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  1. Breadstick added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    (Sorry I'm a bit late) As a Swiss person, I wouldn't say her chances are any better. The issue is that, sure, you might earn a lot more for the same job here compared to Germany, but food, insurance (which is compulsory) and housing prices are jacked up too so you won't get far with it. Add in the cost of healthcare (which for some reason is much more expensive than neighbouring countries) and if she ever decides to start therapy, it's rarely going to be covered by insurance. (Fortunately, some programs subsidize part of the cost though).
    You're right in that if she finished obligatory school (2 years kindergarten, 6 years primary school and 3 years secondary) she technically could access adult formations and try to get a diploma that way. Problem is that most cantons don't recognize homeschooling as a valid form of education. In the cantons that do allow it, most if not all options require formal education or a proof of equivalency. Considering Margo, I have no idea if Venus even has a proper one...  (I'm not sure about the law because her case is pretty unique and her situation is mostly speculation.)
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  2. Breadstick added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Poor girl... Even when she's on the ground during her panic attack (covering herself up to avoid upskirt shots) she's still surrounded by this barricade of stacked perverts trying to take pics of her boobs and panties, who don't see anything wrong with what they do. Low-anglers are the worst...

    As much as I love bitching about him, I'm glad he's acknowledging that this is unacceptable behavior at least.
    It's definitely a big step up from slut-shaming women, but yeah, like you said it's still in the same vein. Just because some people see a woman and think "You're acting sexy and having fun? You asked for me to harass you.", doesn't mean Joey is much better for saying: "You're acting sexy and having fun? You're disgusting and ruining Halloween!" (Or justifying his thing for loli porn for that matter)
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  3. Breadstick added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Alex Mahan, 1 month after the release of AL: 
    "I'm sorry, dear Yandere Simulator fans. As I'm sure you already know, I authorized a Yandere Simulator and Dark Deception crossover called "Ayano's Labyrinth" back in August. I was so impressed with the visuals that I asked them very politely to give me some of the assets. They refused, because the contract clearly states that the assets used in Ayano's Labyrinth are the property of Glowstick Entertainment. According to their policy, I would need to pay for them. However, Yandere Simulator has been licensed under my name, which means THoSE CriMINals STOLE my InTEllecTUAL ProPERTY !1! I've been very busy dealing with legal matters and will be taking a month of vacation from all the STRESS of prosecuting those MOney-hUNGRY EVIL-DOERS!1!1! 
    As an apology, I decided to add in a new club: The "Glowshit Development Club" or GDC for short. They are a group of untalented devs who are desperate to protect Ayano's rivals from her yandere ~activities~. They will act as an obstacle to the main character, by updating Nemesis of Ayano's plans and geographical position every hour. Should Ayano enter a 10 meter radius of her rival, the GDC will also warn nearby teachers! To complicate things, the GDC will also intercept all communications to Info-chan, which makes them a considerable menace to the player... However, this also means that if you send a panty shot to Info-chan, the GDC will be too horny to deal with its usual activities. There's also a secret way to murder them if you choose to do so. It's very gruesome.  I want for Yandere Simulator to be as frustratingly hard as Sekiro or the Dark Souls series, which are games I really enjoy. BTW, Osana is delayed for 2023."
    It's fun to act like him holy crap.
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  4. Breadstick added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    He seems to have no problem with disturbing guro hentai involving women being raped, enslaved and tortured, no problem with hentai of underaged characters, no problem with real women if they're acting out a fantasy of his, no problem acknowledging his own sexual desires and shouting them from the rooftops...
    But a grown woman with a life who goes to the club drinking with her friends or worse, wants a one-night stand? Oh the horror, what a slut!!1!
    That moment when you realize that hunter-gatherer tribes were a lot more egalitarian than so many men are today.
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  5. Breadstick added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    I'm happy you're safe and far away from that asshole. 
    What's sad about this "black-pill" bullshit, from the rare times I overheard incels in public, is that most of them are average normal looking teenagers. Only one of them was actually somewhat ugly, the rest were still in that awkward post-puberty phase and/or were really unkempt. Um kiddo, you're not even 18 and already think your love life is over so you hate women? What? 
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  6. Breadstick added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    OT but same it's so annoying. It finally went away 2-3 days later.
    I'm happy to see concern about him in other indie horror communities. The DD devs seem to be a lot more competent than Yandev so I'm hopeful they'll make something good out of his mess.
    NGL I'm just a bit worried about Yandev's reaction, since the collab is supposed to be a full game with unique assets and he'll throw a temper tantrum if their game becomes more successful than his. I can already see him begging to use their assets for free and try to sue them if they say no. 
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  7. Breadstick added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Oof, I saw that. Transcript from the video:
    Geez... It couldn't be because Japan is such a codified and strict society that young people see it as an opportunity to let loose and/or do crazy shit (that's also why harajuku fashion seems so out-there or why Japan seems "crazy" to so many people. You repress a lot of stuff and it's gotta come out somehow.) Also:
    A) I don't think sexy halloween costumes are unique to Japan, I see he has never been invited to a costume party anywhere.B) I looked up "Japanese Halloween Costumes" and most of them are NOT slutty. Unless you think short shorts or skirts that end somewhere between the knee area and upper-mid thigh warrant the "slutty" label. (I don't.)C) It don't think it's any better or worse where I live (Central Europe). We don't have a Halloween tradition but people here still take it as an opportunity to party/drink/dress up/trick or treat because we see it on American TV shows and it looks fun. Of course it won't be this huge ~authentic~ thing like in the US, Canada or Australia, because it's cultural appropriation. I guess it's the same in Japan.D) And yes, we also have idiots every year who break things and threaten people. Idk, maybe I'm wrong and Japan IS like The Purge on Halloween (see my 1st paragraph) but it's unlikely to be so dramatically worse than a lot of other places, let's be real...E) Of course you'll find people who wear lingerie and that's it, but you'll also find people with crazy elaborate costumes. It's not too different from what you'd find at cosplay conventions I'd say.Also about the part where he talks about whether his friends have ever seen a yakuza: Maybe they did pass by yakuza or talked with a member, they just didn't tell them they were one? I don't think anybody is stupid enough to say "Oh btw, I'm involved in criminal activity, nice to meet you."
    OT: I wouldn't be shocked if he becomes a full-blown black-pilled incel and/or if his weebness escalates into Japanese ultranationalism one day. It seems he's going more and more towards that direction. I had to dump a friend recently because of shit like this and Jobro reminds me a bit of them shortly before they started "questioning things" and (half-heartedly) getting into politics. 
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  8. Breadstick added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Why does everything have to be a different minigame? And a highschooler serving food at a maid cafe, whose shift that starts on Monday at 8PM? Didn't the manager think this might not be a good idea considering she's a student?? Who's going out to eat at this hour on a school day? Why are there enough people like that in this small town to warrant serving food so late? It makes no sense.
    It would have been so much better if Yandev had made a bunch of minigames inspired by his original YanSim demo and leaved it at that. At least the fans wouldn't be promised the impossible without any progress after half a decade.... But of course, he had to turn it into a full-fleshed game and ruin it too. 
    EDIT: Oh gosh. I'm an idiot. I browsed the thread on my phone, my post was hidden, I logged in to reply and didn't notice it's the 2nd time I responded to the same thing. Sorry. 
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  9. Breadstick added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    (Dang, your sig is a perfect summary of his tweet.)
    Oh Jobo... During the day, he's a deeply misunderstood artiste with an eye for the finest nerd boudoir photography. By night, a benevolent mecenate fighting against the oppression of lolicons around the world. Joey truly is the unsung savior of mankind. Such a rebel. I'm in love. /s...
    Okay bish we get it, you're 100% a heterosexual adult man, with a 100% heterosexual sex drive, and you're 100% not a pedo. You don't have to remind us of that every 2 tweets with the subtlety of a 12 year old. And let's get real, you're not so virtuous to follow lewd cosplayers because you want to support their passions, you do it for wanking material, just like anybody else.
    Bonus: His fans are the worst:
     EDIT: Quote disappeared, was talking about Mo Dao Zu ShiJobro has always had a pretty fragile sense of masculinity. I don't think him and his latent racism would handle it. Maybe Aki? Although to me it seems she isn't that interested in checking out new releases anymore. If you look at her history, (and remove all the "WTF Japan" content) she posts about many Ghibli/Pokemon/Naruto-themed vids (or just older/longer-running animes in general) and only talks about new anime once every 2 months.
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  10. Breadstick added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    日 was one of the first kanjis I was taught back when I first learned Japanese. It's so simple, common and useful, it's hard to believe that she's being serious about learning the language for years at this point. Honestly I kinda feel bad for her. It's probably really isolating if you cannot interact with people beyond "hello" or without your boyfriend to translate everything. I'm not sure who else she hangs out with, but judging from her previous videos, they are mostly (if not all) fluent English-speakers. If you watch the yaoi cafe video, she seems lost even with relatively basic instructions and has her gaijin friends to translate everything for her, so far I'm not convinced she has improved that much.
    But also, if she has so much trouble reading Japanese, you would think that she'd go to a language school or go back to the US and take proper classes? Has she said anything about it?
    Aw come on, don't feel bad about learning any language, ever. Even if it's only a couple words, or you learn them through watching anime or listening to music, there's nothing cringey about it.  On the other hand, pretending to have sugoi nihongo skillz and flexing them for weeaboo points (aka. what Aki does) is the definition of cringe.
    EDIT: I strongly disagree on it being one of the easier languages to learn, at least for westerners. If you're Chinese, it helps. Sure the pronounciation and the kana alphabet don't seem intimidating at first... But memorizing thousands of kanji, being able to write them correctly and knowing every reading/meaning is pure hell. Plus the grammar gets confusing quickly since it's so contextual and different from most languages.
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  11. Breadstick added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Yeah, that weirded me out too.
    Plus, what kind of "cafe" is open on Monday and serves food past 8PM? The ones near me all close around 7PM, give or take an hour. A bar would be a bit more realistic maybe, but I'm not sure that's legal for a high school student to work there?
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  12. Breadstick added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Hi, long time lurker here. 
    I used to hate-follow Aki and Jobo back in 2016, back when everyone thought Joey was the one who didn't deserve Aki. Weird how the tables have turned now, lol. Anyway, their videos have been coming up in my feed lately and I was reminded how much they irked me.
    I eventually gave in and watched this one. It's so bad.....
    Does she really have nothing better to do than showing off weird Japanese inventions for the nth time? At this point you're reviewing the same products/useless  in slightly different forms over and over again. (For instance, I'm pretty sure she already bought several V-line masks before, but "Look, this one has dog ears!". The rest is like: "Oh I bought this thing I'll never use, but it's fun I guess?" "Here's more useless junk that will only clutter up my apartment!". Later in the video, she shows a wasabi furikake bottle that's shaped like a pen even though she hates wasabi. So wasteful...
    I'm actually mad about the way she reviewed the "Baby Foot" foot mask. It's a popular product sold worldwide, and the instructions have been translated in many languages, including *gasp* English. Despite that, she chose to translate the box with her very limited Japanese skills. I'm pretty sure she didn't understand what it said, since she had no idea how this product works: She probably waited 5 minutes before saying this product is useless even though the box explicitly tells you to wait a few days before your foot peels. She then added an edit 3 days later like "OMG, why did it take so long to work?" Why don't you read the instructions!?  I don't speak Japanese very well either, but it's really hard to miss the big red bubble that states it takes 2 to 7 days to see results.

    I know she's not a paragon of research but don't you live with your Japanese hobo prince? Don't you have google translate on your phone? You can even go on the US website and have the full instructions in English if you're confused! (Also, she made several jokes about the mask looking like a bag of cum, Classic Aki)
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