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  1. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    sorry my post is a lil off topic as well but armys are dragging halsey for her dancing rn and I'm dying
    (the person that made the second tweet went private because halsey's stans were harrassing them but I'm mutuals with them so I can still see it. here it is for anyone who didn't get to see it, it's up to 33k likes now lol)

    for the second tweet if you click the google translate thing the korean translates to "bitch you move like a robot " lmaoooooo
    I think it's safe to say most armys have disowned her lol barely any armys are defending her in the replies and the ones that are defending her are halsey stans themselves, everyone else is just laughing and clowning her too loooool
    edit: also I saw that clip of her kissing that little girl in the replies and it has like 10k views already. the original from when she got cancelled got taken down but I've seen a lot of people reposting it, and clearly it's being shared around a lot since just one of them already has that many views. that video is really never gonna leave her now lol
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  2. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    probably, and she'll probably lose even more money having to get those free tickets out there (radio stations, ads, etc)
    and yeah that's what i don't get either, like if i was struggling to sell out small 1k venues i wouldn't then try to make a whole tour with arenas and stadiums that are 15k+ in capacity each?? if anything i would try to find even smaller venues or do less shows. having like half or possibly even like 2/3rds of the venue empty while performing is embarrassing af
    her ego really fucked her over on this one
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  3. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    i just realized halsey's first concert for the manic tour is tomorrow and the show is still not sold out, in fact you can see on her tour website (http://www.manicthealbum.com/) that only 2 out of the 50+ shows she announced have sold out. pretty embarrassing considering she announced the tour ages ago. i have a feeling she's gonna lose a lot of money on this tour because she got much bigger venues and the sales don't look good. last time she did tiny venues and most of them still didn't sell out. even if she gets about the same amount of people coming to this tour or even some more, i don't think she'll be able to make a lot of that money back because these venues really are a lot bigger.
    all of her back and middle sections look like this
    even her front sections aren't completely sold out either, there's sections literally right in front of the stage with 25+ tickets available
    she got some stadiums and the back sections look like this
    all of the seats in color are seats that are still on sale (blue = general sale, light blue = premium, red = resale), meaning she only sold those 2 and a half rows in grey...
    she's probably gonna have to cancel this one and a lot of other shows
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  4. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    with how unnecessarily aggressive and angry she is about everything I wouldn't be surprised if ppl start exposing her for secretly being the abusive one. if that video of her hitting g eazy is real that already says a lot, and didn't some of her other exes say she was super toxic? not to mention she's extremely manipulative.
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  5. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    wasn't she with him while she was still kissing minors? i remember she said one of the reasons she stopped was because she felt weird about doing it while in a serious relationship. if he's smart he'll write a line about how she was kissing 14 year olds at her concerts while she was with him or something, i mean if she's gonna dedicate half her discography to calling him out for being a cheater and an abuser that's the easiest way to retaliate, but i know he won't think of that 
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  6. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    i wonder if g eazy will respond in some way to halsey calling him an abuser. she's been open about him being a cheater but only ever hinted at him being abusive. being called an abuser is much more career damaging than being called a cheater. wonder if he'll come out with some dirt on her or something.

    also idk wtf is going on with megan and g eazy and i don't like it but the one good thing about this is now we know ashley won't try to start up a fake friendship with megan to clout chase off her. megan slept with the one man ashley actually loved and wasn't just dating for publicity, megan stans we can sleep knowing halsey won't try to force a collab between her and megan anytime soon 
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  7. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    some armys were joking they were gonna start yelling g eazy if she showed up and ruined a bts concert for them lmaooooo
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  8. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    just to clarify, this wasn't halsey's concert. it was a budweiser sponsored event she was invited to. it was free and there were other events and performers (diplo, the black eyed peas, etc). that guy was probably there to see someone else.
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  9. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    this g eazy stuff reminded me that someone said there's a video of her hitting him in the face or something. is that true? does anyone have the video?
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  10. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    does anyone know how old this boy was?
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  11. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    wait she said WHAT now???
    can someone post a quote or a timestamp for when she said that in the video because I was having issues loading it so I didn't catch it
    edit: nvm I just realized ya'll are talking about this comment she left on a video
    ashcolette commented  i will rape you,
    if it means i have this kid.
    no lie.
    i would do horrible things for him.
    to him.
    for him.
    i dont care.
    jesus CHRIST I thought she had implied it or something but she straight up said that, this is disgusting I hope this ends up on twitter, someone should take a picture of it and post the wayback machine link so people know it's real
    does anyone know a really big evan peters fan account that doesn't like her so we can dm them to post about this?
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  12. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

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  13. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    people aren't saying halsey isn't successful or famous, she definitely is to some degree, but her success and fame are almost entirely manufactured, that's why people are predicting she'll fall off soon
    the main thing she's got going for her is the amount of radio play she gets, but most radio play is just payola and label connections

    that's not to say no radio play is genuine, sometimes radio stations just know people want to hear a certain song because it's doing really well on the charts, but with halsey it's easy to tell something is up. she can have a song that's not even in the top 50 on the itunes charts and on the verge of falling off the hot 100 and still get the most spins out of any artist that week on the radio

    on the surface she seems very successful because she's always on the radio, she's talked about a lot in the media, and she had a hit song, but when you delve deeper you can just tell something is off
    like with the radio, being constantly in the media is easy to manipulate as well. truth is halsey is in the media so much because she's constantly either starting her own scandals/rumors by saying some stupid shit or calling the paps on herself
    that's not even going into how much media attention she gets for name dropping other celebrities. just take a look at how many halsey interviews and articles have a different artist in the title. they know halsey alone won't get as many clicks
    halsey said this about bts! halsey said this about taylor swift! you'll never guess what halsey said about ______
    and that goes for her discography as well. you would technically be right if you said "halsey's had a bunch of hit songs!" but all except one of those songs were songs which she was just featured in. and the one song she made successful on her own, without me, was released when she was getting peak industry support because of the collabs she did AND was riding off her very public breakup with g eazy. since then each single has done worse than the last. graveyard was her most promoted single and yet it was barely holding on to its top 40 spot on the hot 100, when she stopped promoting it promptly fell down to around 60 and fell off the chart before she could even release her album. that's not expected from someone with such a hit like without me, especially not when she has a ton of industry support. you'd expect her to grow but it's the opposite. i'd say if it weren't for her collabs she'd be a one hit wonder, but she wouldn't even be that because she needed those collabs to get that song where it got. without them she wouldn't have had the same kind of attention on her and radio play she had when without me came out
    she has a fanbase but a huge portion of it is very fickle because she gained it through other people, those people aren't really there for her and lose interest very easily. a lot of the people who actually found her through her own music come and go because she can't decide on her style and she's extremely inconsistent. her most dedicated fanbase is very small and you can see this under her tweets, it's always the same handful of people unless she talks about something relatable or trendy.
    the general public knowing about her =/= success. they know about her because she's on the radio all the time, featured on everyone and their mother's songs, and goes on ridiculous rants about shampoo being racist. when it comes down to actually buying her music and her tickets she's struggling, so many people that go to her concerts say the venue was far from full, and remember last year she was playing places with a capacity of around 1,000 people but she still couldn't fill them. she even had to cancel a few of them because not enough people were buying tickets.

    this is why people are expecting her to crash and burn. because artists with fame manufactured to this degree fall real quick once their label catches them declining and pulls out their support to focus on a newer artist with more potential.
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  14. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    it's so funny that she said he was quiet because bts have said many times that yoongi talks a lot when he's comfortable with you or excited about something, so she's just exposing that yoongi isn't comfortable with her lol
    he's not super quiet ashley he just doesn't want to talk to you and you can't even have a full conversation with him because you don't speak korean
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  15. cwcwcw added a post in a topic Halsey   

    not to mention she made the instagram story right after a bunch of tweets went viral where armys were talking about how telling it is that the artists that claim to be their friends have a lot to say about them when it gets them attention but not when it comes to promoting their music, considering she's back on twitter she probably saw those and wanted brownie points
    also find it funny that it's very common for bts to tweet about their friends' albums when they come out (they even did it with halsey's hfk a long time ago) but they haven't said a peep about manic this time even though yoongi was involved in it lol i think it's safe to say they're done with her at this point
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