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  1. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Just a really wild conspiracy theory that went through my head: could the clearly fake deleted account have been Kaila, who knew it was her best shot at getting answers? Kenna is the human embodiment of a ghoster who wouldn’t take the courage/effort to explain before cutting ties. She wasn’t answering to Kaila so why not try pretending to be a fan? She won’t blast anything publicly because she now knows everything she needs.
    I literally have zero proof to back it up, just something I thought of based on my own experiences. I once had a “friend” like Kenna and wouldn’t have shied away from catfishing just to find out what happened. 
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  2. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    This looks like Pygmalion and Galatea, an ancient Greek myth. Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with Galatea, the woman he sculpted. His divine wish was granted and she was brought to life. She’s holding a Greek statue (zoom in, sticks out the right) so I’m pretty sure she’s supposed to be Galatea, the beautiful statue turning into a real woman. Her hand is still marble and the last part of her transformation.
    TL;DR Kenna is, once again, living Western culture while in Japan despite loving Japan oh so much~
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  3. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    It feels like Kenna wants to be autistic because it would explain to herself why she’s so unliked socially and why she never feels like she fits in. I can relate to that feeling (though I’m actually a properly diagnosed autistic) and would try to find an “easy answer” for why I was always uncomfortable.
    Those feelings in hindsight weren’t really from being autistic, it was deep self esteem issues. We all know Kenna has an awful self image and being autistic is far more comfortable than having to admit you don’t like the person you are at all.
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  4. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I think it’s a deep self image issue. She doesn’t put in major work to build on her potential towards exceptional, because she deeply believes at the end of the day she isn’t exceptional in any way whatsoever. I truly think she looks at herself as helplessly talentless and unoriginal. This may very well be true, or her massive confidence issues are the only thing actually stopping her from being who she dreams of being. 
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  5. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I’m autistic and a recovered compulsive liar. You are not a bad person for doubting a consistent liar. That’s not about your views on autism, but your experiences with Kenna.
    When I was just diagnosed, I switched a lot between how I really naturally act and the way I’ve learned to mask. One moment I could act “normal” or how people know me, the other I was comfortable enough to just be me.
    It’s entirely possible that Kenna felt relieved and more confident to drop her mask when she was filming her video, while she felt more under pressure on instagram so the masking came back. Autistic people tend to mask more or less based on stress levels. I know a compulsive liar when I see one. Big sign: lying more when you get caught instead of just owning up to be done with it, because the lying is a compulsive response to stress that you can’t just stop without treatment.
    In other words: her behaviour could 100% be autism, 100% lies or something in between. I’m very grateful I wasn’t looked at by so many people when I went through that process of finding out you’ve been someone else your entire life and what that means for the way you go about things and your future. You’re not a bad person for doubting her. Keep distance, don’t trust her on sight, stay supportive for autistic people in general.
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  6. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I have a suspicion that Kenna reaching fame while she wasn’t mentally in great health caused her development to stunt. I think she was bullshitting a bit at the time and dealing with a lot of self image issues (common in autistic girls since they hardly ever get diagnosed but are incredibly aware they don’t fit in), and when she got famous, she became too scared to get real and risk making mistakes to grow and mature. I’m an autistic girl and I know getting famous as a teen would’ve completely destroyed my ability to self improve, because there’s an army of people watching my every move and mistake.
    This of course isn’t an excuse, just an observation. She still has a tendency to cover up and avoid conflict which shows she has a long way to go. Now at least she has some answers about why she is who she is and she has a place to start. It’s incredibly important that she doesn’t see diagnosis as the final station, but a new puzzle piece to become her best self. She needs to work with professionals to handle her autism and toxic (coping) traits. That of course means she has to want to be a better person. 
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  7. Catswithtails added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Long time lurker, I feel like my personal experience aligns a lot with Kenna’s.
    I’m a 23 year old female who’s never really fit in. Elementary was a very damaging time because people excluded and bullied me. Both kids and adults (teachers) misunderstood, downplayed and didn’t believe me when I brought up issues because I “didn’t look upset.” Because of this, I had a devastating self image and developed compulsive lying disorder. I started to lie so people would take me seriously, and for some reason (maybe because I acted upset in a way they understood), my lies were almost always believed. I was too good at it and flew under the radar for years. It turned compulsive because being taken seriously was addictive and I didn’t at all trust people to believe the real me (because no one had ever done that before).
    I really crashed at 16. I was diagnosed with a joint disorder that left me unable to run/do gymnastics, while my PE teacher consistently berated and worked against me because he didn’t believe in my diagnosis. Then my grandma died. It was a rough year and my unhealthy coping mechanisms couldn’t keep up. I saw a therapist and he diagnosed me with ADD and compulsive lying disorder. I learned about the traumas it came from and how to get the social attention/recognition I needed without lying. I learned how to turn my compulsive urge into less harmful behaviour like filling a single page with 300 of the same doodle. I got extra time for my exams and one of my teachers kind of took me under their wing and defended me against teachers who caused a lot of stress and suffering.
    I’ve suspected for a while now, but just this year 2019 have I officially been diagnosed with autism. I’ve got executive dysfunction (physically unable to make yourself do what you have to do), sensory hypersensitivity (clashing colours, loud noises, clothing labels, food textures), a different way of expressing emotions/empathy (saying a joke’s hilarious completely stonefaced, having an internal panic meltdown while seeming a bit dreamy and quiet on the outside) and a lot of communication problems (I always misunderstand people on the most obvious things, queen of digging myself a deeper hole once a tiny misunderstanding happens).
    On Disney and Japan: Japan is a very popular place with autistic people, because it’s so extremely well organised. It makes sense for her to feel protected and comfortable in Japan, where she knows what to expect and where confrontation doesn’t really happen the way it does in the West. I’m a mess with crowded places, but at zoos I can move in my own world and focus on the animals I love to see. Kenna could be the same with Disney- it has plenty of plesent visual stimuli that can distract from the crowds.
    Kenna’s mistakes aren’t excused by her diagnosis, neither were mine. It does however mean seemingly obvious action might really just be accidental and not malicious. I still have a strong first urge to lie or try to deny/cover up when a bad thing happens or when I make a mistake. It’s mostly about feeling guilty over not being perfect and fear of getting yelled at or attacked. I rolled a 12 on denial and 1 on handling confrontation. You might correct me saying Thursday instead of Monday and it could have me crying in the bathroom. Nothing personal, I just have issues. Kenna has shown she has that same tendency.
    TL;DR Coming from an autistic female with recovered compulsive lying disorder, Kenna is a lot like me. Gaining fame when I was still a compulsive liar would’ve destroyed my weak mental health. Her acknowledging mental things that have to do with her not being perfect is a massive step. Confronting her about lies only pushes her into denial because lying for us is a coping method with fear of confrontation. Don’t trust her, she’s nowhere near stable by this point. She’s not always malicious, but she is anxious and desperate. Take everything she says with a grain of salt.
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