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  1. Toxic Gingerale added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    Something that REALLY bothers me about all this (besides the obvious), is that her videos are about a month behind.
    You can watch some of Eric and Ricky’s videos and sometimes see Hamber in the same outfit as a video she posted present day. It’s ridiculous.
    She claims that her videos are up to date despite overwhelming evidence that they’re at LEAST a month behind. Like, gorl, we all know you’re doing it to lie about your weight.
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  2. Toxic Gingerale added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    She's also been back on her sock account game again.
    And failing to do it well.

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  3. Toxic Gingerale added a post in a topic Long-time lurker reveal   

    Same here!

    Can't wait to spill some tea together! >:)
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  4. Toxic Gingerale added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    Screen grab from her latest video.
    I CAN'T.

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  5. Toxic Gingerale added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    Thank GOD there is an Amberlynn thread.
    Her most recent video: "treated differently because of my weight..." (yes it's really titled that) annoyed me pretty much instantly.
    The first question of the card game her and Becky are playing is, "How have your looks affected the way people judge you?"
    She talks about how when she was 300 elbees, people treated her better than they do now.
    My eyes could not have rolled any harder in the back of my head. She seriously is in wonder, and is hurt by how people treat her when she's almost 600 pounds. (I believe she already is, and just isn't telling the audience.)
    I can't speak for her personal interactions because, unless she vlogs it, we don't see how people in person react to her. Though I'm pretty sure everyone's natural response is shock, and TRYING not to stare but...it's hard not to.
    As for YouTube and the "haydurs", people aren't mean to her (at least from what I've seen); it's just people calling her out on her bullshit. 
    She's so delusional. 
    And even though I've been following her story for years now, I STILL am surprised by the mental gymnastics she does a daily basis. Now only if she did that physically instead, she could save her life.
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  6. Toxic Gingerale added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello everyone!
    Was a bit of a lurker for a bit because I love when the tea is spilled.
    Decided to make an account and here I am!

    I hope to have some great discussions, and meet some like minded people! 
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