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  1. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I feel like all her post proves is that she still checks up on him on social media. If it was a truly toxic relationship, move on and leave it in the past. I still feel like they were both probably equally shitty to each other but Ryan has mostly been quiet about it. Dove keeps bringing up her “bad relationship” for some reason...either sympathy or as a preemptive move for if ever Ryan exposes her as a liar and a cheater. But if she’s worried about him exposing her, maybe don’t keep provoking? I know if I were him I would have already snapped and gone all in on her and Thomas for being terrible people, so I give him credit for his restraint. That comedian’s clip Ryan shared is pretty specific and revealing and truly sounds like it could be applied to Dove. Her claims have always been so vague. 
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  2. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I’m getting alien vibes for some reason. 
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  3. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    She barely looks like a human woman anymore. Not only do I not understand why someone would do that to themselves at 23 years old, but it’s even more baffling to me that people find it attractive...I’ve seen plenty of posts on certain other forums from men talking about how hot she looks and comparing her to a literal sex doll and it’s super disturbing. 
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  4. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    There was that blind item a while back about the Oscars and then getting into a fight after Dove trying to take Sofia’s spot as the Disney star that walked the red carpet after it was decided it would be Sofia and Sofia supposedly took a pay cut for the “honor”....that’s really the only bit of trouble I’ve heard about between the two of them because they did seem to be legitimately close friends during filming of the movies. But something is very obviously off now because it doesn’t seem like simple growing a part due to not working together anymore. Dove left a bunch of pics of her and Sofia out when she un-archived her Instagram posts, including birthday posts while restoring Cam’s and BooBoo’s. They still follow each other on social media but never ever like each other’s posts while regularly liking other cast members’, so that feels intentional to me. Although Sofia did like Dove’s post about her dad some weeks back but that’s been it in terms of interaction between them. Oh and Dove joked with fans on Twitter about annoying Sofia for the past 5 years when she retweeted the Dove Cameron Shady video about her annoying Sofia. Other than that it’s like they don’t know each other anymore.
    Dove has a history of responding to “rumors” on twitter so I wonder if she’d respond if someone tweeted her about it. But maybe not because there’s probably some truth to it. Also Dove can seriously stop with her “I love women” bullshit and trying to act like she values girls supporting other girls because it looks like she let pettiness get in the way of one of her friendships. 
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  5. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I don't even think it's necessarily about being invited... Dove is technically a bigger name so I feel like most of these events that Sofia attends would be more than happy to have Dove attend. I think Sofia's just more driven and unlike Dove has her head on straight. She's everywhere lately and really works to keep her name out there. She attended 3 movie premieres in 4 days, most likely with the sole purpose of being photographed on the red carpet. She was just on the cover of a couple of international magazines. She flew back and forth to Europe multiple times to attend fashion shows and seems to have built a strong relationship with designer Giambattista Valli (Dove actually attended some LA event for Valli's H&M collection a couple of weeks after Sofia was in Rome for the collection's launch). So I don't think Sofia's in greater demand than Dove (although hopefully one day she will be) but it seems like she's more willing to work for success and more savvy about building work relationships. Meanwhile Dove's posting insta stories of herself opening up free stuff.  
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  6. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Exactly. There’s nothing different or personal about her music. And then she’s constantly retweeting her streaming numbers...so she very obviously does care about how popular the songs are. 
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  7. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Does anyone feel like Dove’s latest tweet about not putting out music just for radio play is a subtle dig at Sofia since Sofia just popped up on a song that sounds like it could be one of a dozen chainsmoker or other pop/dance songs that are currently all over the radio? I could be reading too much into it but the more time passes the more I do wonder if there’s some sort of rift or jealousy there. I know social media isn’t everything but they never interact anymore, not even a like on an Instagram post or anything. I wonder if Dove thinks Sofia is trying to cut in on her moment by releasing music at the same time and so suddenly when Dove has been making a big thing about her music for a while now.
    Also who does she think she’s kidding...she didn’t write those songs and she’s very clearly trying to emulate certain pop stars who are big. 

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  8. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    yeah the lyrics are somewhat ridiculous but it’s catchy, I could totally hear it being played on the radio but I don’t really know how much attention it will get since neither Sofia nor Grey are particularly big names on their own. I know Grey have been on some really popular tracks tho so who knows. The innuendos in the song make me laugh though because Sofia seems so proper and even a little uptight but at least she’s not dropping f bombs just to be edgy. It would be kinda hilarious if the song blew up and got more play than Doves new songs since Dove is supposed to be the big star from the franchise. 
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  9. Hails added a post in a topic Sofia Carson   

    Sofia is featured on a new song with Grey. Sounds like a lot of other songs on the radio these days so don't know if that's good or bad... 
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  10. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    lol yeah like I’m not super into the descendants fandom so maybe I’m just out of the loop but I‘ve literally never seen anyone on twitter or tumblr or whatever ship Mal and Harry. Like you said there’s a lot of love for Harry and Uma. Instead of insisting her nonexistent chemistry with her boyfriend was too much for our screens to handle, Dove should have worked on her acting and trying to make her character’s chemistry with her on screen boyfriend somewhat believable because it was completely lacking. The first bits of descendants I ever saw was some songs and clips from the second movie and I initially thought Ben was supposed to be Sofia’s character’s love interest because they actually looked interested in each other. 
    In that article Dove also says she came up with an entire backstory where her and Thomas’s character dated and broke up and that’s the reason for the feud with Uma lmao like who does that shit 
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  11. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    The way Dove and Thomas discuss their relationship so openly in the press and on social media makes them seem so fake to me. Sure people discuss their partners and share photos occasionally but they're soooo over the top about it, like they basically give whole interviews about each other and promote their relationship in the press and it's not only unprofessional and childish but also makes it seem like they're not nearly as secure in their relationship as they project. Because when your relationship is super solid you generally don't go around telling people how solid it is every chance you get. Plus it seems like they're constantly trying to justify or defend it because of how it started, you know? Like yeah we cheated on our partners and lied but look how great we are together so it was totally worth it! 
    And then there's that ridiculous cringey interview Dove gave a while back where she says that her and Thomas's chemistry was so strong in the second descendants movie that they were considering cutting the "hook scene" because they were afraid the viewers would think Harry was into Mal or whatever. It was so ridiculous because Dove legit lacks chemistry with every one of her scene partners. 
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  12. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    This video sounds like it was made by someone who posts here lol. They discuss her lies about being bullied and all the confusion surrounding when she changed her name. The rest is mostly BS but still amusing that a lot of the same things that have been said here are out there. 
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  13. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    right every time she brings up her first tattoo that she got at 14 to prove how dark and edgy she is all I can think of is how shitty her mom must have been to have either allowed it or not been aware. Like 14 is pretty young for tattoo. I think she’s said it’s on her hip? So disney prob wouldn’t have been aware of it 
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  14. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I see so many comments on her videos from young girls comparing themselves to her and saying how beautiful she is and how they'll never be so beautiful, etc.... and it's sad because those kids are holding themselves up to an unrealistic standard and Dove does nothing to help these girls see that it's all BS. I mean I don't expect her to come out and admit she's gotten multiple plastic surgeries and changed her entire face but maybe acknowledge that Hollywood standards aren't realistically attainable? Something so these kids don't think they should look like that naturally. Because they could look just like her if they have the money and see the right doctors. 
    I'm also very confused about her approach to releasing music. Apparently there's more coming. Are these songs part of an album? Like what's going on, what's she building to? Is she just going to release one mediocre song at a time for a couple of weeks and call it a day? 
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  15. Hails added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Gave the song another listen because I couldn’t really remember what it sounded like after I closed out the link...it is pretty catchy and I can hear Julia Michaels sound more now that I listened more than once. I actually think this one might gain a bit of traction and get some radio play. The I wanna get drunk right now line is still pretty stupid tho.
    So I guess this was meant to be her single and the other two songs were like teasers? 
    I noticed her song is on the Spotify pop rising playlist, I think Waste might have been for a second too, but like how does that work. Does that mean the song is being streamed a lot so they add it or do they just pick songs by known artists to promo? 
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