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  1. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    NGL I had to look up who Barbara Cartland was, although she does look vaguely familiar with the dog. Either way, that’s spot on!
    I do think Eileen, who does seem vaguely aware of the notion of keeping up appearances, probably would have had the sense to check out the dog policy of a restaurant when making a booking.
    It’s not as if it’s common enough here to make the assumption that it’s okay so most people would be hyper aware of it.
    I don’t have that level of faith in Julia’s connection with the world around her.
    The question is, whose idea was the lie and what was there to gain without playing victim? It’s a really odd thing to do.
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  2. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Working class and you’re craving drinks with cedillas in the name? What are you, an exotic?
    I don’t think Eileen does the smart part of smart-casual. Let alone the smart part of anything else.
    I’m more surprised that Julia was let in wearing a bloody sheer nightie and got the dog in in the first place. I mean it’s not as if she’s in the least bit inconspicuous and was filming the entire time. 
    How did no one notice until the end? Or, is it actually possible that the Ivy does allow dogs and they actually made up being kicked out?
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  3. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Imagine doing it, getting kicked out and complaining about on a vlog and thinking any normal person is going to be supportive.
    I don’t even have the words.
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  4. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    This is a money-making scheme preying on the stupid and insecure. Don’t mistake it for an ethical business or even a real competition.
    I’d be surprised if they have any tangible vetting process at all. 
    If you look at previous years, you can see some of the regions the entrants have represented. These are not the normal regions you’d divide the UK up into in a proper competition.
    They’ve got a Surrey and a Woking this year. But Woking is in Surrey and hardly big enough to warrant its own entry. Same with Kent and Canterbury
    Last year had both Coventry and Binley, which is a random suburb of Coventry. There was also a Teen Miss London and a Teen Miss Wandsworth as well as a Junior Teen North London and Junior Teen Greater London.
    Julia might be ‘West London’ but it’s a meaningless title as there may well be several other people from the same area competing against her.
    Basically, they’re admitting anyone who pays even if several of them come from the same place.
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  5. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I had a look at their Instagram stories from last year and it’s basically an ‘everybody wins’ kinda scenario.
    They do actually seem to select like 4 or 5 overall winners but the convoluted titles they give them don’t exactly make it clear.
    The team building and activities definitely do no look like Julia’s kinda thing. 
    Dis gon be good
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  6. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Putting your body weight on peoples’ cars whilst taking photos isn’t cool.
    This is a perfect example of how self-absorbed and unaware she is.
    It’s the 4th of July! How can I make this about me?
    *puts arms in the air and looks downwards*

    Pretty sure she’s editing them champ.

    Unless she magically grew stubble in between these two photos or had an impromptu shave in the middle of the street...
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  7. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Both posted after that little speech about being part of the problem regarding female body image on Instagram.

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  8. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I just went through that thread and holy fuck. For someone who claims to have studied Psychology, she hasn’t got a fucking clue.
    Eileen, if you’re reading this, let me explain like you’re five:
    1. Personality Disorders are a form of mental illness. They gain their name because they tend to appear as identifiable patterns of behaviour and thought processes which differ from the ‘norm’.
    2. ‘Malignant narcissism’ is neither a personality disorder, nor any other diagnosable mental illness. ‘Malignant’ and ‘Pathological’ narcissism are terms used by academics in the 60s and 70s to describe symptoms of several personality disorders but it has never been formally adopted or entered into common clinical usage.
    3. Personality Disorders are not ‘Psychopathy’. There are currently 10+ distinct Personality Disorders. 
    While psychopathy is practically the same as Malignant Narcissism, in a clinical sense, it is also not an actual diagnosis despite widespread use in fiction and in the justice system. 
    The currently accepted thinking is that Psychopathy exists on the extreme end of the spectrum of Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Not all of those with ASPD are Psychopaths.
    4. Since you have clearly displayed a limited understanding of these topics, I would suggest you refrain from throwing out the labels as you have been doing on Twitter for the past couple of years because you’re perpetuating ignorance. I don’t really give a fuck how much you hate Trump. 
    Instead go away, educate yourself and maybe see a doctor. You might have a PD yourself.
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  9. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Maybe Eileen is right and we’re all just insecure and jealous projectors.
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  10. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Not only that but she just glued a load of blonde strips to her head.
    Have fun in the wind.
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  11. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I think you should put the chip on your shoulder aside and read over what he said again.
    I don’t see anything from @Lochan actually suggesting that being slim = being healthy. All he actually said was that being fat is unhealthy.
    Now if you want to sit there and argue over the medical benefits of obesity, knock yourself out. I’m not going to go there myself.
    What I will say is that the health impacts of being both over- and under-weight are not mutually exclusive and it’s dangerous to pretend otherwise. Your post is on the verge of going that way. Think about what you’re saying carefully.
    Being slim or underweight not being healthy is no shortcut to proving that being fat is in fact healthy. That particular argument needs to stand on its own merits. 
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  12. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    That ship sailed a long time ago.
    They’re on the public electoral roll. You can find their full address on Google. That’s how I found out Eileen had an unpaid CCJ.
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  13. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    are you talking in USD here the whole way through?
    I don’t know anything about her job before YouTube but I struggle to believe she was making as much as a music teacher. Wasn’t she in retail?
    $32k equates to around £28k which is around the top end for an actually qualified teacher at that age. She didn’t graduate until after YouTube became her full time job no? And she wasn’t on $40k for sure.
    If she was in retail (correct me if not) she likely wouldn’t have earned more than £20k and that’s working full time.
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  14. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    She went big on this one

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  15. Lieileen added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Just a note on the Provacan stuff, whatever about the oil, the balm is complete and utter junk.
    Not that I’d expect Julia to know or care.
    There’s limited accepted research into CBD and the efficacy of the various mediums for usage but the common consensus is that most of these products are pointless at all but the highest concentrations. Which of course, are super expensive.
    The oil is probably not the worst product out there but it’s £70 before any discount. At 1200mg concentration per 10ml bottle, and the website claiming 6mg per drop, that’s about 200 drops.
    Julia claims to take around 3-4 drops per day (18-24mg) which tallies with the consensus of dosage correlating with weight. She’d probably get around 2 months out of a bottle. A lot of usage cases won’t see more than a month. At £70 a go. And who knows if it actually works or it’s all just placebo?
    The balm however, is utter fucking junk. £35 for 300mg in a 30ml pot. That’s 10mg per ml, which on its own is fairly potent, but transdermal absorption of cannabinoids is fairly low anyway (one study points at 6.2mg per day helping with arthritic inflammation in rats so multiply that dosage several times for humans).
    So basically you’d need to use quite a lot of it to have any anti-inflammatory effect. Most of the reviews talk about it helping dry skin or hydration but seem to ignore the fact that the majority of the product is Hemp/coconut oil + cocoa butter and beeswax. Like many other non-cbd infused creams. Which are probably just as effective
    It’s not clear what effect the CBD is actually supposed to have.
    Some of the reviews talk about the cream relaxing them (placebo. It doesn’t enter the bloodstream via the skin retards) while Provacan’s own description makes me want to firebomb their offices:

    Okay then. Yet another bullshit product promoted by a braindead wannabe influencer for a quick buck. Well done Julia. Fuck your newsflash.
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