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  1. Momijishii added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    This may be a little harsh for some of you to read, but I don't mean to say this to anyone in particular, or as a personal attack on anyone who might have posted about her new upstart in life in a negative take. Rather, I want to post this as what it is that I see this situation being:

    Although it might be disappointing for some viewers to see her life go in a direction they don't necessarily agree with, it was nevertheless her choice to make in life, and one which she liked and thought that was appropriate for her. Some might have hoped for her to live a certain way in a way that they themselves would approve of or followed her initially for, but life isn't perfect, and it isn't to fair to expect her to live up to your own personal standard of what would have been more appropriate. It's an impossible standard to meet. (An unrelated example being that of a perfect person to embody the 'perfect feminist leader', which doesn't exist)

    It isn't as if she set herself up to be an 'ideal' person to rely on as a role-model in any way. If she decided to live her life this way and she is fine with it, I don't see the need to scorn her for it. I think it is a little mean, actually. She is an adult, and she chose to move in with a person. It might not set the 'right example' of how she should behave, but women all over the world move in with men/women of their liking and personal choosing all the time now. It's not an unusual thing. Should she has dumped her studies to move in with a man? It certainly looks like it, doesn't it? But, she said at the start that this wasn't the reason at all. 

    I know it sounds as if I am white-knighting, but I don't know her that well, nor do I watch all of her videos... Actually, I am usually quite critical in most of my posts. I just don't see why people are so moved by this to the point that they see her life as one well-wasted. I think she still retains her own identity. Maybe now, however, she just wants to rewrite it a little to include someone she really cares about, and I don't think that's wrong either. I think it's fine to celebrate her life and to evolve her content. She might just be taking time to re-examine how her content output would and should evolve into now that her original endeavours have changed.
    It takes time to make these kinds of decisions, and it's not as if there aren't any obstacles now that her time is more lax: there is the worry of Covid-19, the fact that she might want to rest up from what was previously explained as a very hectic schedule to the point of prolonged burn out, the new home with a new partner to get used to, the mental-health challenges she announced, the negative feelings of shame she is undoubtably feeling knowing that she gets criticised for leaving Bunka, and there are likely more reasons she might not tell us about... Thus, I don't blame her for being more slow lately, either... She has the freedom not to work, and I don't blame her for taking a break if she feels like it. In fact, I don't expect 'youtubers' to have regular release schedule either. It's different when someone says they will upload more often and fails, but I always found a schedule to be useful only for certain kinds of people that might benefit from them. It helps grow an audience and keep to a strict work ethic, but it isn't entirely the be-all to a successful youtuber.
    Basically, so what if she regresses a little? Is life always supposed to be an upward trajectory journey?
    Anyways, these are just my thoughts... please don't come at me. > < Be kind. <3
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  2. Momijishii added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I should likely add that Youtube is censored and often blocked by China.
    She wont be a Youtuber for much longer if she does decide to stay, anyway.
    If she did decide to try to 'outsmart' the system, and gets caught using a proxy/vpn for instance, the police is authorised to arrest and/or inflict physical harm onto her for 'dissent'.
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  3. Momijishii added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    The whole TikTok situation is strange, too.
    They are American administrated, and so they're pulling out of Hong Kong for practical reasons, and yet they are financially backed by China.
    When it comes down to business operations, money is everything. So, this current PR confliction of China-sponsored and US-led is suspect and weird to begin with.
    Interestingly, for this situation to have happened in the first place is not even that strange at all. A lot of US SanFran startups, for instance, are actually backed by questionable money sources to begin with, such as money traced to the UAE which funds A LOT of them. This is a point of debate, but it is likely a mixture of honest investment efforts mixed with technological/legal/political aims. This is a very big topic and appropriate for a different place for discussion, but in essence a technology war doesn't just exist in the form of national defence work, it can happen in all kinds of tech spaces.
    Apologies for going slightly off topic. <3
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  4. Momijishii added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I wonder how Taylor will feel about staying in Hong Kong when she is no longer allowed to watch western films.
    Or when she will openly be scrutinised by police or restricted of movement simply because she is a foreigner with a media presence.
    Even if it does go well, does she like the idea of being a pro-censorship advocate through her conformity to it on behalf of a politically oppressive regime?
    Questions~ Questions~
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  5. Momijishii added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    This is a common practice in Asian entertainment industries. I've worked with talents from there before, and it is not uncommon. They loosen up behind closed doors and in friendly company, though.
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  6. Momijishii added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    What are your opinions about ne.hwa? She is a small brand fashion designer, I think. 

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  7. Momijishii added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    He exploited many Tokyo-based creator social events for his company and monarchy-building elitist scheme, too.
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  8. Momijishii added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I think you're right in many respects. ^^
    I, too, think Pewdiepie would much rather open his own company than be bound to anyone else. He has the means, but he has said that it is very difficult nonetheless. Okano may be an easy option he might be considering with some persuasion from Mr. Anime Man. He also might not know Okano's history if he even is considering. Which, is speculative at best. Okano, nevertheless, has access to Felix simply by association at this point, which perpetuates his ideal role within the community. And, as some have criticized, his behaviour and presence offsets collaborative efforts by smaller creators to exchange ideas, socials, and possibly content. Okano even tried to close off events to those smaller creators. -sigh- 
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  9. Momijishii added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    The current problem within the Jvlogging community and why it isn't growing or being nurtured as it once did is because of several reasons, which I will attempt to explain. 
    The damage Kanadajin3 inflicted on the initial group. Details of which can be read about elsewhere, please refer to her snowflake page for full details. In essence, she made large contributors to the community very cautious of one another in general. Newer contributors who weren't present at the time and therefore detached from this history and what an uproar Mira (KJ3) caused are therefore left out from "entering" likely for over-caution (as you should be when meeting strangers from the internet) of bad, potentially dangerous, results. I think many people at this point, would rather wait for creators and vloggers to establish themselves and their content first before engaging with them, just to make sure they're of sound mind. Maybe.  Most of them leave and cannot live as vloggers. This point has been outlined multiple times in this thread. Rache & Jun, Gimebeabreakman, Sharla, Mimei, Mikaera were all exceptions to this of course. They have careers, partnerships, and legal documents that allow them to stay. Most do not. Most newcomers are faced with the unfortunate reality of taking on menial jobs intended by the Japanese government for cheap foreign outsourcing. Very often, there are almost no prospects for career development in these jobs that many people were advised by online videos to seek just to get that first entry visa to study or work in the first place. This kind of content was popular a few years ago: "How to get to Japan". This doesn't do much for friendship building when they are just barely able to get by living, let alone paying for social outings and travel to live that idyllic vlogger-in-Japan life that Taylor R so successfully exemplified. And remember, Taylor had a very large financial backer who helped sponsor her visa, apartment, and lavish expenditures. Her contribution the the jvlogging community helped fool many, I think, to an unrealistic reality of Japanese work and living. I think a person who is doing well to avoid those current hurdles is Mikan, but there are countless others who go to Japan in the hopes of establishing themselves but ultimately fail when the hurdle for the legal right to stay gets real. Some visas require people to work in remote and unfavourable vlogging areas, away from the metropolitan interests of (sadly) most viewers.Chris Okano's very business model that attempts to restructure and monetize on the community itself, while simultaneously cultivating elitism and exclusion socially. Several people have spoken about this before, including past and current organizers within the community. He approached community events with hunger for what it potentially could be in his mind and eyes. I think a big reason why he is likely going to be successful in doing this even more than he already has been up until this point is because of Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie has expressed innumerable times about his interest in relocating his life to Japan and there are many legal immigration troubles with that, including the hardship of obtaining a long-term visa. Japan has anti-immigration laws in place, after all. But how is this tied to CEO Okano? Because Joey Bizinger (The Anime Man) is signed with him. And, Bizinger is, as you might have seen, quite close to pewdiepie and has been so for a while. Why do you think it is CEO Okano seems to have been so elated since about 2 years ago? Joey snagged a big fish for him. Some might even say... the biggest fish. Why wouldn't Okano cease on this opportunity to include himself in the barriers of Pewdiepie's move? Why wouldn't he attempt to offer piewdiepie something as precious and rare as a visa? He has everything to gain. Japan is a hierarchical society in many ways. Chirs Okano wanted to make that a reality within jvlogging for many years, and with some success now seeing his "CEO" videos now. Having Felix would only make it that much more official. Okano can't seem to hide his excitement or smugness over this.  
    I think things will only get worse with time, sadly, but what are your thoughts on this?
    I only glossed 3 points because I did not want to write too much.
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  10. Momijishii added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    It is important to note that the person who YG was replaced with as a figure-head as well. Hwang Bo Kyung was a CFO and executive director within from within YG itself. A long term employee. Therefore, this 'removal' or 'resignation' is a public relations move to attempt to sway the public that scorns them into calmness. After all, most people don't look at the employment backgrounds or social ties of the names they always hear about in the news surrounding their scandal(s). This move is not indicative of any cultural shift to come within the company itself, I think.
    Will BlackPink (and therefore Jennie) be treated or managed any differently? Likely not. And yes, Jennie does stem from a financially affluent family, all of the BlackPink members do. It doesn't make them bad people for having wealth to have backed them throughout their trainee (financially unyielding) days, but... it does show other things...
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