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    By no means am I some white knight either like I said was just being honest I don’t know how this cite works much either but it would be nice to see my comment even if it’s on page 15 lmao
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    As someone who has dated lily I can definitely admit that half of this article at the BEST is right. And I’ll admit she broke my heart and I hated her for it to the point I was just being a bully and kind of a psycho....but this whole page is just excessive I mean to the point I had friends tell me they thought I had wrote all of this BS just because I was so torn up about not having such a beautiful person in my life anymore. She worked hard for the money for her cosplays I know because I’d visit her at work literally like everyday of the week even after she had school the whole day, she would be exhausted but genuinely enjoyed cosplaying and still put out photos. Her parents were kinda eh, dads never like me much so I expected that, but point is I get why she left social media with all these salty bitches around, and this page straight went out of its way to get at her, some of those photos y’all got here are old shit and does not do her justice in the slightest because when she isn’t trying so hard and is really sitting in the seat next to you she is absolutely  GORGEOUS...makes sense to be jealous if your a girl, but if your a dude you’ve got some issues just saying. She just has such a warm personality too like she brings the mood up when she walks in the room type of shit, that kind of smile you kind of would do anything to see...
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