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  1. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Kinoshita Yuka   

    No idea how that happened, I was quoting someone else  
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  2. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Kinoshita Yuka   

    The apology video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWLLUpgWdxI

    There isn't a sub for English yet, but for those who understand Chinese/Korean you can turn the CC subs on. 
    The gist of the video seems to be him addressing the rumours about him cheating. He didn't state any names, but said that "the girl he had dated before" exposed everything about their relationship, including chat message content, pictures and videos online, with claims of him having sexual relations with other girls during the course of their relationship. On Feb 14, he was asked by "the girl" whether he could meet that day, but he turned her down as he claimed to have a prior arrangement with a friend to edit videos that day, and as he was busy with it he was unable to schedule any other appointments. However, around 3am in the morning of Feb 15, a "female friend" came over to his place, and he allowed her to stay over. He then further emphasises that this is a long-term friend he trusts, and as she couldn't make it home in time (via public transport, I guess?) he gave her a place to crash for the night. He felt that from his standpoint he didn't do anything wrong, and claims that he has not done anything to be guilty for (i.e. his girlfriend's claims are falsified). He also states that he is not currently dating the female friend who stayed over at his place. The last thing he addressed was the claim of him "having an overlap between the periods of two relationships", which he affirmed to be true, but went on to explain that it's because he did not communicate his break-up with one of the girls clearly due to "heavy work responsibilities and difference in opinions" before dating a new girl. For this, he apologised, stating that his "childish judgment" caused unhappiness for both girls.

    I haven't seen anything from Yuka's side, so no idea if the girl he mentioned in his video is even Yuka.
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  3. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    I think we can all agree that Yuki is in for her personal vendetta, but I'm not sure why so many people are now quickly jumping to assume that the other two girls' stories may be false as well. Stories aside, we do know that Shine has made a number of videos with questionable content and exhibited his interest in "lolis" and underaged relationships. It's not as if those videos are suddenly irrelevant just because Yuki tried to make use of the other victims for her own gain.
    Ashley/Wendy didn't exactly just disappear, they did step up and address some questions in the lolcow thread. While it's easy for us bystanders to say that they should just be transparent or come forward with their stories, I can see how it's difficult when they both have wanted to remain anonymous to begin with, and should anyone decided to doxx their identities what can any of us do? While I do want them to take further action against Shine if their accusations are true, I don't think answering to anyone on this forum should be their priority now. If they want to expose Shine again, it should be carefully handled. In my opinion, lying low for awhile till Yuki's shadow isn't tainting their stories as much anymore would be a better idea than trying to address doubts people have of them now.
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  4. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    I agree. I've been quietly following this case for awhile without commenting because I had my reservations about how things will turn out, but I was really hoping to see some truth come out of this. I think it's fair to say this video was a disappointment given how this video was hyped up to be something that would have been influential, if not conclusive, in making things clearer about this whole situation. After sitting through all 10 mins of the narration though, everything I've seen so far on lolcow and this thread frankly did a much better job of presenting a clear picture of this situation. 

    It's really weird how Lindsay insisted that they make the videos themselves, but didn't include any new information at all. I'd have thought this would be a good way to get more of the story out, since you have firsthand information about the entire situation. Wasn't this why you rejected outside help in the first place?

    Also this might be rude, but the tone of the narration makes this sound like a joke or some fictional story. I felt like it really diminished the credibility of whatever you're trying to accuse Shine of.
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  5. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    It's not really that surprising for the cosplay community in her area, for cosplayers in that region if you hop on trends really fast and you're cute, it's easy to gain followers quickly. She was one of the first few cosplayers to do the D.Va hanbok costume, so that probably helped her numbers a lot.
    Why is her thread already in the Little Snowflakes section? She doesn't seem to be exhibiting any snowflakey behaviour, since she's open about her shoop.
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  6. popcornmachine added a post in a topic General KVloggers Discussion   

    I love mukbangs, but find him incredibly boring as well. He has a horribly monotonous way of talking and just sounds really disinterested in whatever he's doing most of the time. Can't stand how shaky his vlogs are either. 

    My favourite two to watch are probably Korean Englishman and Dave (+Erina). Korean Englishman's videos are very entertaining and pretty informative, and his guests give a different perspective on what it's like to experience Korea as a foreigner. Dave's videos are short but amusing, and Erina's really adorable.
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  7. popcornmachine added a post in a topic WinTing (stfubunny)   

    On the contrary, she pushes the "deep, sentimental" introvert angle a lot online, but in person she comes off as someone who seems very.. bubbly? If I'm to be blunt, she gave me the impression of an airhead, and I don't quite know how to describe this, but her speech was definitely simpler and didn't sound as intelligent as what her blog/Instagram would suggest. 
    I actually found her cuter at one point where she was more smiley and more like her offline self, instead of her current selfies now with the same dead fish expression and ripped-off poetic quotes. 

    I don't have receipts for this since it all came from verbal conversations, but the gist of it was that she was unenthusiastic, complained a lot about the training, and wasn't respectful to her seniors. For some context she's in a Japanese airline (if this is okay to post?), their training period can be tough as you'll be essentially stuck in a foreign country away from friends and family for three months, and while you're situated in Japan, they are usually placed on the outskirts of Tokyo away from where all the fun happens. Their airline also has a huge culture of never disagreeing with your senior stewardesses, a lot of unspoken etiquette and rules typical of a Japanese-based jobs, etc. which she seemed to have a hard time accepting during her training, so she pissed a lot of the seniors off. They felt like she took the job for the glamour of always traveling, but didn't have the mentality that it was an actual job where you had to work.
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  8. popcornmachine added a post in a topic WinTing (stfubunny)   

    Met her in person on a few occasions several years back and was slightly startled by how different she looks/behaves from her IG persona. There is/was a lot of filtering and probably some editing going on in her photos, her skin isn't as clear and pretty as it looks in her photos but a lot duller / acne-riddled, probably from how much partying she used to do. She likes to have this deep, literary-girl thing going on that really gets on my nerves, since 80% of her long, fake-deep posts are just outright ripping quotes off from song lyrics/thoughtcatalog/etc. Also not fond of how she buys cheap stationery from China sites then repackages the items and hikes up the prices, knowing her fans will lap it up because they like her aesthetics.
    A distant friend worked in the same airline she's currently in as well and there were stories about how she had problems with her senior stewardesses during her training. She seemed to have adjusted fine now, though.
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  9. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    As mentioned in my post, it is about her. It was discussed a long time back, there was a police appeal from when she was younger (16?) and ran away from home, but in no way related to her current disappearance.

    Wylona isn't a common name in Singapore (or other countries?) as far as I know (at least, I've never met anyone from Singapore named Wylona other than her), but it comes up in many baby-name searches, so I doubt it's a name she invented, though she's the only person that pops up on Google if you search for it.
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  10. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    The archived page is just a post from back in 2007 when she ran away from home.

    Regarding the speculation on what she may be in jail for - I don't think it's suicide. For suicide, it's illegal in Singapore, but people rarely do actually get charged for it. Those who are caught trying to kill themselves are usually sent to the hospital, and only severe repeated attempts will get jail time, but even then it will never be as long as a year. The jail time is meant to be more of a scare than anything. 
    Drugs seem like a bigger possibility but it is weird that Adam and the rest of their 'friends' are not involved as well. Considering how strict Singapore is about drugs abuse there would probably have been a very thorough investigation conducted.
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  11. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Aru.rinh   

    Seems to be just a lot of Photoshop, contour and makeup. You can see her at about 1:38 in this video, her nose still looks pretty much the same to me, just with highlight on.
    Some other photos of her:
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  12. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I find it weird and depressing that many people no longer consider Asians, especially lighter-skinned Asians, as POCs anymore, simply because Asians have subjectively more celebrated and accepted on mainstream media thanks to pop culture. Yet it's not as if people have became more educated about Asians or that discrimination doesn't still happen to Asians.I feel intend matters a lot when discussing matters relating to racism, cultural appropriation and fetishism. If something is done respectfully and with appreciation of the origin of the subject matter, should it not be welcomed? People seem to be in a hurry to stick negative labels over things that don't even need protecting.I don't think it's fair to impose issues and taboos of one culture onto another culture.
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  13. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Kinoshita Yuka   

    I like watching her videos! For someone who really likes food but can't eat all that much, mukbangs are a good way to satiate my cravings. She seems like she genuinely enjoys her food a lot, unlike quite a lot of competitive eaters who sometimes look like they're forcing themselves, and she's always so polite to her competitors. I find her ditzy and honest personality very endearing as well. I remember in one video when she was cooking for herself, she mentioned how she enjoys cooking but doesn't have the chance to cook for others because she doesn't have a boyfriend, the way she talked about it was so adorable.
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  14. popcornmachine added a post in a topic sichenmakeupholic   

    She's really pretty and natural, and her video editing is so professional-looking. I don't find her make-up tutorials very helpful though, they generally seem to look about the same, but they are nice to look at.
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  15. popcornmachine added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    @plasmaz (is this how you mention people? still new to the posting stuff sorry) I understand your point, and yeah I might have misunderstood OP's intentions but the way it was phrased in their original post gave me that impression that their sexuality was being speculated at, and that the photoshop thing was more of just to add more substance to the discussion. I apologise if I've misunderstood, of course. 

    To me it's less of that talking about stuff like these is taboo, but in certain cultures, especially the Asian/SEA countries Baozi & Hana are active in, people are not as open as say, the Western community about transgenders. Additionally, if someone is trans but isn't ready to come out about it yet, speculating if they are can make things worse for them, I think? I myself do not think that there's anything wrong with being trans, or cis, or gay, but simply that I feel like some care should be exercised when speculating about people because it can be problematic for the subject(s) being discussed. 
    They do make their own cosplays, which I think is impressive since the quality is generally quite good.
    @hakacze Hana seems to be very nice to people he regard as friends, but more distant/aloof around other people. I've heard he's quite prone to being jealous, of other guys being close to Baozi and also when people pick Baozi over him. It doesn't give me a good impression, but maybe he's not that confident about himself, also fans can be quite insensitive and rude.
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