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    I do not speak English well .. but I wanted to come and say this because I think it is necessary. I talk to the mother of pandaemix personally through whatsapp and I can assure her that she does not lie in her relationship and in anything about the fact that  the boy in his pictures is his brother. His mother personally confirmed that they are half brothers and therefore both have two mothers and one father. He sent it to me in audios. Talk to her, since I'm from the country where pandaemix lives and I was curious about the whole thing, and all I can say is that the only one who lies and is obsessed with yosuga no sora is soraloli, and her boyfriend "haru" He is actually called Bruno, he has his parents and a younger brother. Soraloli only has one older sister. I personally asked her mother from sora about her and she told me that she only has two 
    daughters. OMG.What bothers me most is that it is true that his followers harassed her, in the latest publications of her the majority of followers of Sora were only going to insult her. On the other hand pandaemix always said that she did not seek to make her followers turn against her, I made a false account and spoke with sora and literally said that pandaemix sought to offend and insult her when she was the other way around, she was the one who wanted to put it against to all of the panda. She bought 100 thousand false followers to appear to increase his channel when in fact it never was. It seems unfair that people believed her only by her followers, it is obvious that the girl is obsessed with anime. The same followed from before and his style is completely different. Now he is only doing pornography with his "brother", she is too false and forced everything 
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