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  1. angelorange added a post in a topic Koreaboos vs Weeaboos   

    Ah I see ... thanks for explaining! I thought people were just being hyper-SJW and bitching at her because she was learning Korean and dancing to K-Pop so I was a bit confused.
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  2. angelorange added a post in a topic Koreaboos vs Weeaboos   

    I can't see her IG because it's private so forgive me but I don't get why she's receiving so much hate???
    YT is full of girls of all races dancing to KPOP covers surely that isn't considered cultural appropriation even in this highly-sensitive world .....
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  3. angelorange added a post in a topic TheMilkClub (Sofie)   

    I don't get what's so special about her ... she's extremely plain faced. Plus she always makes the same (non)expression in photos so they get boring really quickly ... Idk, I don't get what you guys are seeing, I guess. It could also be with the way she edits her skin so smooth, it makes her face look super flat and one dimensional ....
    Her stuff is ridiculously overpriced, as everyone said. Makes me feel like she's taking advantage of her naive followers.
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  4. angelorange added a post in a topic Something a snowflake ruined for you?   

    Honestly I would say tumblr in general ruined a lot of the things you listed up there for me. :\ haha
    But the living doll snowflakes really ruined circle lenses for me ... even though I still wear them a lot ... I started wearing them in the early 00s and no one really knew what they were but now whenever people see them, they kind of automatically presume you're some kind of strange anime-doll-freak ... like no .... that's not ... what I'm about. At All. And circle lenses were taken on by that trend, not started as a part of it ... (for example I was introduced to them by the gyaru girls in Japan ...)
    Really, I just like them because they're cute ....
    I'm not trying to be a 'living doll' ...
    Dolly make-up is cute ... but it doesn't extend much further than that. (does that make sense??)
    Basically Japanese fashion in general was pretty much ruined for me, because now people have certain connotations about the personalities of the girls who wear it, (e.g egotist and bitchy and cringy and liars, fame hungry etc etc) which is a shame.
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  5. angelorange added a post in a topic Baby Fang - Kota's Accessories   

    Did she ever put out some kind of statement or comment about this brand just .... disappearing?
    (Even if it's in Japanese, I will translate it.)
    I'm just really curious about this myself!
    I'm sure Japanese ppl must have been asking her too, on twitter ... did anyone ever see a reply?
    I'm wondering if this was not a 'brand' but a 'limited release shop,' (very common in Japan) so it was never meant to exist beyond that one tiny promo and limited time ......
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  6. angelorange added a post in a topic Sarah Ingle - Disney princesses   

    I don't understand, what about a wig and a costume could cost that much????? did she get a dress decorated with real diamond or something? lol
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  7. angelorange added a post in a topic Sexual Harassment in a workplace   

    Tbh I've never worked in a company where someone hasn't made unwelcome comments about my appearance .... so the deep cynic in me wants to say, this is life, just grow a thick skin and get on with it .... but I know things should haven't to be that way, too.
    You didn't really specify exactly what was said or how it was said .... but some methods I have used to deal with such things are, when the person in question makes an unwelcome comment, I would pretend to laugh and say, "Hey, what are you saying? that's pretty rude!" So even though it feels like I'm making a joke about it, (hopefully) my point should still come across - that they should stop. If they don't stop, I would then simply say, "I know you don't mean much by it but please don't say that, I find it uncomfortable. Seriously." (Or something along those lines.) If it's just a tactless person who doesn't understand their words, this should make them think and stop them. (It worked for me a few times, because some people really are just ignorant of what they are saying.)
    Unfortunately, if things get worse or they don't listen, the only other option would be to mention it to someone higher in the workplace .... but that could start a lot of trouble, so you should think about if it's worth the effort or not. Personally, (and I hate to be a downer) but I've found that sometimes it's just easy to keep quiet rather than stir up a massive shitstorm because companies have a lot of formal procedures to go through and it can really really be so mentally draining  ....
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  8. angelorange added a post in a topic protein_babe (aka Heba)   

    Am I the only one who just doesn't get this sudden obsession with looking like you've got basketballs for butt cheeks ???
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  9. angelorange added a post in a topic Red eye shadow?   

    Not sure if you are familiar with Japanese cosmetics but Malibu does a fantastic true red (I have it myself) & it's very cheap!!
    I bought mine in the department store but I'm sure you could use a shopping service ....
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  10. angelorange added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    It's really irritating seeing all the dumb men on her IG going insanely protective every time someone comments that her eyes are not real.
    I don't understand how they can be so stupid?
    She blocks everyone who points out she's wearing lenses btw. She, or someone on her management team, must literally spend 24/7 watching the comments.
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  11. angelorange added a post in a topic lupokku / Hannah Gregory   

    Yeah, I lived in Tokyo and went to Seoul many times for work as we had an office there, and the first couple of times Seoul really unnerved me because the people just stared, and stared, and even when you caught them looking, they still carried on staring. It was quite creepy lol
    But my boss explained there are less foreigners in Korea than Japan, so that's probably why.
    Although in this girl's case I can't blame people for staring when she walks around looking like she's promoting a clown shop or something.
    Gyaru isn't a thing in Japan anymore. It stopped being a thing years ago, although in smaller places outside Tokyo it does cling on here and there.
    Natural looks and normie clothes (Forever 21, H&M etc) are the most common styles now. Sporty casual stuff ... like most other big cities in the world. Nothing really stand out or interesting is in the current mainstream.
    I mean the closest thing Hannah seems to be getting to right now is sweet or larme kei, but it's obvious she's not doing it intentionally, she's just throwing together a bunch of clothes in a random mix that she things work because they're all pastel colours .... As for her make-up, I think she's taken ulzzang make-up (the big eyes, the eyebags etc) and turned it into this .... creation, she puts on her face everyday. But if she thinks her make-up was ever a popular style, she's very mistaken.
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  12. angelorange added a post in a topic lupokku / Hannah Gregory   

    She started off studying in Korea, but while she was there, her fashion went from ulzzang wannabe to more extreme and cutesy  ... She found out about Japanese brands like Swan Kiss etc and started to become interested in Japan .... (I think she even went to visit, and bought a lot of clothes.) So now it kind of feels like she prefers Japan over Korea and isn't so much interested in Korea anymore except that she has to continue with it for her degree. I just recall when someone asked her about Japan and she replied something like, "Well I am sure I am going to live there one day blah blah' and I laughed a bit. 
    I think she found it really hard in Korea because she stuck out like such a sore thumb in those ridiculous clothes. She was constantly posting about how people would whisper and laugh at her and that it made her upset, whereas in Japan people stare at foreigners a lot less and she probably felt like she fit in a lot more .....
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  13. angelorange added a post in a topic Koreaboos vs Weeaboos   

    As everyone said, in my experience weaboos are generally very socially-awkward, a little delusional, and invoke a lot of second-hand embarrassment. But in general, they are usually harmless and some of them can be kind of funny if you look at them as though they are children. Like I know this guy at my work who lives for anime, and he constantly, constantly makes that Japanese 'um' sound (It's like 'e-to'  ....) I have to bite my tongue every time he does it, so irritating lol. But apart from being unable to talk about anything other than anime and Japan, there's nothing horrifically bad about him.
    Koreaboos ... on the other hand, let's just say, they are frightening. Maybe because real people are often involved? Whereas weaboos are often obsessed with fictional things, or just Japan as a concept ....
    I had a "friend" who dragged me to a K-Pop concert in our country once ... and I got clawed across the face because I caught a water bottle directly into my hands - the girl demanded that I give it to her because 'I'm not a real fan' and yeah, well ... she was not happy when I said no. (I actually threw it in the trash after the concert because who wants an empty water bottle anyway lol I got some satisfaction hoping the girls saw me do it and got all upset after what they did to me, funny to watch them get so angry over a damn water bottle. Sorry the thought of your precious oppa's spit kinda disgusted me anyway lol
    Anyway now this "friend" is moving to Korea with daddy's money and the only reason she is moving there is for Korean men and she has thrown her life aside for it, (uni education, etc.) Well ... good luck to her, I guess. But that was my first and last foray into the world of K-Pop, now whenever someone tells me they like K-Pop I honestly can't help but stereotype them as this kind of rabid fangirl ... I'm just like, "ok ... bye" because I really have never met a 'normal' K-Pop fan in my life ... do they actually exist? I'm really quite scared of them.
    Oh, and one other thing, there is another workmate of mine who is a woman married to a Korean guy, they are just a normal couple, met at uni, been together a long time etc ... Neither into K-Pop scene or anything like the new popular Korean stuff. But then recently she started getting a lot of harassment from petty teenage girls online, calling her 'koreaboo' and forcing her 'whiteness' onto her Korean hubby .... (Probably they must be jealous?) Obviously they are strong enough, but is definitely put a strain on their relationship and I felt so bad because these few stupid people are threatening to ruin genuine relationships. 
    So in short, Koreaboo teenage girls are horrific.
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  14. angelorange added a post in a topic lupokku / Hannah Gregory   

    Don't get me started.
    I've been waiting for a thread about her for such a long time ....
    She is SO irritating and thirsty for attention it's unreal. I followed her for a very long time, and I honestly thought she was cute at first, but then things started to feel off (and her eyes kept getting bigger) ... and it took me a while to work out why, but the longer you follow her, the more you'll realize that there's something really ... sad, about this girl. 
    She puts out that typical ~~love everyone uwu~~ persona, but to me she just comes across as a cookie-cutter, bland, typical tumblr type ... like she's picked the personality that will gain her the most popularity.
    She's desperate to be known as the UK's first 'living doll,' but at the same time, she's terrified of negative attention to the point where she backtracks constantly and relies on her little army to defend her every word. A single negative comment will send her into a complete 5-paragraph meltdown, and every second photo she posts is some random caption about 'oh so-and-so called me cute today, this woman at the shops said I look like a princess today, this random person said I was so pretty today' .... I used to get so irritated by everyone fawning all over her ... like ... can't you see how desperate and irritating this girl is? Am I the only one? Why are you praising such hideous Photoshop?? Don't encourage her delusions lol
    She sold herself out to a trashy newspaper in order to get more followers and tried to call herself the 'UK's first living doll.' (She even had that written in her IG bio for a while,) but then soon regretted it when the backlash started to become overwhelmingly negative. She deleted all her 'modelling booking info' and tried to put out a statement saying that they twisted the story, but the fact she was dumb enough to think News Dog Media (a well-known company for publishing nothing but 'freak' stories,) would actually do her any good should speak for itself.
    So overall she's has this weird mix of being absolutely terrified of what people think of her yet she's desperate for the validation of strangers all the time.
    I'm sure it won't be long before her little army (led by that blonde dude, usually) show up here to defend her ...
    Saying that, I do think she's kinda pretty, if only she let up with the eye enlarging .... I don't understand why she can't see how ridiculous it looks. And she really, really needs to get off the internet for a while, and put down her phone. On one hand, I'm glad she's kinda open with her fans, (though how much of it is true, who knows,) but you can tell she's deeply unhappy, so she really needs to grow thicker skin and wise up a bit before she tries to garner such a big following.
    Oh, and she's also convinced she's going to move to Japan in the future and live out her kawaii uwu dreams ...
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  15. angelorange added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    I'm just gonna say that the swimsuit she's wearing is from Liz Lisa, a Japanese brand for adult women.
    In Japan at least, this kind of cute, childish clothing for adults is extremely common, and is not considered particularly unusual. Just have a glance at any of their lingerie or swimwear brands ....
    It might just look strange on her from a more Western perspective .....
    Just a thought.
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