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  1. blueberrie added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    exactly! as someone in the lolita community, it sucks how we're associated with ddlg and stuff like that because i find that absolutely digusting. people in the lolita community will dress up in lolita and melanie's fans wll constantly be like "they're like melanie martinez!!!" or "they're copying melanie martinez!!!" she's a really bad person to associate us with :((
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  2. blueberrie added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    my favorite song off of the album would have to be drama club,  because i can relate to it a lot. i like the demo version a little bit more than the album version, though. i wish fire drill was added to the album instead of being a bonus track, it's my favorite song that she has ever made. it would be cool if the school burnt down at the end, as fire drill or recess played over it as the kids escaped. i think that could have been the original plan, because there's some songs with 'fire' in the lyrics, plus yungelita has fire powers in the movie. she probably had to do something different do to the budget. i do wish the dialogue was better, as it seemed very, very scripted and not as realistic. then, every song kinda meshed into each other and there wasn't an exact plot line that we could follow. it seemed to just be song after song, and occasional dialogue that didn't really progress the plot. something that rubbed me the wrong way was the line that melanie said before drama club came in, the one where she said that women are superior to men when, in reality, they're equal. she seemed to be adding way too many subjects relating to politics in my opinion, since it takes place in a school area and not a government building
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  3. blueberrie added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    hey! so i've been lurking around in this thread for a while and finally decided to sign up & comment! i personally love her fashion style and music style, but i'm not a big fan of her as a person. she seems pretty stuck up and self conceited. her whole "baby / child" aesthetic really throws me off, especially with the type of stuff that she sings. for example, from my personal interpretation, "wheels on the bus" is about sex- like, children having sex on the bus. she's an adult writing about children having sex on a bus, which really gives me bad vibes. she also isn't the best at writing lyrics, i've noticed. take "detention" for example. the lyrics in the bridge are "i wanna go home and you say now is not the time, fuck being all alone in the back of the classroom, stop calling my phone to say i've been out of line, when all i ever asked was to go to the bathroom". the last line is really random. in "class fight", she has some really weird lyrics that make me cringe. for example, "kelly had a fat ass and trouble was cookin'" and "the teacher gave me notes to go give kelly, she was kissing brandon, i got jelly". i liked her "cry baby" album because i thought it had an interesting story line and the lyrics were alright, but she let me down quite a bit with k-12. the lyrics are weak, some songs do sound dark but they sound overall boring and bland. i don't really support her anymore, as i stopped supporting her after the rape accusations. ever since, i've pretty much just dragged on and off with listening to her music and such. she's cool as an artist- like as in her ideas, not really as the whole child thing. i don't think i'd ever support her as a person again, after all of the stuff that has happened. sorry for the long post :,)
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