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  1. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    he can't have a creepy stalker otaku because that would be a self insert /:
    Raibaru was a dumb idea. Osana doesn't need a bodyguard, there's a thousand other obstacles that prevent you from killing her right away (teachers, students, student council, etc.) as any high school setting would be. directly stealing a concept from Hitman to make Osana even harder is pointless, the point of a game isn't for it to be as hard as possible; it's supposed to be fun for the players too. and as far as I can see, nobody is going to want to play a laggy, broken demo that is impossible to beat (especially since the audience is mostly 12-15 year olds who aren't expert gamers). 
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  2. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Took a crack at the video, glad to see Alex is doing everything in his power to make his game impossible to play to the point where it's not fun at all. 
    I was able to salvage this from the comment section, though;
    Anyways, her last name means "immortal" and her first name is literally "rival" in bad Engrish. Her name is literally unkillable rival. Absolutely hilarious. 
    Plus how is she even a rival when she's a bodyguard? She's not going for Senpai so she's has no rivalry with Ayano? Uh?
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  3. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    anything that involves any sort of movement such as using his fingers to type is considered work for him. so, if you think about it, I guess arguing with gremlins IS work by that standard.......and waking up.......and showering......and eating......and turning on a computer......and streaming.........
    see when you look at it like that, I guess Alex really does work 24/7 
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  4. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Yeah, he tends to use his Patreon as a tip jar ("extra cash") and most of it doesn't go to Yandere Simulator.
    He also receives money from YouTube, estimate below (courtesy of SocialBlade)

    Anyways, him being pedophilic is old news. He's a creep, and he shouldn't be attending a convention to prey on underage girls and drool over hentai material. 
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  5. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    he could just say "i already bought the tickets so it would be a waste of money to not go /:" because that's a reason that actually makes sense instead of not attending AX2019 being "simply not an option". dude isn't going to die or anything if he doesn't go! most of his fanbase has withered away at this point, nobody will miss him if he doesn't go especially when he has "work" to do!  when you're an adult you have to prioritize important things like WORK and RESPONSIBILITIES over WEABOO WEEKEND 2019 and CON MERCH (the money he has from Patreon will probably drop because he's gonna splurge on shit at the exhibit hall lol)
    absolutely fucking hysterical. He's such a baby. 
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  6. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I couldn't find the full article but this is what you're mentioning! He felt uncomfortable seeing exposed, flamboyant men and then went "oh! That's why feminism exists! Women probably feel the same about sexualized females!" which is hysterical looking at.....literally any character he had ever designed.....ever.......
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  7. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Kind of wanted to bring something small up that I noticed.
    I remember Alex saying he wanted to make his world of Yandere Simulator more "real" by having that Miyuki anime for people to talk about.
    Two points of interest:
    1. The more popular genres of anime are shounen and idol, I'm surprised that Alex didn't just have his characters get excited about an idol anime (arguably, is a little more realistic?) and the most popular animes ranked irl happen to be shounen yet there's no popular shounen? I'm not saying he has to have like fifteen million anime for """realism""", I'm criticizing his choice because it doesn't even really fit very well considering he's a man who cries out "iT hAs tO bE rEaLiStiC" 70% of the time yet didn't decide to think a little more deeply into what genre his fake anime should be.
    2. I feel like he chose a magical girl anime at least partially because of the magical girl anime in Undertale (Mew Mew Kissy Cutie)? I feel bad mentioning it because it can be perceived as a stretch, but considering how Alex foams at the mouth at the idea of using Undertale ideas to increase his popularity, I wouldn't put it past him. 
    (Images for comparison)
    Like, obviously Miyuki and her concept aren't blatant rip offs. That's reductive. I just feel like the general concept of using a fake magical girl anime in-world and having characters go on and on about the plot is niche enough for someone to try and take the idea. I'm aware nitpicking Miyuki has been done to death on this thread but I haven't seen this approach, so I was wondering if anyone else saw this parallel.
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  8. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    He could've said this in like, one sentence "I feel bad for pedophiles because they were born like that." He fucked up by using too many comparisons, what a moron lol.
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  9. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    The only thing that was good about the intro was that he fixed the hands in the first few seconds (the bloody ones; they look a lot better than they did in the first preview) and I did appreciate the voice acting, it wasn't that bad. everything else was very blah. it wasn't impressive or anything. it's like the same quality of people who do MMD videos honestly. it doesn't take special skills to do that. 
    also, to reiterate what I stated previously, if he was planning on replacing the models then why do a 3D cutscene instead of 2D art? idiot. 
    also i LOLd when i saw the picture of Megami instead of a model of her during the final few seconds of the intro.
    also (sorry, this response is quite messy!) the trailer puts so much focus on Osana so i wonder, why can't Osana be the ONLY rival and it take like weeks to strategize how to kill her from stalking/practicing/collecting weapons/gaining teacher's trust to access certain things etc? but who am I to criticize, I'm no "game dev" who "pours hours and hours into YanSim" and "is a quality programmer who is very talented and makes not enough Patreon money" 
    (this is sarcasm)
    Anyways, intro scene looks dumb, the update looks dumb, and that Falcon Mode model looks dumb as shit. 
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  10. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I definitely feel like that will be the case. If he doesn't release it before December he is most likely going to post a whiney "this game is ruining my poor fragile health and I can't take it anymore! its all of my fans faults for asking stupid questions and not being supportive ):" or something about gremlins bullying him into quitting. It'll be hilarious.
    Because he wants to guilt people into supporting his shitty game. If he put Patreon names in his videos like a normal person nobody would give him 100 bucks. 
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  11. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    His disconnection from reality is insane. He acts as if the life he lives is difficult, raking in cash from various sources without having to spend much of it on necessities (such as rent) or work strenuous hours to earn it. He doesn't just refuse to acknowledge the privilege of his position in life; he flat out believes he is not privileged, claiming that he makes next to nothing just because (from what I am theorizing) professionals in large companies tend to make more than him. ridiculous. 
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  12. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    this week on YandereDev feat. Twitter discourse (courtesy of kiwifarms plus some from my feed)
    -Way to the Woods was announced at E3
    -this was tweeted out 
    -yanderedev tried to snub the game and the tweet and it was received very negatively 
    -he took down the tweet and posted an "apology" which he took down after a day because people were mocking him
    -some more dissing and he lost like 200 followers lol
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  13. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    jay posted a new video but it's just him screwing around with old builds from this link:
    this is the wordpress blog with every old build............flashback to when the game had potential and didn't brick everyone's PC.............. wowzers.......................
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  14. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    i would like to confirm that yes! it has been proven that he does indeed live with his parents still. he doesn't have to pay for rent and utilities like most people his age, let alone a GAMING LAPTOP.
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  15. lilyshimmer added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    the low fps has NOTHING to do with the graphics, it ABSOLUTELY has to do with the bad coding and overloaded game files. 
    I'm SHRIEKING at this!!! lol!!!!
    - if the majority of the audience for your FREE GAME can't run it, you as a developer need to take the steps to fix it instead of whining
    -"get a job and buy a new laptop" gaming laptops are THOUSANDS of dollars. I have a laptop that can run lower res graphics and struggled with the more intensive ones like Life is Strange and it was almost 1k. Did Alex have to get a job and buy his own computer when he was 13 because the developer of one of his games told him to? Christ! Imagine being this entitled. 
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