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  1. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    She did go to a protest but she hasn’t provided any receipts/evidence of donating and maybe she’s quietly donating but idk I can’t prove anything. Idk why she’s asking us to donate, like okay which one of us lives in a mansion with two heart shaped pools? 
    Yeah I saw, I think a lot of Melanie fans low key just stick by Mel being innocent because they’re young and want to think Melanie is like a goddess who can do no wrong, but they don’t realize Timothy is a real person who does good and bad and not an evil horrible malicious enemy they have to attack to defend their queen or whatever goes through their head. Timothy has a point that Melanie did admit they had sex, but Melanie said what they did was consensual and Timothy said what they did wasn’t. We can’t prove if there was consent or not but Id just rather side with Timothy because Melanies reaction was sus to me. 
    Also unrelated to what you said but isn’t it funny how so many people say they don’t believe Timothy because her story changed and that’s a sign of lying, even though Melanie said they had sex in her first statement and then the next statement said they were in different states. I just wanted to include that because I feel like that point hasn’t been made yet. Also they say “innocent until proven guilty” when talking about accusations against Melanie but if user 21crybabiesatthedisco says Timothy is a rapist they’re all like TIMOTHY HELLER IS RAPIST TRASH. Like guys can we chill out for 5 seconds? We don’t even have proof this person KNEW Timothy Heller. I disagreed with people calling Melanie a rapist before she defended herself. (but after she wrote a diss track I was like what kind of innocent person calls their accusers clout chasers and talks about how they had a hard life?)
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  2. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    She acted like it was an ARG making her fans "crack the code" and "analyze the timeline" or whatever 
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  3. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    ”Also about the toxic fans, I see a lot of them literally hating on Timothy for existing”
    I totally agree, like Timothy is posting a ton about BLM right now and everyone on twitter is like “but she’s racist!!!” with a screenshot of  her saying “I was stoned n*gga” back in 2013. I would prefer if she never used that word and thankfully she hasn’t used it online since that post, but the context wasn’t anti-black. Also I feel like the MM fandom has no right to blow a little thing out of proportion.  The MM fandom hates when Melanie wears pink and everyone is like “MELANIE IS A PEDOPHILE!111!1!” and as a Timothy fan I hate it too. I would rather see genuine constructive criticism of her work because K-12 was confusing and really had no plot, but everyone just wants to be like “ShE wEaRs bAbY cLoThEs1!1!” 
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  4. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This is so irrelevant but has anyone seen her TikTok? I like her and I love when people are raunchy but sometimes the over-sharing makes me cringe. Like idk if we all need to know some of this stuff, like we’re not gonna have sex with you so idk why we need to know what turns you on lmao. 
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  5. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    The way Stella popped off though ☕️☕️☕️

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  6. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Did anyone else see this?

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  7. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    yeah but i’ve never seen someone come out as quickly as Jazmin did. Like Stella, Maddie, Timothy, and Gina all spent a long amount of time being friends with and not being friends with Melanie. I’m surprised someone saw through her bullshit so quickly. I hope her boyfriend Oliver Tree realizes she sucks and drops a disstrack on her called gap toothed baby bitch. Oliver actually seems kinda cool without Melanie. 
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  8. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    she has a weird expression during the whole thing too, like she has a lazy eye and her mouth is wide open. she just looks so annoying lmao.
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  9. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Did anyone see Melanies Tik Tok? She made a handshake challenge to Lunchbox Friends which only got mildly popular, and then just now is trying to make one to Copycat. sorry but don’t try to start a tik tok dance, i see Princess Nokia trying this same gimmick on her Tik Tok. I mean this nicely but nobody cares unless Charli D’amelio decides your song is cool and does the renegade in a different order to it. Regular fame does NOT equal Tik Tok fame, the charm of Tik Tok is that any regular ole joe schmoe can go to their bedroom, make a song, do a dance, make a joke, etc and get noticed. I’m sick of celebrities on Tik Tok period. Also Copycat is one of her least popular songs and it’s clear she can dance but can’t choreograph a dance. she looks that mocking a “cosplayer” meme with really exaggerated facial expressions and movements. She could’ve at least done the detention dance, it’s not too hard and it looks actually good. 
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  10. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Yeah it’s fine that they didn’t vibe, that’s normal. Jazmin also posted something vague about getting hate and i think it’s related to melanie because they removed their picture together.

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  11. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    Sorry but this account gives me the creeps, i hate the pictures where she grabs her “ass” because she is literally wearing like children’s clothes and has a child-like body
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  12. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    did you guys hear what Jazmin Bean said about melanie? they basically said she was being rude on a livestream and idk i think crybabies are gonna escalate this situation 
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  13. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Oops i’m sorry, i’ve just been told and seen it’s he/him by multiple melanie fans but if it’s they/them i’ll go back and edit this. Yeah globelamp did say that and i tried to make a thread on her but it didn’t work idk why. 
    i think what GL said was along the lines of “They accused me of rape, ha you wish i raped you” so it was a “you wish you could have sex with me/you wish you had dirt on me” kind of remark but she’s a fucking moron regardless 
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  14. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Did anyone else see Globelamp “apologize” to Melanie??? I think she’s so full of it and her only goal with getting involved into the Timothy and Melanie drama was to see who she can control, and she realized that it would be easier to control the crybabies into defending her because there’s so many fans and a lot of them are young/easy to manipulate. and i think the goal with befriending timothy heller (and others who have alleged powerful people of abuse) is just to prey on people who aren’t as abusive and problematic and negative as GL. I’m trying to word this without making melanie or timothy seem perfect or evil because i know they’ve both done problematic things... but globelamp i straight up don’t believe that she was the innocent victim like she paints herself because there’s proof (screenshots) of her harassing and threatening her ex and allegations of rape and misgendering people. She actually was transphobic to Piper Sweeney because she misgendered him and then didn’t correct it even after I tweeted at her that she misgendered him. 
    Edit: I’m basically trying to say that so far all i can PROVE with Timothy and Melanie is that they're both people who have had rocky relationships and made mistakes, none of them are proven with DNA or screenshots or whatever to have committed felonies/crimes. But Globelamp was literally in COURT and has a restraining order against her. I mean personally from examining the evidence i think Sam France and Globelamp were just shitty and abusive people to each other, but the point is this shit is PROVEN in a COURT OF LAW not “pRovEn!1!1!1” in the court of TwElVe yEaR oLdS oN tWiTteR
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  15. ValentineCloud9 added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    I thought I was the only one who was irked by the “send love and light” thing, that fanbase literally cyberbullies everyone, Its relentlessly negative towards Timothy Heller and honestly anyone with split dye hair or a pastel aesthetic especially if they make music.
    The only justified hatred is towards Globelamp, but she picks a fight with everybody on planet earth. That includes Melanie AND Timothy. She really deserves her own thread on here smh. 
    Also I can’t wait until melanie goes back into hiding for a couple years to dress up as a baby or whatever so I don’t have to hear about her until crybaby part 3z 
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