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  1. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yea she's getting a ton of bad comments for fillers and botox. Everyone agrees that she's trying to be like all the typical YouTubers in LA. It's just crazy that she wasn't even there that long and she's already getting filler. Like girl, slow down you didn't even need this stuff
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  2. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    That's interesting. I wonder what "convenience" they married for. 
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  3. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    new video is up
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  4. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I also seen I believe in her vlog when Julia and her friend went to Paris for a day she had a YSL bag and I know first hand how pricey those are so I think she's been a little reckless with her money lately. She's trying to live this "celebrity" life so bad. Maybe she rents them bc chanel and ysl are roughly $2k and up and that would be foolish of her to throw her money away on bags if she's "broke" like she says
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  5. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Literally the best comment 

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  6. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I don't see the point of her saying her lawyer friend told her not to say anything about it and why she wasn't allowed to talk about it until now. Like regardless Eileen got arrested what would her talking about it wouldn't change anything 
    She keeps looking down throughout the video and looks like shes reading lines or something
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  7. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Ive always known that all criminal records are public records and I seen in the mugshot link that she was arrested in NY so I just googled manhattan criminal records. In other words I’m an extreme creep lmao
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  8. CJ added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    So first time posting here. I've been watching this thread for a while and I started out like most of you interested in Julia and then overtime she just became very distasteful to me. I seen the link to Eileen's mugshot and was so shocked but I decided to be the creep that I naturally am and do some further digging and found some super interesting info.
    Here's the link to her criminal record https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcrim_attorney/Detail?which=case&docketNumber=9DcHbEFIW48h0p8K_PLUS_L6lzw==&countyId=ftUCLXxA/VgUxT4CDSVwBw==&docketId=zlo13Yxfv8ZuzPXSaOHvLA==&docketDseq=o6PDyKIx4BvSfbvyCgDnHw==&defendantName=Defreest,+Eileen+R&court=New+York+Criminal+Court&courtType=L&recordType=C&recordNum=CZzj8yeDE7XvklaeR2NYWA==
    But it looks like Eileen was arrested for unauthorized use of a vehicle in the third degree, i.e., using someone's car without consent. Which kinda goes with that other charge that said theft by deception. What makes things interesting is on twitter she tweeted that her emergency was just clearing up old parking tickets but it's seems pretty clear that she kinda stole a car.

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