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  1. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    To be fair, the tomato & eggs dish that she cooks varies a lot from the Western version, and even the Chinese version has a lot of variations to how it's made, since it's such a homely dish. There are some provinces that would balk at adding sugar to it, and there are some that would flavor it differently or add starch to make the eggs gooier, etc. And while it does seem like it's a lot of oil, a good number of Chinese chefs I've seen do use that amount or more, because when heated properly, it lends a certain flavor to the eggs. Except that Dumi completely fails at controlling the heat, so her end result just looks like an unappealing, oily and bland mess.
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  2. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    There really just isn't anything right to say. I wish life was a little kinder on her, but I hope she finds peace now.
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  3. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I had to close it after the first 12 seconds or so when she said her outfit makes her look like a virtuous wife and good mother (贤妻良母). Never mind that the idea of her ever having mini SplendaCorns is terrifying, but no outfit in the world can ever convince anyone that she's a virtuous wife. Putting on a dress doesn't put you in the role of a virtuous wife, Uumi, we've seen enough of you lazing around while your boyfriend works his ass off to know you're anything but.
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  4. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    When I said I think her poor English may be legit, I meant it in the sense that it really is this bad, as opposed to just pretending her English is lousy like what many of the posts have speculated. I agree that if her English is really this poor, it's definitely due to her just outright refusing to learn. Probably thinking it makes her sound cuter/more Asian.
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  5. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    This is a bit tricky to translate, but she's basically saying that she hauled a good product, it's cheap and comfortable to wear too. Recommended.

    The phrasing she used here was a bit of a slang/pun on that the item was bought from Taobao, so a very direct translation would be: "Taobao'ed a great product, it's so cheap. Really comfortable to wear too. Feedback is positive."

    The meaning is different from her saying that Taobao has good products, she's just complimenting the lucky haul she happened to have gotten this time.
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  6. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    The words she were using was 成熟 (cheng shu) and 淑女 (shu nü), basically she was describing that the bag had a very lady-like/feminine and mature style. 

    If she was as natural in her English videos as her Chinese one, her video would be so much more tolerable to watch. Her comments about her haul was actually descriptive and helpful in expressing her impression of the items, instead of her usual broken-record spew of "cute cute cute". 

    I wish she'd be less weeby about her fashion sense too. I thought the oversized cardigan styled with the white shirt was probably the most flattering outfit I've seen on her yet, it actually makes her look younger than her actual age and it looks trendy too. But no, she insists on adding a tie to pander to her fans' schoolgirl fetishes, and complains about it being too big. I've noticed how much she likes to wear tight-fitting clothing, despite how they really don't flatter her figure.

    Edit: Considering the difference in quality of her content in English versus Chinese, I'm starting to think that her English being so horrible is actually legit. But I can't imagine how someone who has spent such a long time in the US, surrounded by English-speaking people, can still be this bad at the language. 
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  7. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi's Wedding This Or That   

    Yes because "I love my feeyanse".

    Will Corn pronounce her wedding vows with proper English or no?
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  8. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Yumi's Wedding This Or That   

    I feel like neither Splenda nor her will have enough friends for a bridal party, so nah.

    Bangs or side-bangs?
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  9. popcornmachine added a topic in Online Personalities   

    snowbabyq/Cai Ruixue
    First time creating a thread, sorry if it's the wrong place/formatting errors.
    Cai Ruixue, or better known by her self-assigned stage name "Snowbaby", is a 21 year old participant from Taiwan in the new Korean idol production variety show Idol School. She has been garnering some amount of attention on the international platform for her visuals and voice, but she is very badly received in her home country. Most of the information here are gathered from forums in Taiwan, so the receipts are mostly in Chinese, I'll translate them if necessary.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snowbabyq1002
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/snowbabyq/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Po54tNbXvhhFfzY6u97AQ
    School Idol Profile: http://onair.mnet.com/idolschool/sub/studentIntro2Profile?seq=1478
    Received flake for her media-given title of "Goddess of Taipei's First Girls' School (北一女子高级中学)" as many feel that she sullies the reputation of her school due to her being unable to make it to university. Seen to have spent most of her time on vacation or out cafe-hopping and shopping leading up to the admission examination for med school, according to her activity on Instagram, which led many people to feel that she's not even trying to work hard for the examination. A girl made a friends-only post on Facebook (no names mentioned) throwing shade on her heightened media exposure. Post was brought to her attention, which she took a screenshot of without censoring the name and posted on her Instagram story, calling out the girl. This led her fans to attack the person. Ruixue then personally confronted this girl, and brought her dad into the conversation to speak with the girl and settle things. This led to more negative reactions from the local Internet community as they felt it was immature of her to involve her dad. She then demanded a clarification from the girl that her dad did not impose his authority upon her, which the girl agreed to and said her dad was a very reasonable person. Following which, Ruixue posted the entire conversation up on Dcard (Taiwanese forum) as an explanation, with an apology as well as stating that she will be reporting netizens who verbally attacked her to the relevant authorities. (https://www.dcard.tw/f/mood/p/226121134)One of her Youtube video's intro was said to be copying another popular Youtuber in Taiwan (Anjou), whom she has said she's a fan of. When asked about the similarities, she replied that she didn't think they're very similar, and that her unique selling point is that she's funny. Her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CerS__5gF8 vs Anjou's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz0L42uw6Ss&t=5s sorry I don't know how to embed videosPlaced a lot of emphasis on wanting to become a Youtuber with good content, but her channel is mostly filled with sponsored videos or make-up tutorials that mostly have the exact same make-up style. Comments on her IG criticising her content quality was deleted, and she'd retaliate these comments with screenshots of it posted on her Instagram story.Claimed that she never wanted to enter the showbiz and want to concentrate on Youtube, but applied to join Idol School and now aspires to become an actress or singer in Korea, despite not being able to speak Korean apart from basic greetings and self-introduction. She was seen in Idol School to be panicking at being unable to communicate due to the language barrier.Rumoured to have gotten into Idol School through connections and that the variety program is rigged. An anonymous post was made on Dcard from someone claiming to have applied for the variety program as well. In the post, the girl said that she made it to the second round of auditions, and received the notification for the audition criteria in June, which was to perform the dance of the show's theme song. Non-Korean foreigners were to perform and record the dance video at a landmark in their home country, and were given only 1 week to practice and record the video. The OP said that she worked hard and practiced for that one week, but a rumour was leaked on by Korean netizens that Mnet only wanted to compile these videos from foreign as a highlight cut for promotional purposes. True enough, when the variety show broadcasted, the videos were aired as such. OP also stated that while they were notified of the second audition only in June, Ruixue had visited Korea in May, and posted several pictures of herself outside the headquarters of MBC Holdings, where CJ E&M (operating company of Idol School) was also located. Her pictures included captions with messages such as "Nervous and stressed", "Chances are for you to take hold of" etc., leading to speculation that she was already notified of the production of Idol School beforehand. (https://www.dcard.tw/f/girl/p/226803187-關於蔡瑞雪上韓國節目) An anonymous post was made by someone who claimed to have interned for a company that collaborated with Ruixue, and worked with her during the period. Ruixue was invited to pick a number of items she liked from the brand, and make a video talking about the items she chose to promote them. However, Ruixue ended up only posting a number of photos on Instagram with some short captions. When asked about the video, she allegedly ignored the messages, then claimed that she did post a video, but on her Instagram story. (https://www.dcard.tw/f/all/p/226133495)Following this post, another client that Ruixue worked with also commented with a screenshot of a conversation. She'd supposedly contacted a small apparel business owner, asking if they had any white dresses as she needed one urgently to attend SK-II's press conference. The business owner agreed to sponsor her a dress and sent it out for her with express mailing, and in return asked for her to take some photos and tag them for promotion. She agreed to post two photos, with one directly mentioning them in the caption and another tagging them. However, after the event, both photos were only of her upper-half body, which the client felt didn't really show the dress off properly. When asked if she could post a clearer picture of the dress, she turned around to say that she usually receives payment for her promotions, and that the dress actually had defects on it, so she probably wouldn't be wearing it anymore in future and could return the dress back to the client. When the client tried to negotiate, she replied that she had already promoted for them for free, when typically she gets paid, and that perhaps they'd like to work with someone else if they had any issues. The client then tried to explain that the two photos she posted didn't really show the dress off, as they were of her upper half and were also blocked by SK-II brand prop she was holding in one of the photos. Ruixue offered to post a third photo where the dress was featured in a four-photo collage, but as once again, the photo was not clearly featured, the client rejected it once more. Finally, they agreed to cancel the collaboration and Ruixue would pay for the dress as a regular transaction.  Personally, I first knew of her through the Taiwanese program she was talent-scouted in, but wasn't fond of her as her persona came off feeling forced. Was surprised to find her on Idol School as I didn't recall her being very popular, and that there were so much controversy surrounding her already. Sorry for the long post, but I felt like paraphased translations of the screenshots would provide better context than just pictures alone.
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  10. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I used to enjoy her videos in her earlier days because of her voice-acting. She feels childish for her age to me, and there seems to be a lot of drama that went down in her past, but I feel like people can be a bit harsh on her. 
    About her voice, I have sort of a similar 'issue' with my voice, in that I can go a range of registers depending on what I'm doing and feeling. My 'regular' speaking voice is on the lower side, while I have my 'professional' voice that I use at work, during presentations or when I need to articulate myself because it's louder and clearer. While I don't think Lily's cutesy voice that we usually get on her videos is her usual pitch, I don't agree when people insist the really low voice in that video is her 'real' voice either. She has a voice that's about a couple of registers lower than her high-pitched cutesy one that she occasionally slips into during her gaming videos, which sounds more likely to be her 'real' voice. But honestly, since all of the registers are controlled by her, I'd personally say all of those voices are her voice. People are really a little too hung-up about this.
    Her dressing needs a little work though. I don't know if she's really trying to pander to her lolicon fanbase, though she does seem to like the loli image she has, but even for an Asian girl her outfits are on the childish side. I'm around the same age as her, and have friends who are younger, and all of us would find her dressing kind of tacky and immature. Her clothes are honestly something that most girls above the age of 14 would have outgrown. But again, I don't know if this is because of her loli image, or simply because she also has a very immature mindset and would probably feel uncomfortable dressing more like her age.
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  11. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    There are many floral shops in Singapore that provide in-house training and as such, don't require formal training prior to applying for the position. So it's not impossible that she might have gotten the position perhaps from someone she/her aunt is acquainted with? Landscaping (as an artist, architect or technician, not just a gardener) on the hand usually needs some kind of experience or training though. It sounds more likely that she's working at a position related to gardening or assisting at some kind of horticultural establishment, and decided to give herself a fancy title.
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  12. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Kinoshita Yuka   

    No idea how that happened, I was quoting someone else  
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  13. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Kinoshita Yuka   

    The apology video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWLLUpgWdxI

    There isn't a sub for English yet, but for those who understand Chinese/Korean you can turn the CC subs on. 
    The gist of the video seems to be him addressing the rumours about him cheating. He didn't state any names, but said that "the girl he had dated before" exposed everything about their relationship, including chat message content, pictures and videos online, with claims of him having sexual relations with other girls during the course of their relationship. On Feb 14, he was asked by "the girl" whether he could meet that day, but he turned her down as he claimed to have a prior arrangement with a friend to edit videos that day, and as he was busy with it he was unable to schedule any other appointments. However, around 3am in the morning of Feb 15, a "female friend" came over to his place, and he allowed her to stay over. He then further emphasises that this is a long-term friend he trusts, and as she couldn't make it home in time (via public transport, I guess?) he gave her a place to crash for the night. He felt that from his standpoint he didn't do anything wrong, and claims that he has not done anything to be guilty for (i.e. his girlfriend's claims are falsified). He also states that he is not currently dating the female friend who stayed over at his place. The last thing he addressed was the claim of him "having an overlap between the periods of two relationships", which he affirmed to be true, but went on to explain that it's because he did not communicate his break-up with one of the girls clearly due to "heavy work responsibilities and difference in opinions" before dating a new girl. For this, he apologised, stating that his "childish judgment" caused unhappiness for both girls.

    I haven't seen anything from Yuka's side, so no idea if the girl he mentioned in his video is even Yuka.
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  14. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    I think we can all agree that Yuki is in for her personal vendetta, but I'm not sure why so many people are now quickly jumping to assume that the other two girls' stories may be false as well. Stories aside, we do know that Shine has made a number of videos with questionable content and exhibited his interest in "lolis" and underaged relationships. It's not as if those videos are suddenly irrelevant just because Yuki tried to make use of the other victims for her own gain.
    Ashley/Wendy didn't exactly just disappear, they did step up and address some questions in the lolcow thread. While it's easy for us bystanders to say that they should just be transparent or come forward with their stories, I can see how it's difficult when they both have wanted to remain anonymous to begin with, and should anyone decided to doxx their identities what can any of us do? While I do want them to take further action against Shine if their accusations are true, I don't think answering to anyone on this forum should be their priority now. If they want to expose Shine again, it should be carefully handled. In my opinion, lying low for awhile till Yuki's shadow isn't tainting their stories as much anymore would be a better idea than trying to address doubts people have of them now.
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  15. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    I agree. I've been quietly following this case for awhile without commenting because I had my reservations about how things will turn out, but I was really hoping to see some truth come out of this. I think it's fair to say this video was a disappointment given how this video was hyped up to be something that would have been influential, if not conclusive, in making things clearer about this whole situation. After sitting through all 10 mins of the narration though, everything I've seen so far on lolcow and this thread frankly did a much better job of presenting a clear picture of this situation. 

    It's really weird how Lindsay insisted that they make the videos themselves, but didn't include any new information at all. I'd have thought this would be a good way to get more of the story out, since you have firsthand information about the entire situation. Wasn't this why you rejected outside help in the first place?

    Also this might be rude, but the tone of the narration makes this sound like a joke or some fictional story. I felt like it really diminished the credibility of whatever you're trying to accuse Shine of.
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