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  1. Unkanny added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    I know I stumbled upon this gal's IG for a bit wayyy back but I forgot her handle and I just passed by these photos of her on Pinterest recently. She does art too, if I can recall. Anyone familiar with her username?

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  2. Unkanny added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    Kinda OT: 
    So, it was Princess' (Bretman's sister) birthday and he posted on IG about it, dedicated just to her. Then, I noticed Nikita's comment first since it was at the very top.


    (I'm really sorry I don't know how to add spoilers on mobile)  
    I only knew about Nikita through Bretman's video and I thought she's really pretty and nothing else lol. I really want to like her as a whole but... she's just too loud and snobby to me for some reason. 
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  3. Unkanny added a post in a topic lordcreepypeepee   

    Man, I used to like her a lot. Her cosplays and transformation got me to follow her account.  After all that drama she got dragged into, her content just got repetitive and boring to me and I really can't relate to OW since I don't play the game lol. But hey, you do you Chelsea. Whatever keeps you going.
    I also thought her and Ellis were a precious couple but hearing the news about their relationship got me wtf'ed tho and she got herself a new man already. Kinda fishy... Idk 
    Lord. Has she done titty streaming though? All I know is she exposes her body on IG but lmao.
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  4. Unkanny added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I just read this article and that's what I'm seeing too. I have a feeling that Alinity is trying to keep the drama going so that she can have that much attention through Felix. She doesn't listen and learn at all. At this point, she's just making it worse for herself and to think that some people are actually buying her bullshit is insane. 
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  5. Unkanny added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I don't even know much about Alinity (thankfully) nor Twitch but god, she's been getting all these free passes for breaking tons of rules? I'm glad she's being called out considering she's done more than this 'cause gurl, your tits and ass won't be saving you no more.

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  6. Unkanny added a post in a topic Reikanjuu   

    I actually didn't expect a thread of Reikanjuu here?  
    We were mutuals on IG since I draw too but we weren't really that close. It didn't last for that long and she somehow unfollowed me (most probably because I was on hiatus all the time, busy with university and I still am haha) but it was never a big deal for me. I was still following her though, not until last January. It's not like I was starting to dislike her and I appreciate her amazing art, still.  I just find her OCxAuthor kind of unsettling now because of how she posts a lot of it, along with the NSFW ones too.  (not that I hate NSFW artworks though) I know it's probably part of her coping mechanism but I thought it was too much and I do agree with some that it is getting unhealthy for her. 
    I really do hope she's getting some help and mental support from people who are close to her or anyone at all though. Wishing her the best! 
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  7. Unkanny added a post in a topic Show your faces   

    Here's mine without any filters since I'm too busy going for a walk right now haha

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  8. Unkanny added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    So, me and my boyfriend have been on an LDR for almost 8 months now. He was like the very first guy that I dated... ever.
     We met at a roleplaying chat and I was the one who approached him first tbh. I thought he was gonna be one of those d-bag trolls tho but nope, thank god.  It was insane 'cause the first time I talked to him, we were just really being weird and stuff which got us closer.  Few weeks later while doing my work, he suddenly asked me if we could Skype because he wanted to hear my voice (for the first time) but I was really shy 'cause I rarely do voice calls with the opposite sex. I've always been surrounded by girls since I got in to the community.  I declined but he called anyways lol. I answered then I was just like "Yo.." and then he said "Hi!" I stopped breathing for a good 6-sec 'cause loRD THat flucking made my heart go DOKIHARD cause wwwow that voice?? How?? The first thing that came into mind was "Holy crap he'd make a really nice voice actor" (fact: he did VA) I died  .. but after all those things, we just talked about stuff that we like (most especially animu pff) but I could barely talk since I was still embarrassed and fangirling inside over his endearing voice   But yeah, we got together after for like 2 months. He confessed first but then I answered him after 2 days hah. We were really happy with each other, until now! Though there are still times where we fight but it'd usually only last for a while. It's pretty tough considering it's a long ass distance relationship and you can't cuddle up with your partner right now when you really need them the most. Although, he's already planning on visiting me soon. I'm really hyped but nervous at the same time because Idk I'm pretty awkward in real life... I really hope it goes well for us until the end, as well as for the others out there who are in an LDR and the people who are still looking for their special ones!! 
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  9. Unkanny added a post in a topic What anime girl stereotype are you?   

    - Most of these are partly true but I'm clumsy most of the time and I suck at giving advices, especially when it comes to relationships. Oh well 
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  10. Unkanny added a post in a topic Islandxbarbie opinion on this?   

    So many shoops in each of these photos. Oh lord...
    And those stuff on her forehead and cleavage, they look weird 
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  11. Unkanny added a post in a topic The most horrific thing you experienced at a con   

    Ah, hey! I'm new here btw. I just would like to share something that happened on my 4th con.
    So, I was 16 and that was the first time I wore a costume in a con. Well it's not pretty much of a cosplay but I just wore a seifuku and a horse mask. I was with a friend and she was wearing the same thing, together with a horse mask as well hah. It was kinda crazy because we didn't really expect so many people to take a picture with us. Since I'm the weirdo type, I was the one who made the stupid poses in front of the camera with the mask on lol.
    Soo after all that and stuff, it was already time for us to leave but there was a really big, old guy (like an uncle, white hair old) holding onto buncha cute merch (with a dakimakura/bodypillow too) and a camera on his other hand. He just called out to us while sprinting. I looked back and my eyes widened cause he's that rumored perv old guy on FB who approaches girl cosplayers in skirts and uniforms during anime cons. He gets all touchy with some of them apparently and it had made them sick. There was a stolen photo in a group when he sat down really close beside this female cosplayer and she seemed really uncomfortable and troubled... But thankfully, he didn't get that close to us and just took a photo. I thought he was already done after one shot but he also told us to take our masks off and pose more cutely for him for another shot so I was like "What..." I was shaken and scared.. My friend never knew about him but both of us did it anyways but we only did the peace gestures cause I don't wanna lift my leg up or make a kissy face at the camera.. I was so freaking sweating that I thought he was gonna ask for more so I tugged on my friend's sleeve and it seemed she got the sign so she told the guy right away that we're in a hurry. So we left and I told her the rumors about him while we were in the car..
    After that, I saw him again during the next con. I never wore a costume again but casual clothes because he pretty much attends all the cons in here. I didn't really think he'd approach us and take a photo too last time.. It was kinda traumatic for me hah..... ;___;
    (English is not my native language so I really do apologize if there are some grammatical and punctuational errors.)
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