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  1. mangomoves added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    tbh I think poppy is more complicit in everything than people are giving her credit for. I mean poppy knew both titanic and mars argo before poppy and titanic were working together, she had to have known about computer show and mars argo's whole schtick. Like it was included in the lawsuit that poppy bleached her hair before her and titanic were working together unless titanic from the very inception was forcing poppy to act like his ex (which personally i think is unlikely) poppy knew what she was doing and was complicit. personally I do think she had a hand in the statement where she calls mars argo a lying attention seeker and josh her abusive ex, mostly because the language used was similar to that interview she did with billboard where she talked about grimes.
    In both statements mars argo and grimes are painted as women who are working against other women, which is a manipulation tactic i’ve seen other women do to try and excuse their shitty behaviour as if being a feminist means automatically agreeing with other women lol. I think it’s notable that titanic was not at the billboard interview where poppy talked about grimes, those were poppy’s words coming from her mouth. I think it could be possible that titanic helped her write the mars argo statement but I do think she did have a large part in it.
    tbh poppy reads as more subtle and smarter in her manipulation tactics than titanic to me? I mean titanic is a loud asshole who blatantly and rudely calls out other people for copying, he had thousands of tweets being openly derisive of mars argo, he knew he was being filmed and still broke those wine glasses and went on that weird monologue where he used the n-word. he went to court against josh brolan and lost because the evidence shows that josh wasn’t an actual threat, AND despite the fact that poppy had also filed a restraining order against josh brolan accusing him of stalking and said that she feared for her life, titanic didn’t mention poppy at all in court and there’s no mention of poppy (beyond being listed as a witness to josh brolans assault of titanic) in titanics own restraining order documents, despite them being filed on the same day. If titanic was the one who wrote poppy’s restraining order, why isn’t there any mention of her on his own documents? wouldn’t he want them to be on the same page if he wanted it to be believable? titanic even said in court that the dispute was about a business matter, and he denied that there was another related case even though poppy had filed a restraining order on the same day. I think she didn’t show up to court because her accusations could easily be proven to be false, and despite her not showing up to court she still posted a screenshot of the court documents as “evidence” of her abuse despite the case number being blacked out and the part where the case was labelled as dismissed being cropped out. I think that was a smart move on her part, had she gone to court, she would have had to provide evidence (which she doesn’t have) that josh was abusive and stalking her. now she has the benefit of doubt, while titanic who did go to court and was proven to not have evidence to back up his claims has none, which is what I mean by she’s more subtle and smarter in her tactics.
    another thing I want to bring up is that youtuber edwinsgeneration, who covered the mars argo/poppy case extensively, released a video today about how poppy copyright claimed one of his videos on the matter and had it taken down.
    he fought the claim and won, but I do think it’s notable that the video that was claimed was specifically the one where he explains why he thinks poppy is more complicit than people think. had it been titanic claiming it, why isn’t it any of the videos that actually talk more about his actions in depth? instead it was the video that specifically paints poppy in a bad light that was claimed and taken down, leading me to believe that it was poppy who was the claimant and not titanic. I am not at all trying to defend titanic, I think he’s a disgusting abuser, but I don’t think poppy is the innocent victim in all of this. women are just as capable of being vicious, and while I don’t doubt there’s was some manipulation of poppy by titanic going on, you can be both a victim and abuser (kai and onision are a pretty good example) 
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  2. mangomoves added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    has anyone else seen the new repzilla video discussing josh brolan? the guy poppy accused of stalking and death threats? looks like girl lied😬 theres also a video included of titanic cleaning up broken glass at mars argos place and going on a weird monologue and saying the n-word
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  3. mangomoves added a post in a topic Onision   

    i feel like it’s fake too, what i got from watching it was that onion’s trying to play it off like it’s a big joke and is hamming it up to be like “look at how ridiculous this is this doesn’t bother me!” to try and hide the fact the it REALLY bothers him. he’s a narcissistic egomaniac who thinks he’s much smarter than he actually is, and i think he genuinely thinks this is for his best interests. i think he’s trying to draw attention away by acting outlandish so that people don’t focus on his more real and ugly actions.  either way he’s a dumbass, like greg it takes more than a week for the fbi to investigate 
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  4. mangomoves added a post in a topic Onision   

    there was a post that was defending onision in r/onision that sounds suspiciously like onision lol
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  5. mangomoves added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    jesus christ is this woman just THAT fucking incapable of self reflection or is she playing it super fucking smart with her victim game? that tweet saying that abusers creating a space that caters to their idea of themselves as good and what is right is literally holly to a fucking T. i honestly shouldn’t be so surprised, narcissists are masters of reversing the narrative and projecting their actions/behaviours on others in order to be the eternal victim but that still gets me so heated
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  6. mangomoves added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    i mean she’s probably not keeping the cats litterbox clean. cat’s hate dirty litterboxes and if you’re not on top of them they will find somewhere else to do their business, not surprising considering her hygiene 
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  7. mangomoves added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    i really like oliver tree and tbh i’m kinda worried that he’s in a relationship with melanie  he used to publish music under the name “tree” which is much less meme-y and more serious and he’s actually pretty talented. produces his own music and i saw him live, and he actually sounds better live than recorded and he performed even though he had food poisoning and was in a wheelchair because he broke his leg. from what i’ve heard he seems like a sweet & sensitive guy in person and i’m worried that melanie is gonna emotionally steamroll him lmao
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  8. mangomoves added a post in a topic Onision   

    oh boy shilohs interview with chris hansen is tonight hg
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  9. mangomoves added a post in a topic Onision   

    have you seen sarah’s blooper from the video defending kai? that honestly made me tear up
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  10. mangomoves added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    biting is unavoidable if you own birds and i’m sure she’s used to it. looking at his body language, he’s probably not even angry. birds are sassy as hell and biting while playing is very common. wagging a finger like is one of the many ways you can play hands on with birds, i wouldn’t call it mean. again, i think anyone would say ow when getting bit. i said ow every time i got bit by birds, my roommates cat has a habit of love-biting and i still say ow even when i’m expecting it. looking at her twitter, the bird clearly loves her because if a bird doesn’t like you it wouldn’t get that close unless it was straight up attacking you. tbh i’m surprised that holly likes birds so much cuz theyre very fickle, high maintenance, hard to take care of animals. 

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  11. mangomoves added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    not to defend holly or anything cuz i think she’s disgusting but i don’t think she was surprised. the caption doesn’t indicate it and i think anyone would say ow if a bird bit them, and even her “ow” was more on the playful side. i’ve had birds in the past and they are super mischievous and tend to be bitey, especially parrot type birds.
    what i do think is shitty is the fact that she’s still tryna paint herself as a mental health advocate. it’s laughable that she would say that she’s honest with herself, i think she needs to recognize that maybe her brain and “outside circumstances” aren’t to blame for the consequences of her shitty actions. if she’s actually seeing a therapist i highly doubt she’s being honest and is placing herself as the victim in all circumstances, which is uhhh not going to make therapy effective. some actual GOOD mental health advice that she should adopt? recognize that your mental illness may cause you to act in ways that hurt others, but just because you’re mentally ill that still doesn’t make it okay and you still have to be accountable for your actions.  

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  12. mangomoves added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    i think she did apologize to belle delphine but tbh that read as super fake to me and trying to cover her ass because she started doing the exact same thing (but poorer quality lol) and didn’t want people to call her out on her shit. now she’s trying (and failing) to be a copy of belle delphine with the same pink wig, same style, that godawful ahegao, etc..
    i think a more mature look would suite her much better considering she’s like 27 and its hard to pull off that loli bait shit when you’re almost 30, but quite honestly i think it would be hilarious if she failed. she shat on e-girls so hard and now she’s become one, clearly because she thinks its an easy way to make money so she churns out shitty half assed content, while saying it’s for her anxiety so she can avoid criticism. like girl start acting your age, deal with your shit, and leave your cat out of your dumb ass low effort attempts to get money.

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  13. mangomoves added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    tbh i’m glad you said it because for me i think that’s why i don’t find her attractive at all and why i’m more critical of her. personally i see nothing wrong with being an e-girl, like you do you girl! but considering that she made whole ass videos shitting on e-thots only to turn around and do the exact same shit that she was so critical of just doesn’t sit right with me.
    i also take issue with her past racism. i’m also canadian, and my family came here as dirt poor refugees who worked really fucking hard and took on shit jobs for a long time so that my dad & his siblings could get a good education in canada and become successful here. her comments about immigrants taking all the jobs is just disgusting and an excuse for her own laziness, and honestly i think she’s trying to be an e-girl because of that laziness. judging by her really lacklustre content she clearly thought being an e-girl would be easy money, and i highly doubt she’s gonna be successful at it because her content betrays her shitty work ethic. like aria stop trying to poorly bite belle delphines style and get a job
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  14. mangomoves added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    i might be being over sensitive abt this but i think this shit is in terrible taste considering holly cheated on ross and moved up to seattle to fuck jared 

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  15. mangomoves added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    tbh she really didn’t need to post those 4 pink wig pics in a row, they’re incredibly similar and could have been posted together as a photoset and it would have looked way better on her feed. i feel like she def still needs to work on her posing, she looks less sexy and more awkward and immature. also lol @ “Fashion Model”

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