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  1. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    even her fans know how weird it is for her to tweet something that isn't art. original tweet.

    and now we've got p5 yusuke/protag art in a style completely different from literally every art piece she's put out for the last...year? two years? and of course they're 'older' even though they look exactly like their game designs and are in their phantom thief outfits, which would seem to imply they're still high schoolers. original tweet.
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  2. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    nope, it's here.
    the raymond art is also getting dragged lol.

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  3. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    oh she's finally done a series i like...why beastars whyyyyyy.
    i mean, i know exactly what she was thinking, furries will pay BANK for furry art. but the thing is they're going to look at everything else sakimi does and probably not subscribe. she so rarely does anything ft. furries they're going to see no point in supporting her. plus furries are most likely to shell out $$$ for commissions of their own characters/fursonas and sakimi doesn't do commissions. so she's totally off the mark for what furries actually pay money for lol.
    at least she didn't try to claim 'my favorite characters ^u^' or something because that would have been laughable considering how ooc the piece is just from the preview.
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  4. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    caught some interesting replies to the ryza art, discussing how sakimi has no personality, never replies to anyone on twitter, and how even her patreon post text is generic and vague. not anything we didn't know, but funny to see it all being discussed openly on twitter (one of the only platforms where you can't censor/delete comments on posts - she could hide these comments, but hasn't, and hidden comments can still be accessed unlike on ig/fb/patreon).
    for me this will always just be the most bizarre thing about sakimi and why i'm convinced she doesn't do all this alone - i don't know any other artist right now in particular who is tweeting like everything is normal and fine. i get that she could just be super private but seriously? not even a 'i hope everyone stays safe' post on her social media? it's not surprising because this is how she always is, but it's still weird compared to literally everyone else right now.
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  5. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    aside from the fact that the shirt looks awful, am i crazy or did she just not bother to draw his arms? she drew a little of the arm on the right side of the picture but then...where does it go? and on the left side...there's nothing below the shoulder.
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  6. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    i haven't seen anyone collect the info about her more recent kickstarter. i think it's a good idea to do so since she has a history of not delivering on her promises regarding kickstarters. i also just think it's literally insane how much money she raised.

    she had 2,233 backers this time around and raised $326,220 of her $33,300 goal (this is in canadian money since sakimi is in canada, so that's $245,872 of $25,098 in american dollars). her kickstarter promises the books will be delivered in april. because she got so much money, that added 20 additional pages to both books, which means each book will have 130 pages for a total of 260 pages.
    looking through the kickstarter page made me realize how vague the info on these books is. she never says 'this will be full of art i've already released on patreon' or 'there will be 20 new pieces of art in each book'. in my experience with ordering art books from creators, info like that is standard because it helps you decide whether or not you want to order. this is sakimi so i'm not surprised by the lack of info, but i wanted to note it because i wouldn't be surprised if these books are entirely old art that her patrons have already seen. (btw, it's fine to release art books like that, but you should let people know that's what they're getting.)
    another one of the most interesting things about sakimi to me is her lack of interaction with fans. can't remember if i've talked about it before on this thread, but she is the only artist i can think of who has virtually no personality on her social media. her twitter account reminds me of celeb twitters that are run by a team. nearly every tweet is a link to her patreon or kickstarter. her only comments are all generic, saying stuff like 'hardest pose yet ;3' or 'I love this game ^u^' she also never responds to controversy. i'm not even saying she has to, it's just weird that she never does. in fact, the only people i've seen her respond to at all are cosplayers who dress up in her designs - aka people who advertise her and her work to their audience. it's almost exactly how a business would operate.
    basically, looking at her social media presence, sakimi seems less like a single artist and more like a brand. it's been mentioned many times that sakimi's art output is ridiculously high to the point that it might actually be impossible for one person to pull off. i wouldn't be surprised if we find out at some point that 'sakimichan's art' at this point is made by sakimi + a group of other people. she certainly has the money to have hired several other people to speed the process up. she could also be doing it all by herself, considering all the evidence of tracing 3d models and using pictures/renders for backgrounds and poses, which would obviously help with time.
    i can't say for sure either way, and there are people in this thread who understand the process her art goes through much better than i do. but her social media and kickstarter presence is just really odd to me, and i wanted to share my thoughts on all of that.
    also fyi she did recently post a pokemon character foursome that i can't post (and don't want to, it's horrible) so watch out for that if you look at her twitter lol.
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  7. slowpoke added a post in a topic Steph Hodges/BluePotionCo   

    unless i'm looking at the wrong thing...the @BluePotionC0 account is now locked and the bio claims she doesn't use twitter and the account is just to prevent fakes...lol. the irony. more like to make it harder for people to see criticism of her being a fake.
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  8. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    i'm sure it's because she flipped the drawing, but the fact that she couldn't even bother to make sure todoroki's hair color was on the right side... 
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  9. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    for me, sakimi's porn is bad because it's generic and emotionless. she has no idea how to execute any kind of desire or emotion in the work that she shares, which should be impossible for an artist with the amount of experience she has, much less an artist who primarily does fanart. i'm not trying to dunk on fanart by any means, but because sakimi draws so much of it, she's almost always drawing characters that have fully fleshed out stories behind them. and yet she still copies and pastes all of these different characters into the same three situations over and over again.
    (the three situations are, of course: physically impossible threesome, standing in the rain with my dick out, and breaking my spine to show you my ass and titties at the same time)
    her anatomy fucking sucks, that's obvious. but another huge problem is that her porn fanart is..wildly out of character. and i guess if you just want to look at gigantic boobs or erect dicks you might be into it. but especially when it comes to fanart, people tend to be looking for art that represents the characters they like or a dynamic they enjoy. sakimi's art has none of that, even though she's drawing characters that come with pre-made stories and personalities. she has no passion for the ships and characters she's drawing, so she tries to make up for it with huge titties and back-breaking threesome positions, but it just makes things worse.
    i guess when you feel the need to draw art of whatever's popular at the moment no matter what, that's what ends up happening. 
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  10. slowpoke added a post in a topic Onision   

    just speaking as someone who works in the mental health field it's extremely hard to fake being insane and it's extremely easy to tell when someone is faking it. real insanity is nothing like what onion thinks it is and it's funny to see him try to set this up. if he gets to court and is put in front of people with high levels of psychological education they will see right through this mess.
    like...the idea that he'd be able to keep up his razzie-worthy performance 24/7 while going through an investigation...

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  11. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    she also deleted the link to her patreon from her bio. she's distancing herself from patreon despite it being her main source of income.
    this goes against what her strategy has been since august, which was to tweet something at the beginning of the month in an attempt to go viral, have people see her twitter --> patreon and become patrons without realizing that she no longer follows through with any of the tiers. as we've discussed before, this really hasn't worked as well as she hoped it would. she still has a stupid amount of patrons overall but her peak each month has been consistently lower since she started doing this.
    so taking her patreon off her twitter bio entirely, when she has no other sns to promote her patreon on, definitely signals that she's making a change. guess we'll just have to wait and see if she's going to continue trying to be an internet personality or if she's working towards disappearing for good.
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  12. slowpoke added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    does it drive anyone else crazy how inconsistently the prints are labelled in her store? it's a nightmare to look through. some of the prints say the series at the beginning, like 'my hero academia: deku poster' and then others don't, like 'uraraka poster'. continuing to use bnha as an example, she only labels the tsuyu print as being 'older', even though she has always claimed all of those pieces are aged up versions of the characters.
    this bleeds into the navigation tab on the side where she only separates out league of legends pieces, grouping everything else into stuff like 'video games' and 'anime' even though there are plenty other series she could have specific sections for as well. that's not even getting into when you click on the options. the 'sexy men collection' (lol) and 'genderbend collection' have only one poster listed each, and a bunch of the other ones are completely empty.
    it's just lazy and sloppy, i could understand it if she had said the site was still being reorganized and was under construction, but she seems to think sharing her store like this is fine when its a complete mess.
    on another note i'm trying to decide which print would be the worst to see on someone's wall and i think this one is my pick: https://sakimichanart.storenvy.com/products/28883665-uraraka-x-tsuyu-x-toga-poster
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  13. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    i agree. people who are actually like this tend to think they have a personal connection to the celebrity/internet personality.
    so say they dm'ed belle once on patreon and she replied. that one reply could cause someone very unstable to think the two of them are in a relationship or could be in the future. from then on that person would see belle as 'theirs' and legitimately think belle's fiance/bf is keeping them apart, and that they have to save her from him.
    things like that are often the result of serious, untreated mental illness that causes a break with reality. coordinated social media campaigns with hashtags usually aren't the form something like that takes. so while it's not impossible, i think it's unlikely those posts are genuine. it feels too obvious, like a fifteen year old who doesn't get how serious making threats like that is and thinks it will make him go viral. however, i do think belle probably has had people like that in her dm's before and i wouldn't be surprised if that's part of why she's stopped posting.
    in all honesty though this is what happens when you cater your content directly to pedophiles and incels. all celebs have some weird fans, but belle has built her fanbase on two groups of people that are known to be unstable and creepy towards young women. she doesn't deserve this treatment at all, but it's just...not surprising that her fans are like this, whether they're serious about it or they think it's something to joke about.
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  14. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    this is why nose jobs are 95% of the time a bad idea. you might think your nose is 'too big' but in reality it usually balances out the rest of your face. now she permanently looks like she has a weird snow filter on her face. guess that was her goal, though.
    anyway, here's a quick rundown of how her patreon numbers have dropped since she stopped posting regularly.
    july peak: 4.5k patrons
    august peak: 3.4k patrons
    september peak: 2.7k patrons
    october peak: 2.4k patrons
    people have pointed out in the past that the first day losses she sees on patreon don't necessarily mean anything as long as she gains patrons as the month goes on, so i think it's better to look at the highest number of patrons she has each month to see how many patrons she has really lost. looking at it this way, she's lost about 2.1k patrons since her all time high in july.
    still pretty crazy that she has the amount of patrons left that she does, but she has lost a large number of people. both her hamster tweets and the video she posted don't seem to have caused her to gain any significant amount of patrons. they may have caused a small amount of people to sub to her or at least to not unsub but nothing massive. right now she's barely above 2k patrons so it's likely november's peak will be lower than october's despite her attempts to go viral again.
    just seems important to note since patreon is ultimately how she makes her money still.
    all these numbers come from her graphtreon page as usual.
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  15. slowpoke added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    eh to be clear many people here have no issue with people who do lewds or porn. in fact a lot of sex workers are very nice people who are just doing a job. they work hard taking pictures and constructing cosplays (if they do cosplay) and clearly put effort into their work. i see no reason to assume all of them have a certain type of upbringing that led them to that career.
    back to belle, if you read the thread the issue with her is not that she does lewds on patreon. it's that she caters to pedos/incels, does very low effort work, and is a scammer as she has posted nothing on her patreon since july at this point yet continues collecting that $$$. those are the things that make her worthy of discussion here. if she was just another girl doing lewds i doubt most of us would give a shit.
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