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  1. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    she's either legally married to her longtime boyfriend Josh, or they are just living together before legal marriage. They are in a longtime relationship and bought a house in England. One of her incel/neckbeard fan found the specific house and posted it on 4chan i think.
    Also no she was never arrested.
    Mugshot was obviusly fake,since there's no official mark found in the other mugshots.Alo police won't let you filter them through snapchat lol.
    It was just another stunt to keep her name relevant after her instagrm got shut down...So after it failed (no one believed the story, many yters debunked it etc ) she decided to quit, and just promote her patreon page through other pages, trying to fool neecomers into subscribing, and deleting all comments complaining about paying but not recieving.
    I guess it's working,cause incels are still paying for edited nonexistent blurry nudes...that they'll never get
    Yes it's not a good behaviour, but she is on this website for a reason...just another scammer.
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  2. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    News from KS whining campaign?
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  3. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    say all you want about belle...but at least she knew how to take pics ( her boyfriend knew but whatever).
    at least in her photosets (not selfies) you don't have a fitness bike as a background...
    i mean oobviuslobviusly those ddetaios matter...what perfect anime gurl needs a fitness bike? 
    can't sell a fantasy like that.
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  4. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    clearly you should not hinder the topic with his bullshit then...it helps nobody to know this.
    while saving her patreon comments is somehow usefull, and in line with the site's policy.
    Litterally this is worse than when she was active...she is litterally promoting her page through other pages,to get new people in,while not providing content for months.
    I don't think this information harms anybody. It's her incels doig all the job...one person is just saving screens for proof.
    We also need a main topic update imo.
    With the scamming added to the main page.
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  5. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    this is sad not entertaining...
    I mean it is, but crying over a websire like that?
    Being a  nobody and behaving like you are owed something...definitely sad to know this will be the next generation of moms...
    They'll teach their sons that whenever they are criticized they should go on the internet and whine like a bitch and that being a dramaqueen is socially accepted behaviour.
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  6. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    She tags curvy and petite...but Sophie if you are curvy you are also not petite...like you cannot be tall and short...
    Clouth chasing thot.Nothing you can say can save you now...admit what you did.
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  7. Liz433 added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    They don't want women for a love relationship...they just need them for sex, and in their eyes everythig else is bullshit.
    So treating them with respect and trying to make one fall in love is a waste of time, instead they pretend sex and are pissed when refused.
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  8. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    because she gets money for nothing.
    her subreddit promotes her enough that new patrons still happen, and they are dumb enough to pay.
    and patreon doesnt care...they'll just ask for refunds unless they pay for another month and see what happens.
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  9. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Instead of talking about closing or not...
    Is there someone with a patreon account that is abke to check the comments? 
    See if there some deleting or complaing again...
    She may beunactive, but i think screencapping her patreonposts could help incels figure out she's gone and be posting.
    Since she deletes most of them we need someone to get those juicy pics.
    I cant access patreon comments from mobile.
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  10. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    What about mercurial mouse? It still looks heavily belle inspired...
    I mean not every gamer girl has to have pink wig and headphones...why would you even wear a ig with a headset?
    But whatever she's not copying her face...and it makes her beautiful more than before.
    I know this is the trend and it's easier to snap on a wig and casual clothes...but she also won't become a famous influencer by mimic-ing belle's trademark.
    Sadly who comes before you with an idea and makes is on the top will forever be the 'creator' of said style.
    That's why thomas edison is famous for creating ONE lightbulb, but any producer that creates billions won't even get a mention in history books...immagine of they only made one...
    You get the point i hope.
    I have no clue why she does that...but business wise i doubt it's a good idea to live in belle's shadow eating her crumbs.
    Still you can make an easy profit small even, but you'll never be the next belle...if you even aim to that idk.
    props to hertho for realizing being her own self is better than being a skinwalker.
    Plus whe she'll be in public,she'll only have herself.
    Posting unedited pictures will greatly improve selfesteem after being accepted for what you are.
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  11. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    i have big eyes...i hate them
    but when i tahe a picture without makeup they look way smaller.
    (or maybe im sqsquinting too much while looking in the camera idk)...but pics may fool sometimes.
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  12. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    its an obvius lie...
    she wants money...she also forbade people from dirtytalkig wothout tips...
    No one sane in the head would meet that king of guys...plus the photoshop will fade irl
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  13. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Men no longer exist...now we have this weak ass whimp who takes women for granted,and believes sex is the only end of a relationship.
    if they can jerk off to online holograms...why waste orecious time building a relationship?
    just sisit on youyour ass all day fantafantasizing to all the things you'd do to a woman, without realizing you never even dated one and lack any basic social knowledge to even interact with them.
    this happened similarily in japan, and we all know how fucked up people there are...workind all day and no social interactions, left people isolated...This will happen here too, thots and incels will be our future, and it's crazily disturbing...
    of course not everybody is like that...now but give it a few generations, and basement dwellers will be 50% of our population...and that will be a huge disaster.
    Lacking face to face human interaction ultimately brings selfishness up and...selfish men(and women) are well what makes this planet a shithole...
    So well i was talking with a friend of mine...he is a guy...and he suggested that the gender roles fight actually turned the MAN into a weakling that is no longer able to be the one who provides for woman and children...
    And for how much i support freedom,and women's right...i kinda agree with him...neofeminism extremism is just crazy and focussing on the wrong points...and surely expressing it the wrong way...with acts of violence and hysteria...instead of through dialogue and reasoning...
    I hate people...
    I hate incels,and well i actually went out with one once...i was basically the only girl he saw in years...for how much i care about this guy...i'll definitely not date him...he has some crazy and wrong ideas...even if you try to help him get into reality...he is still delusional and acts the same way...
    I also had a friend...he is homosexual,but wont admit it...to us, and he is such a weird guy,always going where the fun is,unable to express his emotions or regard those of other people...and its so fucking wrong.
    Social issues are so common nowadays that you nust don't have to worry about guys trying to score on date one...cause that is actually even a decent behaviour compared to the 'guys' we have today...so full of themselves and machism,that they just pretend to be these stoic perfect creatures,when in reality they are just pathetic.
    Sorry for long OT rant...i really hate some people,lucky for me I know a lot of good guys to make up for that
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  14. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    not to mention she'd look a lot better with her original face.
    She has quite a different face from the clonegirl army of belle wannabees and kardashan wannabees...zhe could really stand out, but she chose to appeal to the lowest internet tier with unoriginal copy look of Belle snow app Delphine.
    I dont know dress up as triss merrigold at this point...at least that'd be a cosplay...and people would love that for porn.
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  15. Liz433 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    to my eye...it could be...but im not an obsessed incel who overanalyzes reflections on a blurry photoshopped painting/picture...
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