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  1. effie <3 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    sorry i forgot about the rules as i was pretty angry at the time !! it wasn’t anything in detail i think i literally just said shut up virgin and people came for me LOL. and i completely agree about her going to therapy, despite disliking her it would be nice to see her grow and have better relationships and not make everyone around her feel like a secondary character in their own lives. 
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  2. effie <3 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Made the terrible mistake of commenting something insulting under her newest video!! why are all her fans so so so ignorant this is just astounding lol
    I cant believe people actually just blindly enable her to be the way she is. if they truly liked and wanted the best for her they’d make her fess up and make herself better instead of just wallowing in self pity, whatever made up illness seems convenient, and materialism
    She just has a blatant disregard for everyone around her. Rich kids are always the fucking worst.
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  3. effie <3 added a post in a topic Tena Nani | Babigh0ul | Babispit   

    LMAO i can tell shes just ITCHING to say i have loads of black friends. all of her edgy white 12 year old ass kissers just jump to her defense as soon as someone even suggests she’s not perfect. also i follow her second acc and she asked in one of her captions what her ‘toxic traits’ are and when people actually said stuff she got mad??? like how r u gna get mad when u ASKED . like damn bitch get a job.
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  4. effie <3 added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    i’ve seen her live in 2018 wen i was a fan !!!! she has decent stage presence, but little to no energy and had a strained smile which was a little off putting but it was an ok show for me at least since i like that genre but it’s quite clear how some people can find it irritating
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