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  1. Nanuka added a post in a topic Erin Nicole aka pink.fox   

    she has to be joking, that proportions are so unbelievable. How can anyone still not see that obvious editing?

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  2. Nanuka added a post in a topic Erin Nicole aka pink.fox   

    Also some pics from before she discovered facetun & the liquifying tool.
    Look at how the cup of the corsage is just filled with air, that giant gap...

    A screenshot of a video she posted long time ago on her instagram. All I see ist a super flat butt and a quite chubby belly. No waist..

    I mean..

    Pics that shows her real bust size. Really not that super huge balloons she shoops onto her..

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  3. Nanuka added a post in a topic Ophelia Overdose   

    Well, she admitted it a few months ago. "my lips and boobs didn't grow overnight"
    Also her lips look super lumpy lately. She abuses lip fillers way too much. And gosh, that fake freckles.. The more she ages, the more she tries to mimic a young, fresh and natural redhead appearance.. 

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  4. Nanuka added a post in a topic Dani Divine   

    Is it just me, or does Dani look extremely bored and totally uncomfortable? I don't get why she puts herself in a business like this, when she doesn't enjoy it at all.
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  5. Nanuka added a post in a topic Erin Nicole aka pink.fox   

    Stumbled upon her old ask.fm and myspace accounts.
    Here are some old pictures. Yeah, it seems she gained a lot of weight nowadays, but for what I know your boobs don't suddenly grow 5 cup sizes when you're already 18-20 years old. That girl is a hot mess, her shooped tits, waist and ass change size and shape in every pic and most of the time the whole background is warped from liquifying. Some stop that girl from catfishing 1,5K a month on patreon.

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  6. Nanuka added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Someone really can't stand our assumptions about her padding her boobs

    Also, did she forget to liquify the sh't out of her right ass cheek, like she did with her left (but why does the horizon warp upwards there)? But that waist liquifying tho.. That shit has to stop, all those instagram chicks are going crazy with this tool...

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  7. Nanuka added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Could she please clean that mirror before taking seeeexey pics in front of it.. Yuck..
    Also her boobs still look super pushed together,maybe homegirl still put a little socket into the cups . Oh and where is her suuuper tiny waist? 
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  8. Nanuka added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    Someone seems to be very desperate to get a boob job

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  9. Nanuka added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    She clearly buys followers. First she bought like 20k, then instagram deleted the fake accounts two days later and she dropped 18k...
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  10. Nanuka added a post in a topic Erin Nicole aka pink.fox   

    When you liquify your cleavage to the point you're left with a completely straight line... And then having the nerve to use #noedit. This girl

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  11. Nanuka added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Exactly what I realized, too. All the outfits she wore at that con had a long cape (mc cree), a really slacky skirt (ewok), wide trousers (the yellow thingy) or she just wraped a jacket around her hips. She seems to be sooo insecure, I don't get why she doesn't get some ass shots a la the kardashians. She definitely would have the money for it, but I guess she is too greedy for spending it.. It's just too obvious that in pics or very angled and posed vids she has a round butt, but in real life she does everything possible to hide it... 
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  12. Nanuka added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    she has no respect for normal human anatomy. that waist shoop, I just can't...
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  13. Nanuka added a post in a topic Sumeria_   

    Oh I see her pictures a lot on my feed, too. I guess she got so many followers because she begs all those redhead appreciation accounts to share her pics, but I'm not even sure if her hair is naturally red. Also that gamer gurrrrl image she is going for annoys me. She ist just another @pink.fox, always showing off them ridiculously pushed up boobs and photoshoped body. And all those horny boys fall for it...
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  14. Nanuka added a post in a topic Dani Divine   

    Well, I don't think she really had any condition going on before her boob job.
    As someone who has Micromastia (I learned to accept it and love myself as I am) I get a little angry when women with perfectly normal, healthy boobs tell everyone they would have a condition, when in fact their boobs are just a little saggy probably because of weight loss. And then they get huuuuge implants to fix their 'condition', like if saggy boobs were the epitome of uglyness and only DD boobs are normal, socially accepted and beautiful.. Well, whatever floats your boat I guess.. Not to mention the high risk of breast implant illness.
    What I question is that she already had a boobjob done before the one she admited to and resulted in these botched torpedo boobs. Like, I can't find any evidence and since she struggled so much to get the money for the (last) boob job, I don't think she could have afforded another one before. Can anyone please post evidence and not just spread a rumor?
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  15. Nanuka added a post in a topic Dani Divine   

    She also said before her boob job that she had one extremly smaller boob than the other and she would only get that fixed, she also begged her fans to pay for it. I don't have to emphasize that she just had saggy boobs and probably just didn't had the nerve to wear extreme push up bras and photoshoping already retouched pics to make her tattas bigger anymore.. But of course let's play like having some sort of condition instead of saying straight out that you just want to get something done that's 100% cosmetic. I wonder what comes next, next time she travels to poland/urkaine to get cheap plastic surgery.. I would love to see some botched ass implants, matching her botched boobs. 😂
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