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  1. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    A few people are just taking it too far with the insults.
    I like mom jeans way more than skinny jeans because you can actually store something in the pockets.
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  2. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Ngl, I really like this outfit. 
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  3. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    now that you mention it...I don't want to be mean, but it looks as if he just put a dust mop on his head.
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  4. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

  5. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Oml imagine your dad sharing Wylona's page on his timeline and saying something along the lines of "a perfect goddess who shows nudity can be art". I would give myself up for adoption.
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  6. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    What's more is that it really shouldn't be up to the consumer whether to choose the "good" product or the "bad" product, aka having to choose between no plastic and plastic. If companies were forced to use the environmentally friendlier option when something can be easily made out of different materials for almost the same price, we wouldn't have so many stupid debates over whether we should ban plastic bags or not and so on - I mean, look at the whole straw thing, it's ridiculous how people now feel like they are saving the planet when they are simply buying the lesser evil. 
    I feel like I'm just talking gibberish, but do you get where I'm coming from?
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  7. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    Thank you so much!! Also the whole "stumbling over and showing panties"-thing annoys me so much.
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  8. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I mean, a friend of mine has got arms that bend this way in real life (which creeps me tf out), but I doubt that this was the look Sakimi was going for. What irks me more about the arm is that it suddenly gets so tiny? Like? Really? But I'm going to admit, I can't really give her shit for this one, it's not overly ridiculous and she really didn't go big on the badonkas this time.
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  9. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Even though I have to say filling your papers with writings about how you did nothing is kind of a waste...I can't help but feel sad for her. I kind of feel like she always hopes that the passion for something will come along with the aesthetic she adapts, but seeing as she changes her aesthetics every few months...I guess she just can't find anything that's really her thing.
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  10. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    Ouch. I'm pretty sure she didn't mean to come across that harsh, but...that's definitely not how I would like to be introduced to my girlfriend's followers.
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  11. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I've got a huge missing-out syndrome which is why I can almost never be happy for my friends if they are doing something exciting. I honestly feel bad for replying so annoyed when they are just trying to tell me about this really cool thing they are doing right now. I genuinely would like to feel happy for them, but I just can't bring myself to. I guess I just love to pity myself in these situations.
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  12. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Please don't fuck this up, Sakimi, I really like the second picture so far.
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  13. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    It's abnormal how she even looks younger than Cindy, thanks to her blurring out any wrinkles she might have on her face. heck, even a newborn doesn't have skin that smooth, it really disturbs me
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  14. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    Who dafuq invented contouring your collarbones? It looks ridiculous if you try to accentuate something that isn't even there, and if your collarbones are already visible, why would you even do it in the first place?
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  15. 2ndCat added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    The trope of two deadly sick teenagers falling in love is just so overused and unnecessarily dramatic at this point
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