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  1. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Wonder what she will do next.  Who will want to be her next partner?   Imagine describing your new girlfriend to your family:  you KNOW Julia - she married theold lady who got arrested in the US for stealing a car.  She's ALL OVER YT professing her undying love for her soulmate, what can het next partner be?  Soul Mate #2?  Love of her life #2?    Julia might have to go down with the ship on this one.
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  2. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    It's amazing how low the views are.  Last I looked 13k ish.     I think a lot of people would rather clean their toilets than watch Julia with sex toys.  They're both just so so so gross - imaging them with sex toys is just too much.
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  3. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    She doesn't work and admitted in the video she posted (the living in the airport one) that she came here precisely to live off the generous benefits system.  Of course she is grabbing with both hands.  I'm certain she thinks she deserves it.
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  4. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I cant decide who has it worse.  Gun to head I'd probably go with Eileen.  I' 90% sure she just sleeps, eats, shuffles around the flat in a housecoat, and tweets.  Probably emotionally low maintenance.    Julia, on the other hand, has to be a handful.   Yes, she is pretty but you'd have to Aphrodite to get me to tolerate her insane moods, insecurities, issues, disorders, etc, etc...
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  5. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I think that's why it only has 14k views.   She is one of the most dysregulated people I have witnessed.     Something is very unbalanced and it's worrying and uncomfortable to watch.  I don't refuse the watch the videos because it gives them views/revenue.  I actually can't watch without feeling intensely uncomfortable.  
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  6. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

     "We successfully reduced negative comments on our social media by blaming Julia's mental health issues on haters. Now no one is allowed to criticize us for anything Ever Again, Julia is all better, and we're back to business as usual! Yay!!!"
    Oh my god, you nailed it!   
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  7. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I dont think Julia is in love.  She strikes me as emotionally dependent on Eileen - the way one is on a parent or even a trusted therapist.   I think Julia loves to feel victimized and now she has this older, bombastic woman who will come out swinging for her.    I also think Julia has limited intelligence and doesn't realize Eileen only talks the talk.  When she is older I suspect she will look back and say "what a loser" re:  Eileen but for now she's being spun in circles.
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  8. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Wow, they are way way way more physically aligned.  The physical gap between Julia and Eileen is enormous.  Then you pile on their intellectual gap and it's just ludicrous.     I liked this couple - I actually believe they're together out of a sense of love and attraction.  Good find.
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  9. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    They could never afford LA.   For established working professionals it's tough.  Just to get an apartment they're looking looking at small-ih places around 3k.  They'll need first months rent and deposit.  Eileen's credit is shit and Julia has none in the US so they will need someone to co-sign.  Then they have to furnish it and factor in utilities.  They both need health insurance. Eileen probably wold have to do medicare.  Julia would need a low cost self insure option - about $400/month.  That's before they put food in their mouth.  They also need a car and car insurance.    Unless they're making well over 120k it would be tough for them.  And, as I have said before, Julia would not do well there.  LA is full of so many beautiful and legit talented people - even people with connections and good resumes wash up after a year or so.  Julia just doesn't have it.  If she did she'd have move views and Barcroft fans wouldn't have turned on them so fast.  They're better off in their flat in London by far...
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  10. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Oh my, I cannot even bring myself to click on that video.   From the comments it looks like it was well received, which is good - I guess.  I know the forum was worried she was getting too fragile.  But yikes, the thought of the two of them.  The more I see of them I really do think they deserve each other.
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  11. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Got it.  I mean, I'm obnoxious but not as bad as Eileen.  (I hope)
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  12. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Not sure what you mean?  As in, am I Eileen under this screen name?  I'm not - not sure how to prove this to a mod.  PM me if you're a mod and want me to verify.
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  13. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yes, she was married to a man:  1990 - married “Alastair king”, a man in NY - LIC # 22701   It was posted many pages back by the same woman who found the NY court records.
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  14. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    What can I say, I think she is full of shit.  I dont think she is even remotely suicidal.  I read your comments and will reconsider the comment but TBH, I dont feel bad at all.  If I thought she were even remotely suicidal, of course I wouldn't say anything.    It really is funny the arbitrary lines drawn on here.  You all pile on to get her "broken" and pearl clutch now.  Sigh.  Relax ladies, this chick will outlive us all.
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  15. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Oh please, Julia would never take her own life.   All we're seeing now is her "pay attention me drama"....look above at the Maria "we survived hate" commentary.   Julia LOVES this shit.  She lives for being the victim.  The woman would never commit suicide.  She MAY do those bullshit cry for help suicide attempts that lead to nothing but in patient hospitalization but never anything serious   Picture her taking some Xanax and a glass of wine and calling emergency before she lays down.  That type of nonsense.   I'm not even sure Julia could die - she looks like the type of blow up doll that would just re-inflate. Over and Over again.  And, yes, I know I'll get major shit for this comment.
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  16. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Did anyone see the comment where someone suggested that they stop working with Barcroft?  Eileen responded to it saying "I think you're right".
    To me that is a sign that she and Julia know it's over.  That has to be tragic and terrifying for Julia.  Look at her views.  They are off the charts (for her) when they first announce their relationship then they start to slow down.  Now they're in the toilet AND they get a lot of shit on YT.  I dont know if Eileen is abusive or not or if Julia has an ED or not but I am almost 100% certain this rise and fall is what's doing her in.  All these other "issues" scream "Pay attention to me".  Julia will do ANYTHING for attention.  The age gap marriage gravy train is over so now she is on the ED/anxiety/depression train.  I'm sure she is anxious and depressed (like many of us) but come on....this woman is bi polar as hell.  One day she is out for drinks acting the fool, next she is in hysterics, then she is defensive, then she is doing fashion shows, and on and on and on.  I wouldn't take these latest videos too seriously.  In a blink she will be bent over and talking out her ass about how amazing her life is.
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  17. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Bingo - another person who "ruined" something for Julia.  Is this the most unlucky woman on earth or maybe does she get a lot out of being a victim?    Also, have you ever been close to someone with a true eating disorder?  It's terrifying to watch them get close to death.   I will get shit for this but Julia doesn't have an eating disorder.  She has a personality disorder.
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  18. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

  19. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Her whole strategy was silly.  What % of the population is estimated to be gay?  I am pretty sure it's been stable at 10%.  What % of the population is into pastel goth?  I can even imagine it's beyond 1-5%.  How many people are fascinated by age gap relationships?  Probably about the same as pastel goth.  If you want to be famous maybe decide to be more broadly interesting.  The whole marriage thing was her trying to take a shortcut to fame.  Now she's stuck.
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  20. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    No - I think they agreed to it for the publicity and that Julia wanted to do it during her show.  That would kill two birds with one stone - brings attention to her music and also gets her "age gap" attention.
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  21. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Eileen is willing to sling over the top compliments at her non stop.  Can you even imagine Julia behind closed doors - she must be an insecure mess that requires constant maintenance.  Jobless Eileen can attend to her 24/7.   What other type of person could stand having to be a therapist/cheering section/mommy/PR machine?   The added bonus is the age gap gained her easy fame.  Other than that...nothing.  They kinda deserve each other.
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  22. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I'm with you 100% - her anxiety is more of the "will everyone adore me if i put myself out there" than true social anxiety.  Most of us put ourselves out there and are anxious to "do ok", Julia seems to positively need adoration and compliments.  Her body issues strike me as absolutely bullshit though.  No one posts their flat ass (she needs an aggressive squat routine) for all the world to see if there is true insecurity.
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  23. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Weird, my comments keep getting hidden in other comments.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Anyway what I was saying is I'm suspicious of the recent posts re:  the apology video.   I wouldn't be surprised if it's Julia building her victim story.   She specializes in being The Victim - look at her story time themes.  I do think Eileen is a mind fucking criminal but I also think Julia was all for this publicity stunt and is backing away only now since it totally failed.  I mean when Barcroft fans are over you, come on.  It's O-V-E-R.
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  24. vornado added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

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