult but the style of editing these girls yall have posted  seem to be the popular look for koreans on social media like payin attention to this thread alot of the korean girls who i see who are popular on social media look like these creepy pics. 
    Also arent some of these people ulzzangs because ulzzangs are popular in korea and alot of the ones ive seen online look just as odd as these pictures with the badly done photoshop and editing . Also all of them look like carbon copies of each other.
    did she make her head smaller in photoshop this pic reminds me of popular korean cosplayer lucia. 
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  10. Cosergod added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    this is fucking terrifying like why do koreans think this cute? Like all these ppl look odd as fuck like side show freaks who belong in a museum or something
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  11. Cosergod added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    why does it look  like he started to transition to a woman then said fuck it  and gave up  right in the middle of  it.  his face was much more natural and prettier before surgery i do not know why east asians find this bizarre anime looking /doll like shit attractive most people in the real world as extreme as beauty standards are would find the bottom picture unattractive.
    it reminds me when i look at kpop bands and half of the singers in the group have slight variations of the same exact face only with hair colors changed to differentiate them.  it seems like they have only one plastic surgeon in Korea who everyone goes to and continuously picks out a template of like three features so they all end up looking the same.
    like they all look so freaking bizarre i don't see why people think this looks it's cute when in reality it's scary looking and could be used as nightmare fuel to scare kids lol. Half these people look like they can't even smile anymore after the surgery with them tightly pulled facial muscles.
    lmaoooooo she  tried to give her hips nad ass  despite those very skinny chicken legs like  you can tell she is flat as a board in real life. I go to  school with alot of east asian  girls majority of them have no ass , no hips ,  barely any chest  yet  you go on instagram and  it seems like every other asian chick is curvy with an hourglass figure despite  never coming across one in real life.
    Also  her face is so odd looking  is that how it naturally looks or did she photoshop it because something is off about her face. Did she also lengthen her limbs in photoshop ?? i know alot of chinese girls  tend to  do that nad it always looks so odd.  I bet she is probably short in real life.
    stop insulting cgi models .
     cgi models look less uncanny than that lol  that shit is terrifying and i wish you didnt quote it. If i saw those faces during halloween i would literally  run away in terror like  those are some terrifying looking faces. I wonder how they naturally ook without all the photoshop /editing/facetuning and filters 
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  12. Cosergod added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    lol wat booty. Ive seen candids of momo ass and last i saw it was just as flat as a regular skinny white girl. Hers is more tragic because she is 100 pounds heavier and still has a flat ass and no real hips either.
    i liliterally hollared lmaooo
    iim curious wat is she doin while on cam? Last i heard it wasnt anything sexual 
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  13. Cosergod added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Is that meg turney ?? They both are butter faces if that is meg she no matter how hard she tries is just not sexy to me.
    Like even by white beauty standards i struggle to find the appeal of these two because you have white women who are way more attractive giving away pics for free on instagram /social media why the hell would you pay Jessica a chick who  doesnt do nudes and takes shitty lingerie pics u can see for free from much more attractive women online lol. These male followers on patreon are really pathetic.
    Like i cant knock her hustle she got dudes paying for lingerie pics that look no better than the provocative pics of college girls u see online but because she is a "famous" cosplayer ppl are willing to pay money to see her low effort content. 
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  14. Cosergod added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    lol girl these girls be chargin men $200 for lewds censor the photos and when u find it uncensored she actually still wearing clothes as lewd as cosplay has gotten only kay bear , the russian cosplayers and literal webcam girls in the cosplay scene are the only ones to get fully nude.
    these girls some one manage to trick dudedudes into payin $100 plus for a pixelated upskirt pic lol pixelation to pretend she has no underwear 
    it really shows how pathetic some men are lol 
    honestly online i see alot of plain average lookin women milkin men out of their money. Lol i always joked if i was a woman i be a millionaire dudes pay $100 a month to look at half nude pics of a woman who looks no better than the every day womsn walking the street most women even the most deseperate of women would never do that lol
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  15. Cosergod added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    in her old pics she is very plain looking for some odd reason women cant not accept being average.
    its like seriously average/plain looking girls do the absolute most to stand out sometimes they come off as try hards. She was never ugly at all but nothing absolutely nothing about her stands out.
    i see why alot oof these women.use photoshop they dont want to be average abd unremarkable they want to be a bombshell. To bad she eventually has to log off the computer and look at her real face and body in the mirror.
    the thing that kills me is all these chicks regardless of race/ethinicity end up looking the same the all use the same basic edits and have this standard instagram face that begins to blend together no matter whether its on a black, white, asian,latina or mixed woman. I really can't wait for this dumb ass trend to die.
    her face looks swollen i hope she didnt get any botox or fillers. Young girls gettin botox always end up looking like cat ladies or jig saw.
    honestly this is a first most lewd cosplayers despite all the fenale empowerment dont slut shame me talk seem pretty embrassed about their lewd content bring seen by ppl who onow them in real life to the point girls such as shinuki ( italian cosplayer) deleted all her content after her lewd pics got leaked to her real life family and friends.
    These girls really think they can control where these soft corn porn patreon, private snap chat and private instagram pics end up on the net. Fe galvao stuff isnt as gross as mariah mallard or alot of the lewd american cosplayers so while its icky from what i have seen of her content irs mostly just shitty lingerie pics she isnt making aheago faces and stuff. It still creepy as hell if thats realy her dad. 
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