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  1. lifelessthings added a post in a topic Kang Taeri   

    For everyone wondering about Taeri Taeri, I'm pretty sure I know the surgeries she's had done.
    She's had lip fillers and a lip cupid bow surgery, breast augmentation, nose surgery, and a v line surgery. It's very possible she's also done botox but I can't tell because she edits all her photos with facetune and the snow app. She denies having the double eyelid surgery (And I do believe her, seeing her high school photos but it is still very possible she did . . .)
    I don't think she's done as much as many other people (like bemy1in) has done but it seems like she has had a lot of surgeries. However, she ended up as a model and is considered one of the most famous 'ulzzangs' on instagram, so good for her.
    I also do know that she had planned to get plastic surgery a long time ago, but it was against one of TREN-D's (the girl group she was in) rules, so she had waited until one day, she began receiving offers from swimsuit companies asking her to model for them. Since modeling outside of TREN-D's agency was out of the picture, she had decided to leave the group to fulfill her dreams as a freelance model. 
    I lived in Korea for a year and a half and I don't ever remember Taeri Taeri ever being that popular ? I had gone into one or two CHUU stores and seen pictures of her in them, but other than that I think she just happens to be a social media star that is actually more popular in Japan and in the US than she is in South Korea.. I do wish the best for her though, she seems like a very genuine person.
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  2. lifelessthings added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    She deleted all her old photos of her but before she came to be the lewd.. weird gamer girl she is, she was totally 100% goth and emo. Nose rings, lip rings, thousands of piercings.. black hair, scene clothing, the typical myspace bangs.. 
    I had heard of her early on when she was still at 70k and I remember a video of her with a bunch of friends who most definitely looked into their late 20's,,,, so ig this leads me to believe she's more likely to be married bc cmon, she also had tons of photos with some guys as well
    idk anything for sure though but that ring couldve easily fit on any other finger so idk why shes saying all her other fingers are too fat
    ALSO a while ago there was proof released that she had blackmailed people to send nudes and then she sold them to make money so she could go on some trip on europe,, if anyone wants the video if you search up about it theres a video on youtube with proof,,
    shes disgusting tbh and all her fans are like 14 so im not surprised HAHA
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  3. lifelessthings added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello! I'm Fran <3
    Hi~ I go by Fran. I'm new to this community and very excited to comment on different topics. Thank you for having me here!
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