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  1. rasputia added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I got some tea on this gurllll
    her pics are heavily edited. she looks nothing like that in real life


    a korean guy spoke ill of her (and a.mashiro btw, they were friends) on a korean gossip website about penpals 
    the guy invited her to lotte world, and she called 2 of her friends (mashiro and other blonde girl) to go with her because she seemed uncomfortable. the guy had to pay for the tickets of the 3 girls (and they were really ungrateful, they ignored him all day and gave him disgusting looks) 
    he said mashiro was pretty but really boring
    he also said she (minha) agrees to meet up with random meeff or interpals guys , and if they are not handsome, she leaves and then blocks them from her kakao. 
    someone also said her mother is from Uzbekistan, her real name is Diena, and his father works in Korea so she can go there often
    I guess she is also no longer friends with mashiro, they do not follow each other on instagram anymore....
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