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  1. blueboy added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    Apparently they played the link of this forum on her in this discord with #link, and this was the reaction of the Brazilians that I translated hastily:
    Here is the translation number, forgive me if there is any inconsistency
    1)Asbiredebob12306 / 20/2019https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/12434-fegalvaofe-galvãofer-cosplay/Pretty Ugly Little LiarFegalvao / Fe Galvão / Fer-CosplayDue to popular demand our photoshop queen "Maria Fernanda Galvao" best known as @fegalvao_ on instagram is getting her own thread. It took me a whole day to ...Pros brs who do not know English right, ai basically explains the whole process of ps fegalvaointeresting that most do not notice, even some being obviousI believe that this post will break a lot of denial and finally
    2) Oam H06 / 21/2019This forum is a lot of badly loved mine that has nothing to doThey take pictures of her at puberty, contrasting with current photos and talking about Photoshop 3-1) Powpow06 / 21/2019Honestly, the michii since I know her, she's a bit nothing to do with the photos. She is a goddess in sets, but in real life she is a neat dragon and such ...Dy has always been fucked up and a little stupid since I met her. I never liked her way of being and finding her. Thank God he came to faith and overtook Dy, who was unbearable as a person. Then Dy could not stand it and recently it was put there the real body of her pq lost the fight. Fernanda is another quincho. She is a goddess. Maybe she'll use some PS, but her body is this. She is over 99.999999999999% of all the female people that you will see in the life of you. She is really unique and deserves all respect, while all the cosplayers are changing the body fucking in the PS. Faith deserves all the success that has yes, all slavery and the carpalhos, because it is different yes. And best of all, it causes a bad ass in other cosplayers ... that's why she already wins the award (in my opinion, of course).Anyway, in the video of to see well her beauty. And on the site that they banged up there yawning about it is from the Americans who do not have what to do and have never seen a beautiful Brazilian female body, so they have no idea that such a beauty exists. That's why I got into the dick.
    My American friends speak very well of Galvão, and I insist on confirming that she is this goddess ... I am proud of mine. 4)Little106 / 21/2019Yes, exactly what @Powpow said. I'm from the city of both, and I've seen Fernanda in some places, she's just like the photos (obviously she uses contact lenses in most of them, but the body is yes that), I do not see much of the waist, but I did not see one difference of the photos to real life, being very sincere. Miichi is literally a mother's body, ugly and has a strange nose, crooked mouth and uneven teeth. In addition to being self-centered, Dy is totally dull in real life, wearing makeup 100% of the time in the photos and positions / filling, since her body is not even 30% of what's in the pictures.Just compare the pictures of Fiora Director of Dy, with photos of her now, you can see WELL it.I do not think Fernanda is a "Goddess", she is rather beautiful and has a body with her qualities. I've seen other girls (mainly in the South of Brazil), who border on the "perfection" of patterns that we established, but Fernanda, in Cosplay, is the most beautiful of course. 5)StrOut06 / 21/2019
    She may have used PS in some photos, but she did not use the videos. Her body is 10/10 even, the guys incel that make hate of her body free because you know that you will never get a chance to get someone from that suit. 6)notguardian06 / 21/2019
    I've already found the 3 in the event, and Fe Galvão has the body like the one in the sim photos. But there's photoshop there? HAS. Only that all the photos of all the other tb have. What it alters most is not the body, it is the face. she has rounder eyes, more normal nose, which she sharpens in the pictures, and her face more rounded. It changes to look like anime and I do not need it. I disagree with @ Little1 about Dychan and Michii, but it's a matter of taste. He can find what he said, but for me Dychan is less exaggerated than you see in the photos, but it does not leave anything to be desired. She herself has been talking about how she changed the photos and how she is changing it. Michii is not the perfect beauty, but it's far from being ugly. It has breasts, ass, thigh and the 3 is the most sensual of course. But photoshop all use and you will only fappar for the photo without photoshop if you even take the photo, of any that is 7)Powpow06 / 21/2019Well, she does use a little PS, this is not the point. It does not alter her body and in those photos that she distorts gravity, it is perceived that it is little. I venture to say that it was the work of the mason who was a piece of shit and left the tiles already half shit, together with a little PS and everyone already says that the mine distorts gravity. Again, she uses A LITTLE yes. But it is within the expected and normal. In real life she continues to have this wonderful body and thin belt yes (not so much as in the photos, but much more than any other). It's worth remembering that she probably wears a corset or a strap before the pictures to get her body back.In other words ... it is practically impossible to find someone with such a waist and with that beauty, butt, grace and everything. The mine is different yes and so the ass sucks all the timeAs for Dy chan and the PS, she only started to make these anti beauty posts after she realized she was going to lose to Galvão or others ... And realized that she did not give her the queen.Ja the michii is old, as @ Little1 said, she has body and way of old mother. She's always been like this, but nowadays it's worse.Except that the michii has witch face (have you seen the study that talks about it?)While Faith has an angelic face even ... I do not know if it's because of age, but now she has it, she has [email protected] Thanks hand!

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  2. blueboy added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    About his poor cosplays and pigs:
    Cosplay wardrobe - I think it's past her time to leave these basic characters in everyday clothes, just like the homemade photos and in the mirror.
    Obviously, we have to start from some point and for kids and teens that parents do not take very seriously "animes and games" in general, the closet cosplay are a great outlet - they are simple, cheap and made home-made.
    But Fe is no longer 13 years old and clearly is financially independent and even if it was not (parents' allowance) she would still have purchasing power to buy professional clothes / wigs / accessories. At the beginning "legal, she is new in this world and has to start from the bottom", however with 2 million followers knocking on the door + photographer + she is of age + numerous partnerships + money = it is time to be ashamed in the face and stop being lazy, investing really in your work.
    To be called a cosplay pro with that little shit she does is simply spit on the work of professionals who really invest time and money.
    Sobre seus cosplays pobres e porcos:
    Cosplay de armario - acredito que já passou da hora dela deixa esses personagens básicos com roupas de dia- a-dia, assim como as fotos caseiras e no espelho.
    Obviamente, que temos que comecar de algum ponto e para crianças e adolescentes que os pais não levam muito a sério "animes e jogos" em geral, os cosplay de armário são uma ótima saída - são simples, baratos e feitos de forma caseira.
    Mas Fe não tem mais 13 anos e claramente é independente financeiramente e mesmo se não fosse (mesada dos pais) ela ainda teria poder aquisitivo para comprar roupas/perucas/acessórios profissionais. No ínicio "legal, ela é nova nesse mundo e tem que começar por baixo", porém com 2 milhoes de seguidores batendo na porta + fotografo + ela ser maior de idade + inúmeras parcerias + dinheiro = já está na hora de ter vergonha na cara e deixar de ser preguiçosa, investindo de verdade no seu trabalho.
    Ela ser chamada de profissional do cosplay com essa pouca merda que ela faz é simplesmente cuspir no trabalho de profissionais que realmente investem tempo e dinheiro.
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  3. blueboy added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    I do not even care about photoshop or possible plastic, I believe that it is part of the free will of the people to change / or their image as much as they want, what makes me angry even if they do not admit it, making the head of the " viewers "believe that that being was born naturally with" everything "and kept with little effort.
    You see, she is a beautiful girl and within all the (unfortunately) already existing beauty standards: she has the apparently smooth face without flaws or acne, proportional to the doll's face.
    -The round breasts
    -Bumbum durinho
    -Thick thighs
    -she is thin, with thin waist and with curves
    That may sound bad, but it is exactly the "color pattern" of her male target audience, who are young boys or men who have not grown up who are stimulated with hentai characters, since she is very pale white.
    eu nem ligo muito para o photoshop ou possíveis plásticas, acredito que isso faz parte do livre arbítrio das pessoas de se alterarem/ou sua imagem o quanto elas quiserem, o que me deixa revoltado mesmo é elas não admitirem isso, fazendo a cabeça dos "telespectadores" acreditem que aquele ser nasceu naturalmente com "aquilo tudo" e mantem com pouco esforço.
    Vejam bem ela é uma garota bonita e dentro de todos os padrões de beleza (infelizmente) já existentes: tem o rosto liso aparentemente sem falhas ou acne, proporcional ao rosto de boneca.
    -Os seios redondos
    -Bumbum durinho
    -Coxas grossas
    -Magra, com cintura fina e com curvas
    Isso pode soar mal, mas ela é exatamente do "padrão de cor" do público alvo masculino dela, que são garotos jovens ou homens que não cresceram que se estimulam com personagens de hentai, visto que ela é branca bem pálida
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