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  1. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    i agree. people who are actually like this tend to think they have a personal connection to the celebrity/internet personality.
    so say they dm'ed belle once on patreon and she replied. that one reply could cause someone very unstable to think the two of them are in a relationship or could be in the future. from then on that person would see belle as 'theirs' and legitimately think belle's fiance/bf is keeping them apart, and that they have to save her from him.
    things like that are often the result of serious, untreated mental illness that causes a break with reality. coordinated social media campaigns with hashtags usually aren't the form something like that takes. so while it's not impossible, i think it's unlikely those posts are genuine. it feels too obvious, like a fifteen year old who doesn't get how serious making threats like that is and thinks it will make him go viral. however, i do think belle probably has had people like that in her dm's before and i wouldn't be surprised if that's part of why she's stopped posting.
    in all honesty though this is what happens when you cater your content directly to pedophiles and incels. all celebs have some weird fans, but belle has built her fanbase on two groups of people that are known to be unstable and creepy towards young women. she doesn't deserve this treatment at all, but it's just...not surprising that her fans are like this, whether they're serious about it or they think it's something to joke about.
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  2. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    this is why nose jobs are 95% of the time a bad idea. you might think your nose is 'too big' but in reality it usually balances out the rest of your face. now she permanently looks like she has a weird snow filter on her face. guess that was her goal, though.
    anyway, here's a quick rundown of how her patreon numbers have dropped since she stopped posting regularly.
    july peak: 4.5k patrons
    august peak: 3.4k patrons
    september peak: 2.7k patrons
    october peak: 2.4k patrons
    people have pointed out in the past that the first day losses she sees on patreon don't necessarily mean anything as long as she gains patrons as the month goes on, so i think it's better to look at the highest number of patrons she has each month to see how many patrons she has really lost. looking at it this way, she's lost about 2.1k patrons since her all time high in july.
    still pretty crazy that she has the amount of patrons left that she does, but she has lost a large number of people. both her hamster tweets and the video she posted don't seem to have caused her to gain any significant amount of patrons. they may have caused a small amount of people to sub to her or at least to not unsub but nothing massive. right now she's barely above 2k patrons so it's likely november's peak will be lower than october's despite her attempts to go viral again.
    just seems important to note since patreon is ultimately how she makes her money still.
    all these numbers come from her graphtreon page as usual.
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  3. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    eh to be clear many people here have no issue with people who do lewds or porn. in fact a lot of sex workers are very nice people who are just doing a job. they work hard taking pictures and constructing cosplays (if they do cosplay) and clearly put effort into their work. i see no reason to assume all of them have a certain type of upbringing that led them to that career.
    back to belle, if you read the thread the issue with her is not that she does lewds on patreon. it's that she caters to pedos/incels, does very low effort work, and is a scammer as she has posted nothing on her patreon since july at this point yet continues collecting that $$$. those are the things that make her worthy of discussion here. if she was just another girl doing lewds i doubt most of us would give a shit.
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  4. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    at the bottom it says you can contact them to be a model so not exactly a huge gig if you can submit yourself. still interesting to see pictures of her that aren't filtered to hell and back. she looks more like a normal girl, which isn't a bad thing.
    what i find particularly sad about someone like belle being a 'model' is it often shows just how one note they are. real models have hundreds of different poses and expressions to work with (well the good ones do, anyway). looking at these pictures of belle it's like...lol please don't call her a model on any level. she has like three poses and two facial expressions, which are constipated-sexy and ahegao.
    there are tons of high fashion models and even more low level instagram models who blow her out of the water when it comes to this. i wouldn't be surprised if she gets more similar gigs just based on her name until her popularity fades. but if she wants to do stuff like this long term she has a lot of work to do, because her name will only take her so far when it comes to getting hired.
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  5. slowpoke added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    have you heard of the milk club in sm entertainment? leeteuk (suju), taeyeon and yoona (snsd), onew (shinee), and yoochun (dbsk) are known members. there's little information about it online, but it was basically a club of idols in sm who were depressed back in the early 2000s. they had to make their own support group. as far as i know this club was told to stop meeting by sm.
    i don't know what the answer is, but it's clear there is a mental health crisis not just among idols, but in south korea as a country. it's not hard to google and find information about this fact. it's practically all out in the open, but many people refuse to talk about it. their country is doing amazingly in terms of physical health and economically. but mental health? no, it's terrible. just google 'mental health in south korea', you will find many articles on the topic.
    anyway i really just came here to say rip to sulli. she has been my favorite member of f(x) since the beginning, she didn't deserve so much of the negativity that got placed on her shoulders. some of the things she got ripped apart for include not wearing a bra, drinking with friends, and being a feminist. it was ridiculous to watch. i always hoped she was able to ignore it all, but at a certain point...it must have been so hard. she deserved better.
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  6. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    to be fair, they nominate real celebs with name recognition like kim kardashian and cardi b but that's what makes it even more funny. in what world would belle actually win a celebrity award against someone like kim k? she won this award because she's a viral internet name that pornhub knows will give them clicks, not because she's done anything to deserve winning. it's pretty much meaningless as far as awards go.
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  7. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    as @baewoolannos said above, the image of pepe+the ok-sign is a dog whistle, they're both images that have been co-opted by the online alt-right (white supremacists). if you're thinking "but those are just silly memes" well, that's exactly what they want you to think. part of the reason they use images like this so that anyone who says they're a racist dog whistle looks stupid, even though that's exactly what they are. for some context, the original creator of pepe the frog has sued alt-right publications for using the image in a way he never intended it to be used. you can read about that here.
    whether belle is alt-right or not, she is well aware what those symbols (especially those two symbols together) signify and who is going to react to them. it's just more proof that she knows who her audience is and is pandering to them directly.
    anyway, i will admit to being surprised that she's back because i really thought she was gone. i guess we'll see what happens when/if she actually comes back to patreon since you don't make money off of viral tweets. something i did notice looking at her patreon is that her 'august update' post (the one with the 500+ comments complaining because she ghosted everyone for two full months) looks like it's been deleted. seems that she is covering her tracks so there isn't a record of people being mad at her.
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  8. slowpoke added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    i have to say if i was her friend and saw the beginning of the video where mikan talked about me like that i'd be kind of hurt lol. she basically introduced piper as 21 year old loser who sits around in her room all day and can't get a part-time job, and implied the only reason she's 'doing something with her life' now is because she's following mikan to japan. it'd be weird to introduce her like that to a couple of friends, but it's even weirder to introduce her like that on a youtube channel with 140,000 subscribers. it just felt unnecessary in my opinion.
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  9. slowpoke added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    catching up on this thread and just want to throw in my thoughts. tldr at the end. 
    i feel like melanie is the perfect example of a digital age artist who really failed to use the internet to her advantage. i still remember when i first heard about her because her dollhouse video was being posted on tumblr, so this was years and years ago. and she was perfect for tumblr at the time, a woman of color who was singing about 'real' issues with a strong aesthetic? people went wild for her and she had what a lot of musicians crave which is genuine buzz and interest online.
    then crybaby came out and melanie had clearly decided to base her music around a persona and aesthetic. there's nothing wrong with that, lots of artists do it. but i know to a lot of people her persona didn't really work and was kind of uncomfortable. so the persona she had chosen was polarizing instead of having broad appeal. (personally i think it would have been so much better if she chose a doll persona off the heels of dollhouse rather than an actual small child, but oh well.)
    at that point, melanie had created a situation for herself where the fans that stuck around really loved that specific aesthetic, but that specific aesthetic was exactly what alienated a lot of other people. she painted herself into a corner, where in order to keep her current fans she had to stick with that persona, but it made it really hard for her to appeal to anyone outside of teenage tumblr/twitter stans who shop at hot topic.
    but there are a lot of artists who only really appeal to those type of fans and still make it, so she could have been alright. except for the fact that her second album was delayed for four years. to be an artist in the digital age, you need consistent releases. (for an example of someone who's doing this well, i think of kim petras -- she isn't super famous but her name tends to come up a lot because she is constantly putting out new music.) instead, melanie basically went silent and disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving her fans to move on to new music. you can only listen to one album for so long before you want something else.
    and then of course you have the rape allegations, which no i am not going to get into, as people have said on this page it has been discussed to death and adding my opinion isn't going to change anything. all i want to say about that is it makes it so people don't wear her shirts or talk about her music in public. people have her twitter/instagram/youtube channel blocked so it doesn't get recommended to them. all the stuff that musicians now use to get people to listen to their music is not as effective for her. hell, i didn't even know she released new music until i read this thread and i am very active on social media in the music scene. 
    she is now simply one of those musicians who has a decent amount of followers on social media (although i believe a not insignificant amount of her twitter/instagram followers are dead accounts), but who's music is ignored by everyone who didn't already like her. that might be normal for artists when they get to a fourth or fifth album, but not their second. it's been embarrassing to read through this thread and find out she put out a literal movie for this album that i have never heard of in my life.
    (a small personal note, i work with teenagers who talk all day long about shit like this that they're excited for. i haven't heard any of them mention this album or melanie in general. last time i heard her name at work was probably...2015 or 2016.)
    tldr: melanie could have had it all as a digital age pop princess but she ultimately didn't market herself in the right way, waited way too long to put out new music, and became even more polarizing after the rape allegations. now she's just a girl who thinks having 6 million followers on instagram actually means anything when half of those followers are probably dead accounts and bots and no one but people who already stanned her have heard her new album.
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  10. slowpoke added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i think it's obvious she's lying because if you are really into fashion since a young age you would say something like, "yes ever since i saw pictures from one of chanel's runway shows when i was six years old" or "yes when i was in second grade i started designing outfits for my dolls," not just "yeah since i was born." by not giving a specific answer it just makes it obvious she has no real personal connection to fashion besides wearing it for music videos.
    i really wish idols were more honest. i would like her a lot more if she said "you know i never knew much about fashion before i joined blackpink, but now i'm so excited to learn and chanel is the brand i feel fits my personal style the most." that would be so much more refreshing to hear, but instead she gives vague answers and acts like it's been her passion her whole life even though it's clearly not true.
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  11. slowpoke added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    not gonna lie this is part of why his fixation on jennie has always been weird to me.
    for anyone unaware, yg's first girl group was swi.t, and their member eunju is now yg's wife. he has admitted to first being interested in her when he saw her on television when she was in middle school. he's twelve years older than her, so he was an adult when this happened. he recruited her to his company at 16 and after swi.t debuted he basically decided he didn't want other people to like her, so he sabotaged the group and they started dating when she was 20/21 and he was 32/33. yeah.
    i'm sure people have heard this story before but it's the reason why i feel a bit sick whenever people mention jennie is yg's favorite or that he shows her special attention, even as a joke. he is just so gross.
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  12. slowpoke added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    it's well documented that yg loves to call his female idols ugly and suggest they need plastic surgery. he's done it to lee hi, 2ne1, akmu's suhyun...this article collects everything together nicely. to tie this back to bp, he's specifically said part of the reason he put blackpink together was to have a 'pretty version' of 2ne1.
    it's pretty rich coming from a guy who looks like a big toe and won't go outside without a hat on.
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  13. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    a quick patreon update brought to you by me looking at her graphtreon page again:
    belle started september with around 2.4-2.5k patrons, and ended the month with around 2.7k. this might seem like a lot considering she didn't post anything the entire month, but it's nothing compared to what she was gaining in the past. she's never come close to gaining back the patrons she lost the past couple of months. at the moment she has right around 2k patrons, meaning roughly 700 people unsubscribed now that october has begun. at this point it's safe to say unless she makes a comeback she will continue to bleed patrons like this since all she is really offering at the moment is a backlog and most of the people who were interested already subscribed at some point and have seen it all.
    i do want to point out it would take her all of a minute to unlaunch her page and stop charging people, or to at least take down some of her tiers (her snapchat tier in particular) but she has no real incentive to do either. her patrons aren't going to sue her and patreon isn't going to do anything, so she'll probably always have some number of patrons as long as her page stays the way it is.
    i know people on this thread think she got surgery or she's going to make a comeback at some point, but i really don't think so. i think she looked at her situation, realized she could dip and still make money for a while by doing nothing, and left the game. belle has always been extremely lazy and uninspired, i don't think she's all of a sudden come up with a master plan that will take people by surprise. i mean, what's she going to do, come back with a kardashian body and say "sorry my food poisoning lasted two months uwu"? imo she's just gone.
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  14. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    i feel like if you edited the other girl out you could draw 2b holding a guitar and it would look more natural than this.
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  15. slowpoke added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    seolhyun is obviously aoa's visual and she gets the cfs (or used to anyway) but choa was honestly their center when it came to music and without her...well yeah. i think aoa's true charm was that they had these fun, dance type songs with choa's vocals holding them together. she was like the glue of their music, and their style was definitely built around her voice. without her, their music feels empty to me.
    for example, i was really surprised how many people went hard for bingle bangle, which did nothing for me. i don't have anything against the girls who are still in the group, but without choa they're just kind of forgettable musically? it's sad too because the album they released right before she left (angel's knock) was super good imo, and i doubt they'll ever release something like that again.
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