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  1. Bena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    She tweeted about 3 h ago that she will upload her video tomorrow night  I guess it took too long to edit and upload would take even longer
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  2. Bena added a post in a topic akidearest   

    THANK YOU... This is exactly what I was thinking too! (Makeup addict here). It's sad how she has a video dedicated to showcasing her makeup "skillz" especially when it's all up close in her crusty face. If she is spending so much on Kat Von D foundation and a beauty blender that's easily.. over $70 CAD, she could at least learn her skin type and then do research on what proper foundation would be best for her dry ass skin (heck you can even search for foundations based on skin type..). I know she is not a makeup guru but because a lot of cosplay involves some makeup ranging from mild amount to rather extensive (if you need to reshape eyebrows or contour), she needs to UP her skills. Any other person doing makeup this badly would be called out so badly.. but her fans are ignorant and kiss asses or so concerned with her tits.. it's pathetic 
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  3. Bena added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Pitch Perfect and Jennifer Lawrence are AWFUL
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  4. Bena added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I find it rather amusing how, since we are on the topic of Sharla'a fashion, that despite living in Japan for so long it seems to be going down hill for her? I have watched many youtubers who talk about since moving to Japan they feel more inclined to dress better, are more occupied with their looks (weight, and makeup, hair etc.) even when shopping at the grocery stores. Another example is my friend's mother (who is Japanese), here in Canada she wears frumpier clothing and hardly wears makeup, however when she was very recently living in Japan she always wore makeup and dressed better even when running errands (she looked and felt better she told me). Also personally, when I visited Japan several times I could immediately feel a slight pressure to dress better and wear makeup (my native bf at the time thought it was very strange for me to even go to the nearby 7/11 in sweatpants)... He even suggested wearing other clothing...it's very uncommon for young people I saw. This is not saying every person who goes to Japan should always wear makeup and invest heavily in clothing... but I almost feel not upset but perturbed how Sharla has access to all of these amazing malls and shops (not even just in harajuku or shibuya109, but even "no name" stores have really cute clothing for cheap or second hand shops) but still wears her usual hoodies and is not being too adventurous fashion wise. Again this is her personal style I get it, but even her bf from what we have seen appears to be fashionable which would, you would think only further increase the pressure of wanting to look and dress better (being the same level fashion wise as your partner)? And body shape too, I get it! But even with my 34DDD size bust, I was able to find many cute and affordable clothing (as well as higher end), it just takes more time and effort and trial and error! I would love to go shopping with sharla and help pick things out for/with her! I feel like it's lack of confidence and when she thinks she needs to lose weight, it's a cycle of not wanting to try new clothing or thinking you look bad in everything...  Sorry long post ><
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  5. Bena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I get what you're saying and it's a very interesting idea indeed, but I am pretty sure that the tutorials that focused on specific body parts (arms, waist, legs, and bum) were filmed at her old apartment? Just judging based on the curtains and flooring (flooring is lighter wood and curtains are not something we have seen in her current house, but then again she could have changed them). Whereas the other one she rented like a private gym room I think she mentioned?
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  6. Bena added a post in a topic Tripod/Elbow-san   


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  7. Bena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Never been taught to do an accent even once in all my experience and I've had probably 6-7 French teachers from elementary to university level classes (Canadian btw).. And even then she should know that realistically no French person rolls their Rs that much or makes those throat noises she continuously does. Seems like she is doing the stereotypical French accent to be funny. Kinda like the god awful accent that Steve Martin did in the 2006 Pink Panther movie..
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  8. Bena added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I don't want to make an overgeneralized assumption. But I think she's trying to cater more to the look that a lot Japanese girls go for, generally they don't seem to be wearing eyeshadow especially in comparison to Western makeup. Though if they do it's usually a light shimmery colour for everyday wear like peachy or more "natural colours". 
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  9. Bena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Random questions guys sorry, is there any place to see her old videos (the ones deleted from YT)? I remember her deleting one of her korean makeup tutorial because she got backlash because people thought the korean actress was better looking or something...? Thanks! 
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  10. Bena added a post in a topic Is Dakota Sick?   

    That's a butterfly needle... generally you only see that for blood collection (for blood testing such as CBC etc.). But since it's tapped on (I never see that), only once in an older adult for pain medication. It would probably not be for IV fluids... and you usually only use butterfly needles if your veins are really shit. I don't know what's wrong with her, could be several things like anemia (blood testing), antibiotics, pain medication etc. 
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  11. Bena added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I could not even understand this girl...  and her posing kinda irks me idk why
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  12. Bena added a post in a topic Junji Ito   

    I love his works!  Gyo was really genius I thought 
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  13. Bena added a post in a topic Do real female friendships really exist?   

    Depends on both parties I think. I had a best girl friend, we went to the same school together for a long time, but it got really competitive since we're both in nursing. Also she has a superiority complex, anytime our guy friend (who she is super obsessed with) complimented me or something she would literally throw a tantrum. One time he gave me a back massage and she threw her slurpee on her bedroom floor and cried.... Like someone else said it's the maturity. But then again I find it more difficult to be friends with guys since usually one of the two parties develops feelings for each other at some point in the friendship which makes things kinda awks if it's not mutual  
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  14. Bena added a post in a topic Filthy Frank   

    What did he comment
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  15. Bena added a post in a topic Xia Xue   

    Eh even after the surgery she's not pretty. It's all the photoshop (which at least she's honest about). Don't care for her personality, I used to love to read her blog and I followed her for a while prior to her getting pregnant and having a son. It is good that she's open about her surgeries, but she has a spoiled brat personality which I feel some people can confuse with confidence/over-confidence. Nothing special, she can be intelligent tho, she did brag about her education I read on her blog a while ago. 
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