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  1. OldLadyPants added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    omg yeah. Her face is so full of Botox and fillers she can’t even emote-it actually looks like it’s hard for her to even speak. Her mouth barely moves. 
    felt curious after she popped up in my feed (why, YouTube?) and wanted to see what she was up to. Same TroomTroom/GlitterForever garbage and more music videos. She is trying so hard to be a 17 year old Kpop idol. 
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  2. OldLadyPants added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    I used to be a fan of hers when she was with Ladylike and followed her to her channel. At first I never missed a video-they were interesting, funny, informative and I enjoyed them. But it just got old, 50 videos on “me wearing weird Instagram fashion...again”. And how many lipsticks is she going to melt together before she moves on? I’d like to enjoy her content again-but if I see one more plastic see through pair of clothing.....
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  3. OldLadyPants added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    New, lurked for a long time
    I’ve been a lurker for a long time and have wanted to say something so many times and didn’t. But today I made an account and said some things. 
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  4. OldLadyPants added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    same. I also went to art school and I wanted to also bring up a point about her realistic drawings. I see that she very well could have used the grid system, or be very precise. But using the fact that the collar of the shirt doesn’t match up isn’t a good indicator it’s not traced. 
    What it more likely means IMO? She traced the entire photo in light pencil. His face is WAY too identical to be drawn on a blank paper from reference. Angles measurements are exactly like the photo. Then, because she was self conscious people might think it’s traced, or maybe part of her felt a little guilty about it,  she moved the inconsequential things like his shoulder and shirt to make herself feel better about it. Then she drew and shaded the whole thing-which she did a great job, but she had the whole photo basically on her page as an outline to ensure everything laid out nicely. 
    Also the tangent of that dog’s head and that cloud are a basic art 101 No No. And the whole thing is completely lacking in any rule of thirds or composition. 
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  5. OldLadyPants added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I’m a longtime lurker and I had to chime in. 
    I am also 4’11”, have always looked much younger than I am and I also have a high voice. My real name rhymes with “midget”-guess how fun being short in elementary and middle school was. I was constantly used as an armrest even by my closest friends and I’ve heard every short joke you can come up with. I was not told how cute being short was. I was not a doll. It’s not cute that I’m an adult that has to climb on counters to get to things in my kitchen or that I can’t reach everything in my closet without a chair. It was never endearing to be mistaken for a middle schooler when I was in college or constantly mistaken for my (11 years) younger brother’s girlfriend. It’s not uwu cute that I have to buy kid’s shoes or only get heels from China because America doesn’t make size 3 adult shoes. Or that tank top straps and pants are always too long and I can’t just wear something off the rack unless I would get it from the kids department-how stylish.
    And being clumsy? I almost lost an eye when I was a kid by impaling my face on exposed wire by just walking forward and literally getting my face hooked on it and all I could do is scream for someone to unhook my face. I have bruises all the time. I have so many scars and permanent damage from clumsiness. It’s not cute. I walk into corners like my life depends on it.
    And having social anxiety isn’t cute either. She does not have the kind of fear of being in public like she implies. I know that fear. It can be debilitating. 
    Honestly when I first heard her voice, I knew it was fake, then I tried to justify it by thinking maybe she was a victim of abuse as a child and she was halted developmentally because of it-ie-Puberphonia. But yeah, no. There’s still no range and that helium video was so fake. Soooo fake it made me mad. 
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