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  1. psychtruth added a post in a topic Mina Bell / Cyrs Ex   

    How I feel about her:
    -great style
    -wish she didn't edit her photos
    -I have listened to both sides of the Dasha/Mina debacle and I tend to believe Mina (and so does every other insta model apparently).
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  2. psychtruth added a post in a topic Amber Scholl   

    I haven't read much of the previous replies so forgive me if im repeating stuff.
    I love amber but I desperately wish that she would stop trying to be KKW. Or at least stop trying to change her skin tone to be significantly darker.
    I grew up in a community filled with plastic surgery and fake tans so whenever I see someone trying to change their skin tone to something more "exotic" or whatever I get pissed off. 
    The practice in general is ridiculous, borderline blackfishing, and (depending on the method) unhealthy.
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  3. psychtruth added a post in a topic Shädman   

    So I bit the bullet and searched his site bc ive heard about him before but I haven't seen much of his work and I like to get all the info I can before I make an analysis.
    Heres what I learned:
    -blatant sexualization of minors (some characters drawn as young as 1 y/o)
    -demonization of black men
    -a clear lack of anatomical knowledge (I know that this doesn't really matter but as a med student I feel the need to include it)
    -some nazi content
    -homophobia (its clear that there is a bias against lgbt people but I think it may come from a place of internalization due to personal non-hetero proclivities since there is also a TON of "trap" (characters with penises that look like girls except for no breasts) and "futanari" (women with penises) but it could just be niche market thing.)
    there's also your token furry/yiff section, comics section, and pinups. 
    Overall, it comes across very reddit/4chan style trolling that reminds me of the type of community that the Christchurch shooter participated in. It seems like these individuals believe in some parts and use the others as trolling.
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  4. psychtruth added a post in a topic Emma Chamberlain   

    I dont like her at all tbh. People always say she's real and doesn't give a fuck what people say about her but I dont see that at all. She follows the hype like everyone else. The only thing different about her is that she can be crass, doesn't care if shes wearing makeup on camera (see: clear skin privilege), and has more of a gen-z type of humor. I think people see her as a breath of fresh air bc she isn't necessarily an influencer yet and is more "relatable" or whatever. Maybe im biased bc she looks, talks, and acts like every girl that bullied me in school but idk.
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  5. psychtruth added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    idk if this has been discussed already but have y'all heard her music? Girl can't sing for shit so she does that whole breathy-whisper thing.
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  6. psychtruth added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hey there
    Im not new to the site but this is the first time I've signed up. 
    Currently in medical school and will be in residency for Forensic Psychiatry after completion of my medical degree.
    I am on track to enter the field of federal law enforcement as a criminal profiler / behavioral analyst. 
    Im here because I get bored and I hate it when internet personalities conduct themselves online in a manner that hurts others (lie, manipulate, and photoshop themselves). 
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