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  1. I think it's safe to assume she's definitely gotten a boob job at this point, with the help of extreme padding (as shown in the con pic) and the occasional chest piece - it's sad that no matter how much work she gets done she still feels to need to edit and wear prosthetic body pieces


    Also noticed her IG following has been going down lately 



  2. Sabrina Nichole seems to have abandoned her Patreon for OF as well


    I know it's been touched on before but it genuinely seems like she's not taking care of her hygiene, comparing to her older pics she looks so old and worn out now and the saggy implants aren't helping 



  3. I never understood the point in having an OF and Patreon, especially when most who move to another platform ignore the first (Jenna Lynn, Belle Delphine, Fegalvao)



  4. Wow this is sad, Stormystormborn has made an onlyfans even after saying and I quote “I will NEVER do lewd photos” 

    She deleted all her YouTube videos with her boyfriend and her questions video where she was asked if she would do lewd. Also doesn’t her YouTube banner banner look oh so similar to Belle’s (just like how Lina/Belle/Lynn Deppsen did) 

    Basically copied her onlyfans description details but changed the wording and format...

    Stormy even copied Belle’s onlyfans banner...

    What happened to “NEVER DOING LEWDS” Huh? 

    This is on the same level creepy as Lina now... 







    It's a disease at this point


  5. Grabbed this off her subreddit, there's been a lot of leaks on it recently that she doesn't seem to care about - I noticed some odd blurred lines that may or may not be from a bra but just figured I'd point them out anyway

    Side note: I find it hilarious seeing when leaks site such as TH or DS have screenshots of Jenna from PULL, like they go to a gossip site, to the thread of hers depicting all her photoshop and scandals, just to find her hella edited pics to upload for others to use




  6. Her boobs have no texture in any of these pics and they're so oddly shaped and paler compared to the rest of her body - also her nipples look completely off from where they should be





  7. You guys, remember this happened :harharplz:

    3 signs that you actually have a soul:

    1)you are wearing dirty smelly ripped up t-shirts

    2)you are not wearing 200$ champion hoodies

    3)you celebrate your real totally not fake absolutely true authenticity 



    He's disgusting, he probably still wears the nasty thing. Why tf does Ryland put up with him? I honestly feel like he doesn't even like him and it's just for "clout" if you even call it that at this point


  8. Her two recents

    As harsh as this is, her face is not appealing at all, something about it just looks so strange - you can see the nose job scars and how botched it is in the "no makeup" pic


    In this pic her lips look inflamed, face smoothed out and there's no texture on her boob


    EDIT: She just posted this one now



  9. Don't know if this was already posted, but one mistake? Funny song? Weren't sensitive? 

    EDIT: Apparently it's not a real tweet? I have no idea but someone else posted a different tweet from "him" that was similar sooo



  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Jafar paid someone off to pretend to be a fake victim, it's so obvious how invested he is in James' life and would probably do anything to ruin his career even further 


  11. Whoever wrote this is a moron

    Just cause Jafar apologized doesn't mean he fucking meant any of it, you can easily say the same for Shane

    They're just covering their own ass because getting rid of Jeffree's products would be a massive loss to them, as it should 



  12. What part of Jeffree and Shane does he even like? As if they're not both shitty people


    Of all the dramas happening, Eugenia Cooney couldn't stay out of this one. She's defending Shane non stop on Twitter.

    If she was told to do that by either Shane or Jeffree, that's really stooping low, especially that her ED was used for views last year by him and now she's back to being dangerously thin before her recovery.

    I usually wish she was off internet usually but now more than ever, like Shane doesn't care about her!!




    "The past is the past" girl- 


  13. Another stream comparison pic cause I find it funny when she edits the hell out of the posted pic but doesn't even bother to hide show she really looks for stream


    Her boob looks so odd in this pic, right at the very top of her chest leading up to her shoulder there seems to be a subtle line indicating that it might be the chest piece - why does her thumb look so long???



  14. She's admitted to having a boob job. However, did she have some sort of lip fillers and does she photoshop her waist? It seemingly looks like it, but this thread is all wonky so I really couldn't follow haha.


    I don't think she's ever admitted to lip fillers but it's possible, and she edits the crap out of her waist to appear more hourglass shaped


  15. Even when I was a Shane fan I always thought his choice of colours for the palette were ugly, there wasn't a theme and the mini controversy palette looked even worse with mainly brown colours. (I get that it was supposed to be for more everyday but still found it boring) The box design looked sick but that's literally because Andrew designed it for him, it only sold as much as it did because it's Jeffree's name on it and because of the whole James/Tati situation, it makes perfect sense for them to mastermind the entire thing. Do I think Tati is innocent? Fuck no, but I don't think she's as bad as Jeffree and Shane are, but at this point it really doesn't make a difference because the entire community, or what's left of it is a wreck - as long as Jeffree goes down for being the evil scum he is I think, but right now he seems to be keeping it on the low visiting his "grandma" which we all know is total horse shit, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up throwing Shane under the bus just to save his own ass because he couldn't a fuck less about anyone else but himself and Shane is dumb enough for believe his sob story and that he "changed", he's ways been manipulated and an awful person, the stupid documentary didn't change crap, it just made people believe he was new and improved just to save his image and up his products, speaking of which I don't know how to feel that he's apparently the co-owner of Morphe? Is that even true? I've never heard him say it or be mentioned before so I'm very intrigued and a little confused, because wasn't Shane's products removed from the website? (or so I read) I would think Jeffree would come to his aid but I guess not