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  1. nlyeve added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Was watching her latest joanday vlog and there was this part where she said she’s gonna get a loan (i assume bank loan) for her $275k deposit cos she don’t have that much money. Lowkey, lowkey i was like ‘gurl if you were to not splurge on those CHANEL & LV bags, you’ll probably have that much money.’
    And i loled so hard at that too cos i honestly thought she was richer than THAT, seeing how she’s been traveling around the world like nobody’s business (excluding those sponsor trips)
    One more thing, that apartment is a little too small for her?! To film your subpar videos and for your closet room? Bargain again when you’re richer 😂 too much requests, too little money
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