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  1. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    i feel like if you edited the other girl out you could draw 2b holding a guitar and it would look more natural than this.
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  2. slowpoke added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    seolhyun is obviously aoa's visual and she gets the cfs (or used to anyway) but choa was honestly their center when it came to music and without her...well yeah. i think aoa's true charm was that they had these fun, dance type songs with choa's vocals holding them together. she was like the glue of their music, and their style was definitely built around her voice. without her, their music feels empty to me.
    for example, i was really surprised how many people went hard for bingle bangle, which did nothing for me. i don't have anything against the girls who are still in the group, but without choa they're just kind of forgettable musically? it's sad too because the album they released right before she left (angel's knock) was super good imo, and i doubt they'll ever release something like that again.
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  3. slowpoke added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    a lot of people forget how great of a year 2013 was for kpop music. iconic year, literally iconic.
    in the year alone we had: f(x)'s pink tape album, shinee's misconceptions of me/you albums, sunmi's solo debut, i got a boy from snsd, girl's day's expectation and female president, infinite's man in love, miss right by teen top, exo's xoxo album, 9muses' wild, vixx's jekyll and hyde albums, sistar's give it to me, apink's no no no, after school's first love, ailee's a's doll house mini, shinhwa's long awaited comeback with this love, block b's very good, ladies' code's debut, lee hi's debut/rose, and iu's modern love album.
    this isn't even a full list, just some highlights. i'm sure i'm biased because this is around the time i was really into kpop and listening to all the new releases, but it was such a fun year for music that i always go back to personally. 
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  4. slowpoke added a post in a topic non-facial acne, help please?   

    these are all good ideas, i'd add to pay attention and see if these are areas where you are sweating because a lot of times that can be the cause, especially if the sweat 'sits' on the skin there for a while.
    overall though, if none of this stuff works don't be afraid to go to a dermatologist if you can. in my experience with my acne problems i tried everything and in the end had to get a prescription from a derm in order to see my issues clear up, because there was a medical reason i was more likely to have the issues i was seeing. for me it was a minor hormonal imbalance that my regular doctor didn't think was an issue, but which often causes acne in odd places that doesn't go away even with skincare regimens, etc. 
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  5. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    the plaintiff: your honor i stand before you today as a man who has been lied to, scammed, and defrauded by a girl half my age. for a long time i thought belle was great. she would post videos of herself eating the pictures of internet celebrities which i, a 40 year old man, thought was the pinnacle of comedy. she dressed up in a pink aliexpress wig as all kinds of characters and i rejoiced, especially when she still had braces and i could pretend she was a 15 year old. she even sold me a jar of her bath water which i, again a 40 year old man, happily bought and keep in my dresser as a reminder of better times. but now, your honor? now i have been cheated out of a months worth of pedo bait almost-nudes on her snapchat and i want justice. i want my $50 back.
    the judge: 
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  6. slowpoke added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    when has anyone in this thread ever 'come for' luna or her family? in fact, this thread has basically been people saying "i am worried for her infant daughter" 75% of the time. i think it's most people's biggest issue with jasmine. before she had luna and her race-faking wasn't affecting a child's life she didn't even have her own thread.
    i think the reason jasmine posted that in that group is because a couple people here have mentioned being members of it and seeing her post there. i think she thought it would get their attention and that she'd get a ton of sympathy from other members of the group. obviously that didn't work lol because now they're seeing the truth.
    i also wonder what police she's 'talking to' since she's in korea right now and doesn't know korean. unless she called the canadian police and talked about it with them over the phone? or maybe...just a feeling i have...she hasn't talked to the police at all and is just pretending she did! 
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  7. slowpoke added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    cannot believe i'm dipping into jasmine's wattpad again for info but, she did mention this there:

    whether or not it's true, i don't know for sure but it wouldn't surprise me, and it would be an odd thing to lie about.
    i only bring this up because while i'm not exactly sure how the canadian welfare system works, in america (where i am) people typically can get higher welfare benefits if they have diagnosed learning disabilities. in addition, it may make her family more likely to support her and do things such as pay her rent, etc., at her age.
    i don't know that it would account for everything, she may still lie to get more money and her family may give her even more than is normal in her situation, but it could answer some questions about where her money comes from since as we've all noted she would need a significant amount to regularly make international trips like this. 
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  8. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    yes, as of right now belle has not updated twitter or patreon and has presumably not updated her snapchat (which people are still paying for) either. i think if she was still using sc that obsessive stat dude on reddit would have posted about it. a week into september with no updates...well. it's safe to say she's gone radio silent and there's really nothing to discuss here unless she pops up again or new info about her is found. 
    ...which is probably why this thread has devolved into arguments about titty sizes. 
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  9. slowpoke added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    this thread is getting pretty ot, so anyway back to jasmine.
    her old facebook also says she went to humber and stopped going there in april 2015, the last post on that account is about that.
    i was looking back at some of jasmine's sns that i had never looked at before and this section on her wattpad profile stood out to me:
    nothing really changes, it just evolves over time, huh? of course there's nothing wrong with writing and relating to characters, it just seems like jasmine still has this mentality but has let it grow into actually effecting her life in the real world. it makes me think she sees her and luna's life as a story she's living out and reinforces the idea that luna is just a prop to her. in this case, luna is simply another character in her story.
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  10. slowpoke added a post in a topic Jennie Kim   

    yeah i totally get it when it's a smaller group where the idols aren't making much money or getting sponsorship deals with brands. then it is pretty cute to show support to them with a nice present. but there is a reason some idols of more popular/successful groups ask their fans to not send presents on their birthday and to donate to charities instead, because they don't need a bunch of gifts and sometimes get overwhelmed by them. i think it was exo's kai who got six macbooks for his birthday one year lol, that's the kind of stuff i'm talking about.
    anyway sorry this is getting a bit ot since it's not specifically about jennie/bp. just wanted to explain what i meant.
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  11. slowpoke added a post in a topic Jennie Kim   

    with kpop idols a lot of the stuff they wear is either sponsored (the brand sent it to them to wear as a form of advertisement, because people pay attention to what they wear) or a gift from fans (yes, fans will spend thousands of dollars giving presents to idols who are already rich/famous).
    some of the more popular groups (like blackpink, exo, bts) do own some of the things they wear because they are the groups that actually make good money and can afford things here and there. for the example you posted, lisa may actually own the jeans, shoes, and top, but i would guess most of the jewelry and the birkin bag are sponsored or gifts.
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  12. slowpoke added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    a big part of what ariana and her lawyers are arguing is that f21 intended to 'trick' consumers into thinking she had partnered with them. it sounds like the model being dressed like her is unlikely to be an issue. she'd have better luck if f21 had portrayed her 'lookalike' (lol) negatively, but they didn't, and she doesn't own the actual rights to the outfits she wore or anything like that as far as i know. multiple celebs have gone down this path in the past and it almost never goes anywhere because they basically have to prove the 'lookalike' had a negative impact on them in some way and they usually can't.
    f21 implying ariana had something to do with this line is different though. it's going to be harder for f21 to argue against that one because they obviously knowingly used specific iconography from her music video, including outfits and the font/styles, which ariana's lawyers will say was done in an attempt to convince consumers she was involved and boost their sales. personally i feel ariana is being a pretty big hypocrite here for reasons others have mentioned, but legally that's what f21 is dealing with disproving and that's going to be a taller order than the 'lookalike' thing.
    the nyt explained it pretty well here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/03/arts/music/ariana-grande-forever-21.html
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  13. slowpoke added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    i love trying to figure out jasmine's hypothetical family tree. in this version her half-chinese, half-japanese grandma met her korean grandpa in canada where they bonded over their very similar backgrounds (because all asians are the same), and her russian grandpa went back in time and killed jasmine's irish grandpa so he could marry jasmine's german grandma. this is why she is no longer irish. ^^
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  14. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    that's the thing, in the past belle has always gained back her patrons and then some, usually adding a couple hundred each month. in august she didn't come close:

    you can look at her graphtreon and easily see the specifics. she never earned back her 4.5k patron high of july. in fact she kept the loss of 1,000 patrons between the two months, with her august high being around 3.5k. she always has the initial drop, but it's never hung around like this before.
    the jump in patrons for her in august lines up with her promising to make august 'super duper special uwu' and teasing a couple of sets on twitter. but after that she disappeared and plateaued, when usually she would just keep gaining because people wanted to see her content. however this time around there was no content to pay for and people were aware, so she never saw that huge jump in numbers she usually does.
    in the past when people have speculated about the drop at the beginning of the month, it's been because of stuff her patrons don't care about (the editing, the filters, the pedo baiting) but this time it's because she literally isn't following through with what they're paying her for.
    i guess we'll see how september goes, but august was a very different month for her.
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  15. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   


    and just a couple of minutes ago:

    that's still a crazy number of patrons for someone who literally disappeared off the face of the earth but my guess would be the majority of the patrons she has left are in the $1-25 tiers and may have even forgotten they pledged to support her since they never had access to her snap to begin with.
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