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  1. heywhat added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    i understand bts is the most popular group right now and theyll be given more time because of that but broadcasting companies cant expect to give them over 20 minutes to perform at festivals and give other groups 1 song or cut their one song short (apink? mamamoo?) and not have fans of the other groups feel some type of way about it. like of course its amazing if youre an army but many older groups, especially older girl groups, are getting the short end of the stick
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  2. heywhat added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I think a lot of that comes from fans living through their their faves success. If your fave gets the top selling album or is voted as the top group from fan votes, you can claim ownership of that win. When you stream a song and it gets to the top yea you congratulate the artist but your also congratulating yourself as a fan. Thats why an award like the grammys which takes things like fans out of the equations is so angering to fans because they cant claim part of the process. Of course the grammys arent perfect (I personally disagree with a lot of the categories this year) but I far prefer it than the fan pressure of buying albums and voting non stop so our faves can win
    Bts is weird for me because I listened to all of their albums for a friend since shes a huge fan and it feels like theyve worked backwards in terms of music? Theyve improved in their personal skills and as a group but have taken a step back conceptually. Like their music doesn't sound experimental and doesnt match the complexity that they clearly can do and have done
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  3. heywhat added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    The Grammys not nominating bts or blackpink isnt "xenophobic", both groups barely have any presence in the us. I think people have a huge inflation of how well known those two groups are in the none kpop sphere and dont realize how niche kpop is in the us.
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  4. heywhat added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    i dont understand how shes currently going to an art school (a top tier one at that) and has such a poor knowledge of referencing, or maybe she doesnt care idk. most artists reference photos for poses so you can get things anatomically correct but you have to significantly change the details to make it your own. it shouldnt be that someone can look at your art and know immediately what the reference photo was unless the pose is very unique or you are practicing which in that case you should be honest about it and note that. but shes not only doing that but trying to copy other peoples art styles which is why her art is so inconsistent because its very clear that her own art style isnt like that. its so sad because if she actually applied herself to her own art and stopped copying what other art students/graduates from risd were doing, she could actually achieve her goal of being unique.
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  5. heywhat added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Does anyone remember olivya nora? she and mei used to be best friends and make a bunch of videos together. I wonder what happened to them? If they still are friends I think it would be cute if they made a video now since their styles are so different. It seems like olivya has found what she likes and is really comfortable with what shes doing with rn and mei seems to be struggling to do so
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  6. heywhat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    thats a straight up lie when there are thousands of colothing companies today that make sustainable clothes. she could have easily collaborated with everlane for her video, I brand which I think she herself has talked about in the past? she could have done something really cool like make outfits from everlane and then recreate the outfits with thrifted pieces. but she did a collab with Amazon of all places like?
    I hate how her fans are also trying to justify it with how "everyone else shops at Amazon" when theres a huge difference between the average person getting things on Amazon and a rich influencer with more than 2 million subscribers influencing her fans to buy from them
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  7. heywhat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I literally just watched the tiffany ferg video about relatability before I came in her and saw the video. checking the comments it seems like most of the highly liked comments are people pointing our her privilege or how upset are with this partnership. I see a lot of people now questioning her finances since she has openly talked about moving to nyc and london and are questioning her relatability and if shes been trying to sell them things. it also shows how out of touch she is if she really thought her audience would forget that shes positioned herself as "woke" when Amazon is literally one of the most controversial companies right now
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  8. heywhat added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    yea I don’t disagree with you. I was speaking more from my personal experience, social pressure is a thing college and can easy fuck your over if you don’t stand up for yourself. But yea its still your personal responsability to get your stuff done or you’re just gonna be in a world of hurt. It seems like she just doesn’t care that much about being in college rn.
    Also what do we know of her living experience? I’ve honestly been assuming that her parents have been paying her rent because she doesn’t have a job and I don’t think she makes enough from YouTube to pay rent. She jokes about being broke but going out a lot, especially in nyc, is very expensive. Getting tattoos and piercings are also expensive too.
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  9. heywhat added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    I mean it is Halloween. yea the logical thing for her to do would be to not party and do work but every college student parties on Halloween, it just happened to be a Thursday this year
    honestly I kinda feel bad for her? it seems like shes doesnt quite get that you dont need to constantly go with your friends. or maybe she just doesnt have friends that prioritize that stuff. like you can stay in with friends, hang out, do work, and still have a good time. maybe she thinks that wouldnt be good content? but I personally preferred when she posted about studying than her going out all the time
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  10. heywhat added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I can kinda answer that. I think thats due to a Japanese interview he gave that some translated to say that he was interested in both men and women. Later it came out that the interview was mistranslated and he later said he wasnt attracted to dudes. Also Sunmi had a concert where there was a video from it that seemed like she was coming out, but later on her twitter said she wasnt and was speaking in support her LGBT fans. In reality the only gay kpop idol right now is Holland, and he's essentially an independent artist because many people in the industry dont want to work with him because of his sexuality. He's also talked about the immense bulling he went through by other idols in the industry when he was still in school. So while there's a very high chance that there's lgbt kpop idols in the closet rn, we arent going to know until far after their careers are over because the risk is too high.
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  11. heywhat added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    this whole thread has been very enlightening and disappointing...i was happy when her style got grungier because i thought she had stopped copying catcreature and finally grew into her own individual style...only to learn that this new style was being copied too. also the queerbaiting leaves a bad taste in my mouth. jasmine reminds me of the people that me and my friends would joke about, "artsy" girls who hint and joke that theyre queer because its "fun" and then get offended when people question them about it. pisses me off because i know people are dirt poor because they got disowned for being queer : /
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  12. heywhat added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    So I follow another youtuber called Michelle Choi (formally known as theSeoulSearch) and she posted this a few days ago? Apparently she got harassed by this Michelle Choi's fans and got accused of copying her?

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  13. heywhat added a post in a topic CatCreature   

    yea i watch her videos and she'll go on about hows shes broke but then completly redo her room or go to a blackpink concert or go to a trip to italy.... I do prefer her vlogs because it feels like she puts a lot more of her art in her blogs and like you said she comes off as a lot less pretentious
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  14. heywhat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    new person here! i casually watched her fashion videos and was subscribed until she posted her income video. i realized her editing style was very much in the ~relatable lane and couldn't really stand it. it very much reminded me of emma chamberlin with the zoom ins and the awkward pauses.
    that video also really reminded me how I wish there was a college vlogger that also had a work study job or worked part time in college or had an internship. that would be a lot more relatable to me and show a different perspective than what's often shown in the vlogging sphere.
    anyways i was scrolling instagram and saw that she has an ad for curology? its interesting that curology is working with people that don't typically talk about skincare?

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