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  1. liesellee added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I'm just proud that pewdiepie could see what I saw, in how cliquey and shady Tati was being. Now everyone is expected to clap for her like she's doing gods work. Like, she exposed him over some vitamins not because he said some racist stuff about Africa, not because he was charging 500 to see him, and not because he's a predator BECAUSE of some vitamins. Some other YouTubers are seeing the same thing too. Like, how everyone in their friend group somehow gets exposed by someone else from their friend group, they all turn their back on that person, and pretend they haven't done some shady crap too. let's see whos turn next.
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  2. liesellee added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Stop putting words in my mouth. He did research but it was "your" kind of research. There are plenty of other youtubers jumping JC bandwagon but no one it calling them out because they agree with Tati's side. He provides clips and tweets from James and Tati. How is that not research? because he doesn't agree with your opinion? I just agree with him on how fake Tati looks and sounds. Yall make it seem like she was exposing him from the goodness of her heart and trying to protect those boys from James but on the flip side, every single one from their friend group knew of his predatory ways. Now that he wouldn't promote her product but would promote her rival's now its time to EXPOSEEEEE. Stop defending how shady Tati looks. everything would've to continue if he had never betrayed so shes fake too.
    James Charles deserves everything he's getting, and Tati is seen as the good person in all this when shes just as suspicion. Now you got Jeffree poking his head by unfollowing James and people are congratulating him like what??
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  3. liesellee added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I never said I want him to lose is income, just pointing out how suddenly now his problematic and needs to be cancelled. Never mind I don’t have to explain myself again. I agree with pewdiepie and all of these beauty gurus are fake.  
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  4. liesellee added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    did you even read what I wrote? I never said James gets a pass for his actions.  I said why this is blowing up now, James should’ve been “cancelled” a long time ago. If Tati actively ignored James antics while they were friends but now when he hurts her suddenly it’s time to expose him. People have all seen the red flags, yet go out and buy his palettes and go to fan meetings. My point is Tati and all of this James Charles drama looks suspicion and pewdiepie notices it like me. I still stand by saying cancel culture being useless because James could possibly recover from this like jeffree did. Which worries me. The 15 minutes of backlash wouldn’t last.
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  5. liesellee added a post in a topic Dan Schneider Scandal Thread   

    Theory: Maybe Disney and Nick have a weird pedophilic ring that uses and abuses child stars and the ones with parents closer to them turn out okay Hilary Duff, but the unfortunate ones turn out crazy like Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan
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  6. liesellee added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I usually lurk on here but I wanna put my 2cents on pewdiepies(whose videos I don't even watch). I think he's kind of right. This idea of cancel culture looks kind of dumb and useless. If Tati had problems with James why did she continue to befriend him if she knew he did all these shitty things? If people hated him so much why now cancel him? He has ALWAYS been problematic, after watching pewdie's video as an outsider looking, he sees the flaws of this saga of "canceling" James. To say "oh he needs to do research before commenting" and "watch some crappy tea spill channel before commenting" is a dumb argument. This is as bad as Jeffree who became Youtube's hero and 2 months from now James will hit a reset button and people will love him again.
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