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  1. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I find it weird and depressing that many people no longer consider Asians, especially lighter-skinned Asians, as POCs anymore, simply because Asians have subjectively more celebrated and accepted on mainstream media thanks to pop culture. Yet it's not as if people have became more educated about Asians or that discrimination doesn't still happen to Asians.I feel intend matters a lot when discussing matters relating to racism, cultural appropriation and fetishism. If something is done respectfully and with appreciation of the origin of the subject matter, should it not be welcomed? People seem to be in a hurry to stick negative labels over things that don't even need protecting.I don't think it's fair to impose issues and taboos of one culture onto another culture.
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  2. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Kinoshita Yuka   

    I like watching her videos! For someone who really likes food but can't eat all that much, mukbangs are a good way to satiate my cravings. She seems like she genuinely enjoys her food a lot, unlike quite a lot of competitive eaters who sometimes look like they're forcing themselves, and she's always so polite to her competitors. I find her ditzy and honest personality very endearing as well. I remember in one video when she was cooking for herself, she mentioned how she enjoys cooking but doesn't have the chance to cook for others because she doesn't have a boyfriend, the way she talked about it was so adorable.
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  3. popcornmachine added a post in a topic sichenmakeupholic   

    She's really pretty and natural, and her video editing is so professional-looking. I don't find her make-up tutorials very helpful though, they generally seem to look about the same, but they are nice to look at.
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  4. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    @plasmaz (is this how you mention people? still new to the posting stuff sorry) I understand your point, and yeah I might have misunderstood OP's intentions but the way it was phrased in their original post gave me that impression that their sexuality was being speculated at, and that the photoshop thing was more of just to add more substance to the discussion. I apologise if I've misunderstood, of course. 

    To me it's less of that talking about stuff like these is taboo, but in certain cultures, especially the Asian/SEA countries Baozi & Hana are active in, people are not as open as say, the Western community about transgenders. Additionally, if someone is trans but isn't ready to come out about it yet, speculating if they are can make things worse for them, I think? I myself do not think that there's anything wrong with being trans, or cis, or gay, but simply that I feel like some care should be exercised when speculating about people because it can be problematic for the subject(s) being discussed. 
    They do make their own cosplays, which I think is impressive since the quality is generally quite good.
    @hakacze Hana seems to be very nice to people he regard as friends, but more distant/aloof around other people. I've heard he's quite prone to being jealous, of other guys being close to Baozi and also when people pick Baozi over him. It doesn't give me a good impression, but maybe he's not that confident about himself, also fans can be quite insensitive and rude.
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  5. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    If you read OP's post again, I highly doubt that they thought H&B are merely editing their pictures to look like a certain gender, as you put it. Speculation is fine and fun when we're just nobody in the eyes of the public, but when you have a huge fan following, I think rumours can have a pretty huge influence on your reputation. 
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  6. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    I guess I should clarify, I meant that they were born biologically? physically? male. Sorry, I don't know how to better explain this, hope it isn't offensive.
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  7. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    My friends circle are very good friends with them and I guarantee you they are 100% male and have been all their lives. I think it's good to show interest in popular figures who may be trans, but to speculate about it doesn't seem to be a very good thing to do because of the potential stigma that can be associated with the subject if they do not wish to be discussed as such. Just my personal opinion. 
    They do Photoshop themselves a lot, but that seems to be the culture/trend/norm with cosplayers from China so it's no surprise. They still look quite a lot like their edited selves in real life though. 
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  8. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Dealing with dry lips   

    I've had really dry, chappy lips that bled from time to time for years. My friend recently introduced this product called Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with Honey and Precious Oils (wow that was long) to me and I really like it! I've tried dozens of lip balm before and most of them really just don't work - the best they do is to keep my lips soft for awhile but if I sleep with the AC on overnight, I get really dry lips again the next day. This one doesn't give me the moist lips I want, but it keeps my lips from drying out when I apply a thick layer overnight.

    Another little tip I picked up from r/AsianBeauty is to use a bit of Hada Labo's hydrating lotion on my lips when I need a quick boost. It does moisturise very well and quickly, although I don't know if there are any side-effects from accidentally ingesting the lotion  A small dab of the lotion with Nuxe's balm over it keeps my lips protected even in my office's horribly dry AC air.
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  9. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    Never knew about this, that's really sad to hear. I always thought they simply didn't want kids because they wanted to keep their freedom.
    I'm one of those who stuck with their channel because I really admire their relationship, even though their videos for me got a little boring. They seem to genuinely care a lot about each other and they don't really fake their affection for the camera. They would probably have made pretty loving parents.
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  10. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Is it that difficult for you to accept that people have different opinions? Just because there are people who agree with your reference, or understand it, doesn't necessarily mean that other people who come from other cultures will share that same opinion or understand that reference.  Just as much as there were people who agreed with you I guarantee there were people like me who didn't understand the statement you made. FYI, I am not black, I have little knowledge of the black culture, so I don't see why you have to be so unnecessarily condescending about me not understanding your reference when I already stated that I didn't get the reference you're making. Please don't expect everybody to share the same worldview as you.
    I don't agree that her usage of Chinese characters was dumb. I already said it just could have been better worded. If you don't agree with me, that's fine, and like you, I'm simply sharing why I think Mei's actions were harmless. Once again, please don't make a difference in opinion personal, I understand perfectly the points people are making, I simply do not agree with the level of criticism. 
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  11. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    If you read my post again I did say that I agree it would probably have been better if she wrote it as a translation. I'm not saying her tweet couldn't have been better worded, I'm just saying that people seem to be getting nit-picky about her language usage. I don't see why writing about something in Chinese = not caring about the dish. Please understand that I am not defending her questionable actions in taking an interest in Chinese culture, I just feel that in this particular case it feels like we're imposing a certain intention to her words when it may not be the case.
    Nonetheless I don't expect my opinion to resonate with everybody, so this is the last post I'll make about her Chinese word usage.
    Your analogy makes zero sense to me, sorry. I have no idea what you're referencing/trying to explain.
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  12. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I have to stick to my point that there is kind of different meaning when you use the Chinese words of a dish than when you use its English translation. Using the Chinese name of the dish directly identifies that this is the dish she's trying to cook, rather than just calling it "tomato scrambled eggs" which sounds more like she's cooking the Western version. Even in the example you stated with xiaolongbao, a lot of restaurants and foodies also translate the dish to "Soup Dumplings", but the dish is more easily identified when called by its (romanized) Chinese name, "xiaolongbao". I agree that she could've maybe called it "chinese version of scrambled egg and tomato", but she's also writing that in a tweet (if I recall correctly) and Chinese characters take up less of the word limit? I don't think it'd have made sense for the tweet to be in Chinese since she's still bad at Chinese, and majority of her followers are English-speaking people.

    There are things I agree she does that feels a little off, like with her sudden pride for Chinese culture and the vegan thing, but it's just her language usage that I feel people seem to be over-policing. Honestly if she's trying to learn the language I don't feel it's a bad thing that she's slowly trying to use it in her daily life, though dumping Chinese words in the middle of English sentences wouldn't do much in the way of improvement.
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  13. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Imo, it's a bit much to call her a poser for using the Chinese words for the dish? I'm Chinese, and I prefer using Chinese words for Chinese food because it sounds more natural to me than their romanized forms since I grew up being familiar with these dishes in their Chinese names (Kungpo Chicken or whatever sounds horribly weird to me). Why can't this be the same for Mei as well? 

    Plus, unlike what @Stripped said (sorry I don't know how to tag names), even though the dish seems similar, it is actually quite uniquely different in taste and cooking method from the West's interpretation of tomato and scrambled eggs. It'd be less confusing to me if she used the Chinese name of the dish instead of "westernizing" it.
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  14. popcornmachine added a post in a topic General Cosplay Pages   

    I think OP is referring to how POC cosplayers don't get featured, because the page only focuses on white girls? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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  15. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Therefor every cosplayer who pops up saying they are born male or are male tend to image trans male in such a bad image. In my opinion, while I understand it's normal to have a negative perception of someone in the cosplay community who claims to be a transgender because of the bad examples around, it comes off really insensitive to just assume anybody who does and isn't open about it is just doing it for ~*teh famez*~? This has already been discussed to death in the past few pages, a lot of the other users already pointed out why it may be difficult for him to discuss his sexuality. I don't think it's anybody's position to demand he come out and champion transgender rights, etc. While it may be beneficial for the community for him to set a good role model for his followers, and not potentially deceive his female fans, if he's not comfortable with the attention it may bring him if he highlights his sexuality, that's all to it.

    (I'm sorry for adding on to the LGBT discussion, but I just felt like this needed to be said.) 
    I guess this is a bit of a grey area for me. I agree that if you're in the entertainment industry, you should try to be civil, but when it comes to the Instagram famous, they are not quite "in the entertainment industry" to me, so I find it difficult to apply the same rule to them. I do agree with what you said, however, that perhaps ignoring them would have been a better idea if he couldn't be patient. To me I suppose such behaviour makes me see these Internet famous people as more human than just the image their fans see them as, but again this is my personal perception, so I understand how it differs for everybody.
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