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  1. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    that would make sense  
    seems like GimmieaBreakman has giving his opinion about it  
    is it just me or did their video just reached 700 K viewers ? and some random people keep popping up out of the sudden for saying "  i found this on my recommended videos and watched " 

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  2. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

     i just moved to my new apartment and starting college even thought i wasnt active i still read the thread 
    it was really a wild ride with you all ! 
    and on grace too  
    i am not sure if she will be selling her Comic anymore but i am glad that at least they are looking for jobs 
    but it seems like she will be closing all her media accounts 
     the thing that wonders me how are they going to find a job in a country sided area wouldnt that be hard on them ? or the fact that i am not even sure how will they transport from their job area to their house ( since i am not sure if they have a car  , but i do recall that they rented a car to travel for a restaurant ) 
    at least they both finally realized that they have reached to a point where they should take things seriously 
    but i do agree that " having kids / family " is just in an excuse , i am sure she is tired doing all the video / editing  and the fact that people now are more aware of who she is in the thread when they google her 
    weren't they asking on FB searching for a new house to buy it in the country side area ? 
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  3. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    i am really getting sick each time they talk about the PDA like they are some sort of " special unique couples  " when they are just truly awkward relationship that i bet it went on many arguments before hitting that long relationship stage 

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  4. RosieRose added a post in a topic OMOCAT   

    i am not so sure but one of the things that i noticed is that " Princess mei " is one of their models  
    i do not recall her doing such modeling work , or perhaps she did in previous  :  

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  5. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    the hell how they reached 1 K dollars ? 

    i noticed someone comments but then when i checked the page i found no comment despite that the post said someone commented 


    you know those Charades that people walking straight forward performing entertainment but in the middle of the charade there is always that particular car where Two couples Smiling and waving  , while written on their face " yes we are happily married "
    but at the end of the day its just Fake   , an Act , and its all for the sake of  "selling / presenting  yourself to the community " for the sake of the product
    this is how i picture the two of them  
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  6. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    To be honest they are making a big Deal about this whole sasuke , Calling it out about it youtube isnt gonna Flip the entire Sasuke industry of how they treat the players , the entertainment business will always be like this 
    i don't think Grace could have reach the top ,  She is running out of time fast while she is taking things slowly to pass the stages the last part wont will be hard . 
    Did they seriously Wore these T-shirts  ?  " i love husband / i love wife " 
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  7. RosieRose added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    just gonna post the list of the things she bought : 
    ( some items have discount as a limited time discount it seems in the website ) 
    Jumpsuit from H&M Halloween : 19.99 $ ( seems like it has a 50% discount , original is 39,99 $ ) 
    the backpack  : £ 24.99 (UK pound  ) which is 30.58 dollars 
    Zara Halloween Skull  : 17.99 dollars 
    The skeleton plant from Etsy   : i think its between 40 - 60 dollars ( since she didnt mention the name of the creator but she ordered a big size ) 
    Chrismas socks reindeer from ASOS : 8 dollars 
    long Sleeve ghost body suit ASOS :  i couldnt find it in the website , but it should cost 40$ - 80$ ( since its a long Sleeve limited edition halloween)
    Skeleton jogger pants : 41 $ ( but seems with discount 32$ ) 
    Skeleton hoodie : 41$  ( seems with discount 29$ ) 
    Slippers halloween : 26$ ( with discount 16$ ) 
    Chrismas candle : 16 $ 
    The Boo balloon : 24$ ( with discount 16$ ) 
    Tiny Acon :  close to 22$ 
    All in all 290 $ - 400 $ 
    i have just realized i am poor so i drank my darn cheap Coffee with shame . 
    i find this video for some reason Dull ( maybe because i am not a Haul video person )  although it got interesting at first but then i lost it in a second ,  i mean Seriously she didn't give me a blunt reason of why she bought all of these items its mostly because " i like them they are pretty /shiny and halloweenish"  when Actually the Skeleton items looks like something that they used to Sell last year in a cheaper  stores 
    and the way she represented the items its like here "  * shoves it in the camera * i bought that from this website ". 
    come on TayTay give me some creative way to edit the video and representing the items   
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  8. RosieRose added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    ^ Fully Agreed  .
    to be honest i still see Taylor as a person who's a wannabe model in japan ,   All of her modeling work are related to kawaiish / young looking while most of the time she posts Instagram pictures of selfies powered by believe of " someone will offer me a job  " 
     despite that it did occurred to her that she will no longer be able to get any Big gigs / brands to work with as she used to  
    ( Like Jesus christ she has worked with Jeremy scout / vivine westwood Etc and gave it all up for working japan ) 
    the Thing that bothers me about Taylor she went to working in japan Fresh from 0 despite her experiences in modeling with a new fresh start face , at a certain age that is reaching her 30s ( not that its a bad thing its just there are certain companies that do require an age to fit in the image of the brand )  she should have committed to the life of modeling in japan at a young age  , Time will be her enemy 
    i mean for example her Friend Alex Luczak   apparently she starting modeling at a young age according to the interview  in japan , you can see her Instagram is Filled an exciting life each and one of them along you can see more of her modeling work 
    or that i was recently reading about Rina Fukushi  who apparently is storming the modeling industry while she also worked at a young age according to japan Today article  . 
    Compared to Taylor here who seems to be Settled down with her life now , moving in with her boyfriend in a new house / you won't see her doing much any modeling work / neither does explore much of japan  / Still goes to the same places as she used to 
    as if she is putting her committed modeling life behind while still calling herself  a " model "  
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  9. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Despite that i am not speaking much lately because i was quite busy lately 
    - although i still lurk around reading comments , love ya guys ! 
    i was wondering if Grace will end up making her own kids becoming christians 
    or perhaps even her own parents are expecting for her children to be christians 
    New Video :

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  10. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

  11. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   


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  12. RosieRose added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    i am still waiting for all this mockery to end 
    in the point view of the arabs a person without a God is a heresy and mentally ill  . 
    i am sure if she wore her little hijab to the UAE people will ask if she is a muslim from america/ canada 
    i think people in generally will be curious about her and to have small talk from who are from over seas 
    so if she tells them " no i am atheist but i wear hijab to respect culture "  
    then they will feel offended because to the religious people believing in God is a culture along with it 
    its not just religious clothes  . 
    the most disappointing thing is she picked a hijab colored in black ..........
    there is so many beautiful hijabs out there that you can stick bowties on them along with accessories. , puffier looking  
    and yet she chose black........
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  13. RosieRose added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

  14. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    @Siwon welcome back !  

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  15. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Didn't Abroad in japan made a video about Negi-soba ?
    Man the voice in 4:10 is cringe 
    it seems someone has been helping them taking video shots not just themselves 
    i am not sure if they went with a friend ( i can see the guy with the expensive camera often so i am not sure ) 
    it seems like as if their friend didn't mind giving them a copy of his video recording ( because hell they were much more professional than hers ) 
    OR Perhaps the person that has been following them was from the company planetyze , like R&N / TaylorR / Mira Etc did a collaboration with them so they are also attending to do the same 
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