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  1. Hagrid added a post in a topic Jess Woods / MoonPrincessJess   

    Hi Jess if you're reading this, I removed everything in the first post. I apologise completely for invading your space as well as your privacy! I'm not really sure how to show the mods this thread but they'll hopefully get on it soon.
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  2. Hagrid added a post in a topic Jess Woods / MoonPrincessJess   

    Thank you so much for the find!!!! 
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  3. Hagrid added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    She looks like she had a blood test, I had one last week too. No big deal, Pele. 
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  4. Hagrid added a post in a topic We need more ROOSTERS .... for this hen house ..   

    For the ranking system, I don't really see it as the higher the ranking, the more popular you are. Its a forum, it mostly goes to show how frequently they post/visit the site. Users with higher rankings shouldn't feel that because of the numbers, their opinions are better or approved more than someone with a negative or lower ranking. I'm sure a lot of frequent users have noticed how users with negative rankings are treated, despite that person actually chipping in some valuable information and opinions from time to time. The ranking system should really be ditched. 
    Edit: Lol it was just ditched for a bit 
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  5. Hagrid added a post in a topic peachy.rosie   

    I know she stated that its 'just a username' but I honestly doubt she would want to give it up. She's edited the caption quite a bit since it was posted. Her followers are quite ignorant, stating that a bunch of girls are practically copying her with the 'peachy.' username and simply adding peachy to their username. My username on Instagram has peachy in it, and I made it in May. I chose it because I wanted a fruit that sounds catchy at the end of my name. I had no clue who Rosie was until recently. So am I and all these other accounts possibly copying her? Heck nah. 
    Also, like fawn.yawn is any more original? 
    Oh yes I do agree like her current pictures are very try-hard to look all cool and laid back but I can imagine her taking that weird shot with her finger in between her mouth like 60 times before she was happy  But I also mean the ones that she deletes, they seem on the same level of awkward as her current ones. I think she uploaded a picture of herself and her dog the other day and deleted it within 20 minutes. Her fist wasn't shoved down her throat or anything, she just had a usual straight face, but there was something about it that she didn't like apparently. 
    Oh that's really interesting! If you could find anything on it, that would be honestly fantastic of you!  
    The recent drama I've heard of her was a Facebook account using her photos to catfish people and roleplay. She sent her followers after them and I think the account is down now! 
    Also, since creating this thread 14 hours ago, her follow count has jumped from 57.8k to 58.6k. In 14 hours. Anyone else smell fake followers? 
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  6. Hagrid added a post in a topic AnnaCake   

    She's been streaming recently on her Twitch. Its all very cringeworthy, especially the fake voice she puts on and the angle she has her webcam at. 
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  7. Hagrid added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peachy.rosie/
    So there's an Instagrammer by the name of peachy.rosie, who I've been following for a while. She seems very down to earth and a total sweetheart. I believe she's 17 and from the UK!
    She kind of reminds me of someone I'd see on Tumblr, with the overdone white girl aesthetic of plants and very close up selfies. She has a huge amount of followers (57.8k at the moment), but her uploads all looks the same to me... as in very similar outfits, poses, etc.  She has a habit of deleting her pics within minutes of uploading them which I find curious because the picture and caption are never awkward. 
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  8. Hagrid added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    It annoys me how she believes streaming is 'expensive.'
    Unless she's expecting to have a high quality camera, headset, monitor and gaming PC prepared for her first stream. A fairly good gaming PC can cost roughly ~£800 in total if you're buying the components and building your own PC. It could cost £1200+ to buy one premade, since I doubt Pele has any idea on how to build one. Webcams and headsets range from various prices, but I bet she'd want to go for higher branded ones sponsored by E-Sport gamers to seem hip n' trendy. Oh, and if she wants to stream from a console, she'd need to output it to her Twitch somehow. Complicated wires and crap that I don't think Pele will understand. 
    Basically, I think she has the concept in mind that she's going to jump right into streaming without the slightest idea, but with expensive stuff that isn't necessary for a good stream. If not, she'll stream and beg for donations to afford her hardcore mlg pro gaming league of legends dota 2 gamer gurl desu lifestyle as a twitch streamer. 
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  9. Hagrid added a post in a topic Chinese Living Dolls   

    Well, I'm definitely not getting any sleep tonight. I need me a /r/NoSleep on someone getting approached by one of these dolls because holy crap 
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  10. Hagrid added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    Quick question but how do you pronounce 'Pele'? 
    It would do her a lot of good if she went to college/university. She seems very enclosed in her house, though I can understand if she's fine with that, I'm pretty much the same. It should be summer break for her, so maybe she could look for a course she's interested in or find a part time job? There's a lot of time left until school starts up again. Maybe she can learn a new craft or pick up a hobby that gets her away from the internet, or better yet, something interesting she can share with her followers.
    People get so absorbed into their social media and I can see it happening to Pele, with her constantly changing her mind with what she uploads and deleting them after. Maybe trying to create this image for herself? That takes up a lot of energy, and can really stress you out. Also possibly 'buying' followers seems to me that she needs validation. I hate to imagine that she sits around during her day thinking about what she should upload to her instagram, rather than thinking about what she wants to do in life, people she hasn't spoken to in a while, how her family is doing, and so on. 
    Its unfortunate that I see a lot of myself in Pele (not with her bullying people or anything, with the way she controls her social media) and I can only hope she's brave and confident enough in herself to ditch all those dead followers and to be true to herself. To think she is pretty and enough without having to draw on freckles or to Photoshop herself. Its a difficult thing to do, but I think she'd be in a better place. Numbers don't define how pretty or smol you are. She also needs a reality check and know how much she hurts people. I know she's in this constant cycle of 'you guys are mean to me, so I'll be mean to you' but I think if she took the first steps in thinking before she types and respecting others, people will eventually catch on and do the same to her. 
    Anyways, I pretty much only wanted to ask her to pronounce her name but I ended up rambling. 
    I still don't forgive her for Downpour. 
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  11. Hagrid added a post in a topic Jess Woods / MoonPrincessJess   

    Honestly have no clue at all. Maybe rebranding herself, or taking a break from the internet? I know she recently got a new job so she's maybe focusing on that. But I find it odd, since she's only just recently opened up her blogspot to share recipes and crafts with her followers. Its weird she suddenly dropped everything and left. Its completely her choice though, I hope everything is alright with her. 
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  12. Hagrid added a post in a topic Jess Woods / MoonPrincessJess   

    Well, she's kinda disappeared on all her online pages 
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  13. Hagrid added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    This may be our chance to help Venus. 
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  14. Hagrid added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    Its part of her basics as a gamer girl 

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  15. Hagrid added a post in a topic Fatal Frame / Project Zero   

    I've only played the first two games, as they were the ones on the original xBox. Crimson Butterfly was the best one! I still have both copies of the game and my Crimson Butterfly is a directors cut edition. The stories were insanely good! I remember crying to the canon ending, it was done so well. Unfortunately the game wasn't horror enough for me, I quite enjoyed snapping photos of the spirits for Mio Amakura's Summer 2012 collection 
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