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  1. peakmangoseason added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Kinda random but has anyone heard of ablency? An artist I've found that I really don't like.
    She acts like she's "so great" but I don't really see anything appealing about her generic style or her personality... so yeah, along with that -- she's kinda overrated/boring art (imo), can't seem to accept criticism and has same face syndrome that she isn't even trying to fix? Idk just thoughts. If you see here it's like her faces are almost copy-pasted it's like she's just tracing the same eyes/nose/mouth/face shape over and over again? Like seriously.... I don't understand how she has so many followers. Her drawings literally just look like half-coloured sketches, her anatomy needs work as well it's just boring anime busts.
    Not to mention she always does "draw this in your style challenges" and draws "bubbleheads" for clout. She deletes a lot of her posts if they don't get enough attention so it seems like she only cares about attention? And she's always being a bit rude and self-deprecating in DMs, on her tellonym, replying to comments etc. Like some of her drawings - literally a fishbowl wearing a sweater - are so overrated and it makes zero sense
    It makes no sense how she gets the attention she does. She also acts really unprofessionally and kinda rude (like on her tellonym and stories, when she answers questions and things like that) and it's really off-putting. Like she could be nicer but no, she's just generally obnoxious and rude all the time, and she blocks people for literally no reason, shown here... I mean just what even

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